ALLYJAMBOAPRIL 6, 2016 at 07:59 Big oxymoron on the BBC news this …

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ALLYJAMBOAPRIL 6, 2016 at 07:59 Big oxymoron on the BBC news this morning! Correctly informing the public that ‘Rangers’ entered administration and were (in the process of, actually) liquidated, then including the old ‘returning to the Premiership’ nonsense.
Maybe I heard it wrong but I was shocked when on National TV the mentioned administration followed by the clear use of the word liquidation – I didn’t hear them use any words such as return though. Cut to the Scottish news, no use of return until Derek Ferguson comes on and perhaps deliberately only states that “fans will see it as a return to where they belong”. 

Perhaps, just perhaps, our message has got through to the BBC. I don’t for one minute think the BBC have changed their viewpoint, but maybe they advising to cut out the obvious use of “return to where the belong” as the number of complaints was going to arouse interest from the beaks upstairs?

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Look Back to Look Forward
Allyjambo – fair do’s. I may well have heard it wrong, probably still in shock from hearing the ‘L’ word. Interesting that that word was dropped from the final bulletin. I wonder if the BBC had been receiving calls….

Look Back to Look Forward
I was wondering, given the current media excitement about corruption (although it can hardly be described as shock news!) and now with the new FIFA boss being accused of dodgy dealings whether it would be worth a second journalist “mailshot”? We have all these financially aware journalists pouring over these Panama papers – what if they were handed a local story, full of intrigue, benighted folks, porn producers etc with the majority of the research done in detail and the story basically already written for them by the finest of the fine folks at the SFM? 

Sports journalists obviously aren’t interested – but financial journalists…. I guess the downside might be the on-going court cases complicated what can and can’t be published. 

Look Back to Look Forward
BORDERSDONAPRIL 5, 2016 at 15:03So £300 + VAT. Say that’s an average then for every 1,000 Dons fans who write to Stewart Milne telling him that because he is complicit in the whole charade they are not going to renew (unless he and his fellow Chairs do something PDQ) the club will lose £300k + other match day income. (what percentage of match day income is that?). How many 1,000 fans need to write before he takes note?? Is the fan will out there?Similar figures for Hearts and a few others and similar, in relative terms for every club.


Thats what I was thinking. How many fans withholding their season ticket money would it take before the potential loss becomes significant? Bearing in mind that season ticket money is doubly important as it helps bridge the gap between seasons. To be honest I don’t think it would take 1000 in the case of AFC, even 500 would surely set alarm bells ringing.

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Is it time for the Sin Bin?
The monarchy and religion are both frankly things I believe the world would do better without, but thats personal opinion. 

Auldheid, yes, the Fields and Derry walls may (or may not cos I couldn’t tell you the historical background of either in much detail) be free of undesirable elements. But maybe, just maybe to gain some traction and move this hideous issue on, football crowds could just not sing them. Neither have nothing to do with football.

Some will see that as a massive affront to their freedom and rights as a human being – fine I get that, but personally if we want to make progress on this then it may just be worth going up this tiny privilege for 90 minutes a week. There are worse things than not singing a song, and if it leads to one less person being beaten up for wearing green or blue, one less person being discriminated against because they have an Irish Catholic name, it would seem a reasonable deal to me.

Trouble is, I know many, even here, simply won’t countenance such a thing, cos its their history, their soul etc. Somebody has to blink first, cos otherwise this will still be ruining Scotland in 25, 50, 100 years from now. Its not up to the rest of us, its up to TRFC and CFC and their fans. We are fed up listening to it and waiting for everyone to catch up and join us in the 21st century. 

Who knows, if something like that happened maybe in 10 years time the Fields could be belting out again, only by that time simply as the beautiful song that it is.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
OBFA was deeply flawed, of that there isn’t much debate I feel. That we needed to even consider the introduction of such a law is a very, very sad reflection on our society.

Football was caught in the politicians moonbeams because it is the most obvious window into the sickness that underlies part of the Scottish society. Even were it to be removed from the terracing, it would still be there, still be a embarrassment to most in society, still be a huge and pathetic stain on a city I hugely enjoyed living in.

