My sister just sent me a link on Facebook about …

Comment on Look Back to Look Forward by Finloch.

My sister just sent me a link on Facebook about the same BBC criticised rightly above for welcoming the return of their vision and version of Rangers to their rightful place.
It was a small piece specifically criticising the Panorama programme on Monday 4th that avoided any focus or even mention of British Dependancies and led the viewer to focus on Panama.
Here’s a para that sums up the piece and drops a wee nugget in at the end.
“In deliberately obscuring the key role of the British money-laundering base of British Virgin Islands in these transactions, the BBC have demonstrated precisely why the entire database has to be released to the scrutiny of the people, rather than being filtered by the dubious honesty of state and corporate journalists. The BBC targeting of two very low level British minions at the end of their programme does not alter this.
The BBC could also address why their Pacific Quay HQ in Glasgow is leased for £100 million from a hidden ownership company in the Cayman Islands.”

Cheap and tawdry journalism masked as real reportage from our self same BBC many of whose “full time” employees are all registered companies to leverage tax breaks not available to ordinary workers.

We are all stakeholders of this organisation.

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Look Back to Look Forward
The crowd at Hampden is embarrassing with vast open spaces.

Look Back to Look Forward
I think and believe that Political Peter and therefore the club he works for were a major part of the creation and the selling to the other clubs of the 5 way fix created in late 2011 and into 2012.
We don’t know if then there were negotiated “packages” for his and the other cheated clubs as recompense (which I think were likely by the way) or if it was just a mad dash with an invented 5 way scheme to protect the status quo of the duopolistic TV deal that all the chairmen feared losing and wanted to preserve.

Peter was never working alone and everything done would have been in conjunction with the club chairmen in the  SFA’s “inner sanctum” and various advisers. 

Fast forward to today in the count down to the UEFA deadline over the fornicated licence application and Resolution 12.

Why would Mr Lawwell want anything or indeed allow anything to revisit and examine his and other linked footsteps in this historical pragmatic fix?

He just wants to move on and fill Fergus’s stadium at least twice a year.

That’s why I think he welcomes the return of the “Old Firm” even though he is politically savvy enough to avoid those two words for a while, and deep down think he knows Mr King’s 55/45 version share of future spoils might be the best financial model for his business.

Look Back to Look Forward
Mr Regan

I’m proud to be one of John Clark’s people.
Like John I’m also not particularly anonymous as a person and lots of my pals call me Andy.
I’ve played football at a good level coached kids teams and still work behind the scenes occasionally for an aspirant East Coast diddy club for whom I buy an annual season ticket.
For what it’s worth I wouldn’t be upset if Celtic and Rangers get beat every Saturday and would quite enjoy it if truth were told.
I also know a little more than most Scottish fans about the events in the run up to and during 2011, 2012 and since because of sites like this.
None of it paints you or your committees and our leading clubs in a particularly good light.
In fact many of your actions are contradictory to a lot of what I fundamentally think is important in sport and life .
Bit by bit all the facts are leeching out and will be pieced together by ordinary supporters like us and sites like this.
To fans like John Clark and me Scottish Football is not a well paid job with a plush office at Hampden, first class perks and a PA to write up my notes when I’m rushing to another important meeting.
Its a simple game and we as stakeholders want it managed fairly and honestly.
You’re not doing that for us because while I trust everything John Clark says I can’t say the same about your own particular output or anything that emanates from your self satisfying and or self important committees.

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Is it time for the Sin Bin?
BBC Mandates affecting Scotland and elsewhere

A couple of weeks back I was in the company of a BBC journalist whom most of us will have have knowledge of.

I won’t give their name but they are not based (biased?) in Scotland.

Ahead of the Glasgow derby the discussion got onto just what on earth is going on with the blue team and in particular the non-stop off-field pantomime.

We discussed the SDM years, the newcos Sevco Scotland and Sevco England, the new Charles Green club’s first match at Brechin, sans the non tupeing players, the “purchase’ of history, the constant hemorrhaging of everybody else’s money, etc. 

I was told that the BBC mandate to its journalists is clear….

… Treat the club as the full Rangers and do not to step out of line nor to dig too deep with stories that might offend the blue club supporters.

When I made the point that if we can’t trust our publicly owned BBC to get simple facts about the demise and rise of a football entity called Rangers right then why should we believe a word they write or broadcast about stuff like Putin or the war in Syria or politics or Brexit.

