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upthehoopsApril 6, 2016 at 07:12 
IANAGAINAPRIL 5, 2016 at 22:40 Well the Clumpany did warn us.Its going to be full on P*** for months.DO one thing motivate your club whoever they are to skelp them at every possible opportunity and send them straight back down.Its the only way you will feel better.Nothing agin Sevco  supporters BTW its the media needs curtailed and the only way this will stop is they get humped non stop. ================================
I have never subscribed to the view the media can’t influence what is happening in the game. I certainly don’t believe some Celtic fans would have booed Fergus McCann had the media not compared him so unfavourably to David Murray. Yet McCann had to run his club honestly within its means while Murray had the full might of the Bank of Scotland behind his. 
Next season the media will do everything in their power to ensure any influence they can have will help Rangers win the league. It’s going to be a very dirty game and no matter who the Celtic Manager is he’ll need a thick skin, as will his players. The Aberdeen Manager may be another who finds he’s not quite as popular as he is now if he threatens to rain on the Ibrox parade. For Aberdeen read Hearts or any other club. Whether it’s bias, fear, or for commercial reasons it is surely beyond doubt now the media only want a successful club from Ibrox ruling over all others. 

Seems to me that the media are also influencing potential sponsors by painting as positive a picture as possible and creating a fairy tale ‘return’ aura to the story to deflect from the truth of a club that has bought three promotions by outspending all rival clubs massively, while creating huge debts (the biggest in the league) and massive losses (the biggest in the league).

Big oxymoron on the BBC news this morning! Correctly informing the public that ‘Rangers’ entered administration and were (in the process of, actually) liquidated, then including the old ‘returning to the Premiership’ nonsense.

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Look Back to Look Forward
HomunculusApril 6, 2016 at 12:25 
NAWLITE APRIL 6, 2016 at 11:51 2 0 Rate This
They refused to answer my follow up asking how the club was separate.
They cannot answer it because it simply isn’t true. The club merely changed the type of entity it was. It’s all there in the history.
Four young chaps had a dream and started a football team. That team became a members club (1872) and in the fullness of time it changed into a private limited company (1899). The private limited company then went public, floated on the stock exchange and became a public limited company (2000). For absolute clarity at the time that PLC failed to obtain a CVA and was placed into (ongoing) liquidation (2012) it did have a holding company. Wavetower (as was) owned something like 85% of the shares in the PLC.
They will not answer the question because they do not like the honest answer. They are more fond of the myth Charles Green created, the separate club / company. The continuity myth is strong because it suits a lot of agendas, it being a lie is just an uncomfortable truth. There was no point at which the PLC owned the Club, it’s just nonsense.

And that myth of Charles Green’s was created by a man now reviled by every bear in the world as the lying cheat who should never be trusted. The man who, through his counsel in a recent court case, confirmed to us all that he didn’t buy Rangers Football Club, he just bought a basket of assets. This went unchallenged in court and was reaffirmed at a later trial where the judge laughed the same club notion out of court.

In different circumstances I would be amazed at how people, who all stated Rangers FC had died, and clearly believed the club had died, could have their minds changed in an instant, by a man of no legal standing, then, knowing him to be a lying cheat, continue to accept one of his lies as the truth, without question!

It’s quite understandable why the Rangers supporters would want to believe this lie. Those who accept and promote it it because it is convenient to them, however, and particularly those who are in positions of trust, such as the SMSM and football authorities, by their continuance of this lie are as bad as Green himself!

If TRFC was indeed Rangers FC, then it would be very easy for a member of the media to put together an article or documentary that explores the issue and proves the same club argument. It would be a widely read, or viewed, article and very cost effective and make those involved very popular with those they wish to be popular with. It would be one way of helping Scottish football to ‘move on’. There can be only one reason why this has not been, and never will be, done! I am certain, though, that a number of hacks, perhaps some journalists, have looked at the possibility of doing something like this, but have found that the article likely to be produced would not be all that popular with those they wish to be popular with!

Look Back to Look Forward
tayredApril 6, 2016 at 11:13 
Allyjambo – fair do’s. I may well have heard it wrong, probably still in shock from hearing the ‘L’ word. Interesting that that word was dropped from the final bulletin. I wonder if the BBC had been receiving calls….

I think it’s all a bit like Spiers and English. Prepared to tell some of the truth, then ‘balance’ it out with an (accepted within the media) mild untruth.

‘The Rangers are back’ mantra, while very annoying to those who know the reality, could argue to be referring to the spirit of Rangers if ever questioned; an idea that might be acceptable to us all if everything else was admitted, and so even journalists of some integrity might be happy to use it as a way of making their piece more striking. The bears, I think, have managed to convince themselves that liquidation is no biggie, and so are prepared to accept the odd mention as long as the statement isn’t about NC/OC and is, in fact, in celebration of their club. This allows them to claim they (the Spiers/English style media) are even handed while giving the impression of being more intelligent than the run-of-the-mill sports hacks.

In truth, I do expect that the National BBC presenters are working from scripts largely prepared from information passed on by BBC Scotland and couldn’t care enough to question how it could be that a liquidated club can ‘come back’ anywhere! They are, of course, more bothered about how they look on screen (both male and female) than getting the truth out there, and will have spent more time in makeup and practicing their delivery, than researching this, or any other, news item.