Yes, I was asked that question upon arrival in Glasgow, in a staff coffee room in one of the major seats of learning of Scotland, and by not just one or two very (and on one case extremely) well educated people. I was fresh faced from the NE of Scotland and in all honesty had no idea if I was a protestant/catholic. That is the honest truth, cos I had never had to consider it before, not once, never, not at all, not even for a second. But within 24 hours in Glasgow I knew far more than I ever needed or wanted to. Personally, I think for most the religion is irrelevant, its just an excuse to behave like a Neanderthal. How many of the knuckle draggers singing this crap actually actively attend church? It’s a convenient excuse.

The law, police etc are powerless in a stadium of 50k people. The SFA/SPFL and the clubs are not. CFC largely removed it from their stadia, but there is some evidence of it creeping back. And why not, their brothers from the West are happily bashing out their ditties without a care in the world. The only way to stamp it out is not by hauling out one or two individuals from the crowd and not by direct police action – that just turns them into some form of folk hero! The only way is point deductions (fines won’t work, most fans couldn’t give two hoots about fines). In any game where certain songs can be heard 1 point deduction, if it continues after say 5 games, then 2 point deduction and so on. The fans will soon catch on, and those to stupid to realise will be self-policed by the more engaged members of the crowd.

I know there will some here who will throw up their arms in disgust, wail things like “but what songs would you include”. List them, add to the list if required as the season progresses. Be up front about it, and ask the bloody media to stop ignoring the problem but tackle it, make it a thing of disgust. This pussy footing around the issue year after year says all you need to know about Scotland (and its press and institutions), or at least part of Scotland. I love Glasgow, but god I hate it for this…

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
I’ve been away for a while – seriously folks whats going on?

We have one poster earlier saying surely the Scottish game should be promoting the Old Firm more to bring in the cash, but then we have the inevitable build up to a game, and the tribal outpourings afterwards turning even this usually mild mannered debatery into a shambolic hatefest.

I thought ad hominem attacks were verboten here? Where have the mods been? Some shameful stuff has been written, while it seems the worst of them had been removed before I logged in.

Just goes to show, the Old Firm is a hateful thing that anyone outside the West of Scotland simply do not understand. We have a media, a football association and a government to scared to do or say anything. OR of course maybe its the other way round, the media and association (and the 2 clubs) love it, it brings money in, puts bums on seats, ensure season ticket sales – you can almost hear them rubbing their hands together with glee.

To anyone brought up outside this society it is just pathetic… absolutely pathetic. I chose not to go back to games cos I was disgusted with it all, with all this pseudo-religious guff ramping up again I’m losing interest in even checking the scores, its difficult to give two hoots about Scottish football at the minute. But of course all that matters is we get the two cheeks back into their rightful state

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Auldheid, you are right, and I’ve certainly read many of your posts very much along those lines. But read back page and you will see that attitude is alive and well.

Is Regan a DIDDY?

WEEJOEJANUARY 31, 2018 at 10:02
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Bill1903, in one sentence you confirm what my old granda told me way back in the 1960’s. He told me that there are only two types of football supporters in Scotland, Celtic supporters and anti-Celtic supporters. “I just ignore the obvious Celtic minded pish” 

Strange – my grandfather said the same – two types of supporter, Aberdeen supporters and anti-Aberdeen supporters… But then surely thats what being a supporter of any club does to you? So what is your point?

Anyone should be able to make an argued criticism of any club without being leapt upon, and that very much includes Celtic. Alas that isn’t always the case here (it often is, but not always). Anyone’s point of view is also equally valid and should be open to discussion and debate, otherwise whats the point of this place? Without viewpoints that differ from the standard we would soon get very bored, very bored indeed.

As for the comment about how grateful we should all be because Celtic are so caring they “give” us all this Champions League money. Dearie me…. Celtic get access to the Champions League because of the SPFL. Without every other club in the SPFL there would be no Champions League money for any club in Scotland. Every club that gets those funds has earned it, they are probably working every bit as hard as Celtic but on a pittance financially compared to them. Unless of course you have the beliefs of some right-wing nut job that believes those on low income obviously just “aren’t working hard enough”??

That the Scottish game is now so badly skewed due to the ridiculous imbalance in finances caused by the Champions League should be of more concern to everyone here. But it isn’t, instead we are being told we should all just be grateful for the pennies that are dispensed on the SPFL Maundy Monday. Any wonder some folks might get upset from time to time?

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