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I was wondering, given the current media excitement about corruption (although …

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I was wondering, given the current media excitement about corruption (although it can hardly be described as shock news!) and now with the new FIFA boss being accused of dodgy dealings whether it would be worth a second journalist “mailshot”? We have all these financially aware journalists pouring over these Panama papers – what if they were handed a local story, full of intrigue, benighted folks, porn producers etc with the majority of the research done in detail and the story basically already written for them by the finest of the fine folks at the SFM? 

Sports journalists obviously aren’t interested – but financial journalists…. I guess the downside might be the on-going court cases complicated what can and can’t be published. 

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Look Back to Look Forward
Allyjambo – fair do’s. I may well have heard it wrong, probably still in shock from hearing the ‘L’ word. Interesting that that word was dropped from the final bulletin. I wonder if the BBC had been receiving calls….

Look Back to Look Forward
ALLYJAMBOAPRIL 6, 2016 at 07:59 Big oxymoron on the BBC news this morning! Correctly informing the public that ‘Rangers’ entered administration and were (in the process of, actually) liquidated, then including the old ‘returning to the Premiership’ nonsense.
Maybe I heard it wrong but I was shocked when on National TV the mentioned administration followed by the clear use of the word liquidation – I didn’t hear them use any words such as return though. Cut to the Scottish news, no use of return until Derek Ferguson comes on and perhaps deliberately only states that “fans will see it as a return to where they belong”. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, our message has got through to the BBC. I don’t for one minute think the BBC have changed their viewpoint, but maybe they advising to cut out the obvious use of “return to where the belong” as the number of complaints was going to arouse interest from the beaks upstairs?

Look Back to Look Forward
BORDERSDONAPRIL 5, 2016 at 15:03So £300 + VAT. Say that’s an average then for every 1,000 Dons fans who write to Stewart Milne telling him that because he is complicit in the whole charade they are not going to renew (unless he and his fellow Chairs do something PDQ) the club will lose £300k + other match day income. (what percentage of match day income is that?). How many 1,000 fans need to write before he takes note?? Is the fan will out there?Similar figures for Hearts and a few others and similar, in relative terms for every club.


Thats what I was thinking. How many fans withholding their season ticket money would it take before the potential loss becomes significant? Bearing in mind that season ticket money is doubly important as it helps bridge the gap between seasons. To be honest I don’t think it would take 1000 in the case of AFC, even 500 would surely set alarm bells ringing.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Jimbo, yes all fair and good. Personally, I don’t take any of that as proof that some, most, all of the other clubs have done nothing at all, which is what is oft posted here. Most do not believe anything that Regan says, so why should we believe him now? We simply don’t know, largely cos all clubs are terrified of the consequences so everything (anything?) is being done behind the scenes.

Hell mend them, they have all colluded to produce the beast that TRFC/RIFC have become, with King firing off salvoes at will with everyone apparently powerless to do anything. Someone is going to have to stand up to them at some point, or we are going to reach the fabled armageddon after all – be it through crowd disturbances, UEFA sanctions who knows…. You can be sure King, like all bullies, won’t be anywhere to be seen when the brown stuff finally hits the fan

To Comply or not to Comply ?
“JOHN CLARKJUNE 5, 2018 at 00:30
roddybhoyJune 4, 2018 at 23:46’….Celtic baffle me …they are in a position to do so much more for the good of the game but appear to be unwilling to do so ……Playing the slow game is all very well and good but how long do we have to wait ..’_________________
Celtic clearly believe that the demolition of the whole dirty Big Lie is not solely their responsibility.
They seem also to believe that they would not be at all supported if they pushed for the full truth to be known, such is the grip that the now liquidated club has on the psyche of Scottish Football.”

Here we go again… John, you may well speak the truth for all I know, but it could also be the other way round – Celtic have told the other clubs that they are driving this so be quiet. Lets face it the SPFL/SFA convinced the clubs that armageddon was coming if they lost Rangers(IL), imagine the pressure they could put said clubs under if the threatened to stand up against both Celtic and Rangers (of whatever form).

The usual comment here is it is only Celtic that are doing anything. I haven’t seen anything to prove that. Whatever is going on, if anything is going on, is all behind closed doors. We are only fans, of course, we just pay for everything… no need for transparency here

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Oddjob, I’d guess both teams have to agree? Much the same as in Rugby Union at Cardiff where both teams have to agree to have the roof open or closed? If one team said yes and the other said no – toss of a coin?  Compromise and allow it to be mildly moist?

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Spot on Wottpi.
Celtic are playing on the same pitches as everyone else. Its up to the home club what surface to prepare, in exactly the same way that Celtic prepare their own, probably slightly shorter than everyone else(?) to suit their passing game. There is absolutely no difference!

Especially when Celtic are so far ahead of everyone else, they should lose this strange victim like undertone cos it just sounds poor to the rest of us. Same with this sudden myth that Brown is a marked man! That every team you face is overly physical, or indeed that only they are doing anything about RFC/TRFC and its misdemeanours. The blue team are the ones with the historical (all 6 years of it) superiority complex, lets leave that to them please.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Jimbo, hope you woke up in a better mood mate!

I nearly responded to your attack on pitches this week – be fair here, nobody has broken any rules, hell I have a recollection that even the mighty RFC (IL) narrowed their pitch for a European game (was it against Leeds?). Strangely nobody gave a damn then, the whinging by Rogers after the Hearts game was just embarrassing. Celtic have ALL the advantages in Scottish football, a club raises the cut of the mower 1 cm and its a heinous crime – give me a break!  Plastic… not a fan either, but its within the rules, and they do make money for the clubs. Given these clubs don’t have access to the obscene riches of the Champions League, they have to make money somehow. Of course, if the European money was more evenly shared they might not need the plastic pitch….

Now onto your attack on every other club not coming out and making statements against the Ibrox clubs. Sorry, but if Celtic truly wanted to get this sorted then they could have, they and they alone could have garnered the support of the other clubs. No club was realistically going to put their neck (and safety of their grounds – save the late departed and sorely missed Mr Hutton) on the line without having the nod that Celtic would be right behind them, and publicly so. Yes, I hate the fact that the Chairman of my club has come across as a spineless buffoon, yes he probably is toeing the party line from SFA/SPFL and I will always, always hold that against him. But, if he stepped up and was left hanging… The assurance obviously wasn’t there, or had never been discussed, or…..

But, if anything was going to happen, it had to be instigated by Celtic or at the very least clubs had to be assured that they would be immediately right behind them. I accept that for Celtic to publicly lead such a campaign would have been mistake for reasons which are pretty shameful in themselves (orange strips next time TRFC play at Parkhead anyone?). But, nothing happened…. lets not start blaming everyone else for the collective failure to ensure proper governance. Blaming everyone else is a speciality trait of another Glasgow club. All clubs are equally to blame, with the exception of Raith Rovers (although didn’t the Dundee Utd Chairman not speak up around that time causing the first “mass boycott”)

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