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I know many of us rant and complain about the …

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I know many of us rant and complain about the illogical, unquestioning presentation by the media following Rangers demise. The complete abandonment of critical faculties when reporting on last night’s result at Ibrox is unsurprising. However Radio 5 Live was very exact in its report around 7am this morning. No reference to previous world record championships won or ancient history, a team called Rangers won promotion to the Scottish Premiership after working its way up from SPFL2 over the last four years.  

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Look Back to Look Forward
wottpi – the article in question is here: http://www.thecourier.co.uk/sport/football/spence-on-saturday-rangers-tax-ruling-another-low-for-a-scottish-game-already-in-turmoil-1.909236 
No surprise in the RST’s target, nor in the complaint not being upheld. 

Look Back to Look Forward
JIMBOMARCH 31, 2016 at 12:10 “I would demolish Hamden, … 
Edinburgh is the capital city of our country.  There are lots of empty fields around the west end of the city beside the airport.  Easy to reach.  Build a new National Stadium there with good parking availability. And maybe a bit easier for the ‘northern’ teams. …”
I’m sure that knight of the realm, former football club owner, Sir David Landbank Murray would agree wholeheartedly with this suggestion JIMBO. I wonder if has any contacts down Mount Florida way? 

Look Back to Look Forward
John Clark:

“The apparently partisan title of the seminar [ ” Rangers: Onward and upwards”] would make me question the objectivity of any conclusion drawn ( whatever that conclusion!): the last thing I would want in a lawyer is an inability to stay absolutely focused on the law as it is rather than through the prism of his personal predilections!”

John, I don’t think that the seminar title is a pro-Rangers thing, rather it’s more what might pass for humour in tax lawyer circles as a reference to the passage of the case up the legal system. Or maybe, I’m not as sceptical as I ought to be.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
What’s with the sexist, jokey support of the racist thug Terry?

To Comply or not to Comply ?

You have to laugh at the idea that Murray would just have borrowed the money if he had not used EBT’s.June 2004 the debt was £74 million.December 2004 £51 million is raised by a rights issue. The only trouble is, Murray paid for that. And where did the money come from?RBoS of course!So he borrowed and used EBT’s at the same time.That’s like Lance Armstrong not only cheating with drugs, but also using a motorbike.

8Wrong evil bank, I think.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?

I see the fans social media of the Ibrox team are positively excited about a new kit manufacturer to be announced. Not all the comments are positive with respect to the quality of the kit but all seem to be pleased with a payment of £15m to begin and £4m per annum thereafter. 

Is the Hummel deal being reported as worth 15 million? Roughly £1.75m when converted from Krona.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?

JIMBOAPRIL 12, 2018 at 15:50
Will Douglas Park be passed as fit & proper?
 I believe he is a shareholder at Hamilton Accies.  Maybe it’s not significant enough.

Jimbo, the club’s returns to Companies House show that Douglas Park has never been a director. He  holds 5,000 shares, 4,999 more than Sydney Devine and less than 1% of the number held by the largest shareholder, Edencrest Ltd. Three of the Edencrest directors are also HAFC directors.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) deals with over 24,000 charities and is unlikely to proactively investigate charity fundraising events. The governance issues investigated following the Milan game were the result of a complaint (I seem to remember that it was Corsica, who had a strong knowledge and interest in the charity sector, who notified OSCR).

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