My new BBC friend shrugged shoulders and said that that was exactly what the journalists who cared enough said at the time when the mandate was made but there was no future at the BBC for anyone who stepped out of line.

I thought of Jim Spence and concurred.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
A breaking story of Scottish Rugby calling an investigation into some “fans” in Rome on Saturday.

It was just on the Johnnie Beattie show and the clip is now on the Sun website from its posting on Twitter…

The Sun writer said …

….. “BBC presenter John Beattie has led online calls blasting the 45-second clip – branding it ’embarrassing pathetic idiocy’…..

There is not much more for now but the story will grow legs and the clip will be widely available.

(This will go viral).

Basically 3 kilted Scottish fans in either the north or south stands
well before the game started by the empty spaces around.
(I was still in the crazy queues outside)

One of our heroes was proudly playing “The sash my father wore”, on his pipes.

(A traditional rugby ditty);

One was giving Laldy to the bit about the head of the nearby church being well and trulied.

The kind of little incident that sadly seems acceptable to our Police, Politicians,MSM, the SFA, SPFL etc and simply ignored. 

Scottish Rugby find it all unacceptable and and so do I.

Well done Scottish Rugby.

Hope you get the three imbeciles, ban them for life and embarrase the hell out of those in positions of power who ignore this kind of stuff every week

Is Regan a DIDDY?
We don’t have many non gambling sponsors left in Scottish football.
Just watched the Irn Bru semi in a wet and miserable Inverness on bbc Alba 

Seemed to to be more people on the pitch than in the stands 

Not surprising given the £20 entry the free to view on Alba and the 5.15 pm Sunday night winter fare

I was up in the highland capital last week and spoke with a Caley director
He told me they were expecting the poorest crowd if the season and that they would frustratingly derive no income from the live televising. 

Our administrators are clueless and inept.

If I was AGBarr I’d be asking questions.

Good luck to Caley in the final.

I bet it will be on a Tuesday morning at seven thirty am.  

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Appointing Alec was a simple act by an under pressure and dysfunctional group of people to get rid of one of the problems that urgently need addressed.

He’s a low risk two year appointment because there
is minimal expectation he will succeed. 

He buys a little time. 

He will be also be a good deflector of what’s really happening when he starts to feed the media a series of positive wee stories.

I’m quite frankly not impressed with the SFA ambition and I hate the fact he walked away last time but I genuinely wish him well.

The real SFA stuff can get started now.  

Whoever picks the ceo will dictate the future.

It all depends whether the brief is one of change or one of plus ca change.

If i was a fan who was influenceable by the sponsors of our game I’d be betting on more of the plus ca change same and a safe and controllable pair of hands as ceo rather than anyone who might threaten those currently in prestigious and powerful positions.   
They have clawed their way to get to where they are and will not give any of it up lightly.
There is a total lack of vision and ability in those who run our game.
But there really is no mechanism or process to effect real change.    
The blazers led no doubt by future chairman Pettie will convince each other to the point of unanymity that now is the time to play it safe.

They are quite wrong. 

It’s the time for vision and change top down and bottom up. 

Its time for a Scottish Football Spring. 

Is Regan a DIDDY?
A wee message to the SFA.

You have to break eggshells to make an omelette guys.
The best possible Scottish Manager is almost certainly happily employed right and whoever is leading (our) SFA should just bite the bullet.
All the talk of waiting till a new CEO comes in is balderdash. The two jobs are not interdependent and never have been.

Pick up the phone and call Steve Clarke.

Pay the compensation to Killie.

And hire a guy who can do the job.

Then send Finloch’s introduction fee to schools football.

Stevie’s in Wikipeida and has a good cv

Stephen Clarke (born 29 August 1963) is a Scottish former football player, who is the current manager of Scottish Premiership club Kilmarnock.
Clarke played for St Mirren, Chelsea and the Scotland national team, winning three major trophies with Chelsea towards the end of his career. After retiring as a player, he moved into coaching and worked at Newcastle United, Chelsea, West Ham United and Liverpool. Clarke has since managed West Bromwich Albion and Reading. After a spell coaching at Aston Villa, Clarke was appointed Kilmarnock manager in October 2017, the team he supported whilst growing up.

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