Look Back to Look Forward
tayredApril 6, 2016 at 08:32 
ALLYJAMBOAPRIL 6, 2016 at 07:59 Big oxymoron on the BBC news this morning! Correctly informing the public that ‘Rangers’ entered administration and were (in the process of, actually) liquidated, then including the old ‘returning to the Premiership’ nonsense.————————————————-Maybe I heard it wrong but I was shocked when on National TV the mentioned administration followed by the clear use of the word liquidation – I didn’t hear them use any words such as return though. Cut to the Scottish news, no use of return until Derek Ferguson comes on and perhaps deliberately only states that “fans will see it as a return to where they belong”. 
Perhaps, just perhaps, our message has got through to the BBC. I don’t for one minute think the BBC have changed their viewpoint, but maybe they advising to cut out the obvious use of “return to where the belong” as the number of complaints was going to arouse interest from the beaks upstairs?

Sorry to spoil it for you, but I live in England so don’t suffer BBC Scotland, and the lady introducing the ‘Rangers’ story described them as having gone into administration and then liquidation. She then told us they were back in the top tier. I heard this at least three times this morning as the ‘story’ was repeated about every half hour. Later the story was introduced by another lady presenter with a mention of administration but the liquidation part was missed out! Admittedly I didn’t hear each and every introduction and switched off before, no doubt, at least two more re-introductions of the story.

It was all handled as though ‘Rangers’ had suffered a misfortune and had, as in some fairy tale, shrugged off adversity and, without outside (SFA/SPFL) help, without MSM help, had managed to create a same club belief that fooled non-Rangers men into investing money in RIFC. Money that has now all been spent on the most expensive football team ever to grace (did I say grace?) the lower levels of Scottish football. And, of course, no mention of the disastrous , year on year, annual losses – the greatest losses ever in the lower levels of Scottish football.

Now, I admit it would be churlish to suggest that the winning of the Championship should be downplayed by all the negative truths, but those negative truths should surely induce a more subdued ‘congratulations to (The) Rangers’ from all the media, especially those not reliant on ‘the blue pound’ and currently indulging themselves in a moral frenzy over those who cheat the taxman and hide their money abroad!

On the impression the media give Joe public down here.

I’ve just returned to work after a holiday, and just before I left, one of my colleagues talked to me about ‘Rangers’ ‘returning to the top’, he seemed to think it was a real feat. Despite me putting him right, he started again about this ‘feat’ yesterday.

To be honest, the legal and financial stuff was way above his head, and he does support Chelsea and seems to see a connect with a ‘big club’, and his eyes glazed over quite quickly, but he did come away with one pertinent point. He, just like all ‘ordinary’ fans, just wants to talk about the football and couldn’t care less about anything else*. He genuinely isn’t interested in any cheating, and even shrugged off our separate discussion of the recent doping scandals, particularly those surrounding Leicester together with the claim that they are getting help from certain refs, for the same reason. I suspect, though, if it was Chelsea and not Spurs and Arsenal chasing Leicester, he’d have been adamant that cheating was going on.

* A situation many have pointed to here and elsewhere on the internet.

To be honest, while we may mock the useless MSM coverage of the Rangers scandal, it’s been job well done down here, where ignorance is truly bliss!

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Is it time for the Sin Bin?
jimboMarch 24, 2018 at 02:15 
Last night, I thought was Saturday night. So I went down to hear BPs band. But it was Friday.! At least Lenny was in, (The drummer) I might make it tomorrow night, I’ll let you know.In the meantime, where’s AJ?

Here’um, Jimbo, just home from a wee holiday in Egypt. Followed the blog while away but never got round to posting anything, but thanks or your concern. Glad to see you posting again, mate.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
JOHN CLARKMARCH 19, 2018 at 19:57
Billy BoyceMarch 19, 2018 at 15:13’…A poster on a Celtic message board claims to work for the bank in question and states that his branch….’___________________
In the 2017 published accounts, RIFC plc’s bank was shown as Metro Bank plc, in London? If that is still the case, surely any arrestment order would go there, and as far as I know,Metro doesn’t have branches in Inverclyde?
I’m not saying that the Celtic poster may be wrong about the ‘arrestment order, if indeed every bank, not just every branch of the bank that holds the account of the ‘arrestee’, is notified of arrestment orders.
But for an Inverclyde number for Metro to be cited as the bank’s dialling pre-fix?
Not suggesting JJ’s info is correct, but an arrestment like this would be served on all banks in Scotland, possibly UK if it is believed/known that accounts are held elsewhere. It is, or was in my day, a daily occurance that a circular would be received at every branch listing a number of companies and individuals on whom an arrestment had been served. I never saw a customer of any of my branches mentioned, though, but did see many a well known name, including football clubs. Any funds in credit would instantly be attached until told they could be returned to the account holder.

It doesn’t always mean the account holder is in trouble, just in dispute, but is never anything other than bad news.

The wording of JJ’s ‘arrestment’ is very different to what I remember, but I go back a long way and this type of document will now be sent out electronically, I am sure, and be worded to suit the IT world.

It won’t be a phone number for the Metro Bank because this notice (if genuine) will have been circulated around all banks in Scotland, or further afield, and this is most likely to belong to a bank with no TRFC connections.

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HELPMABOABMARCH 13, 2018 at 07:45
I feel a bit sorry for Jim Craig. He gets to do the guest blog and nobody talks about it.

Go back to the earliest pages of this blog and you will find it discussed there. As ever, our disccusions move on quickly when matters surrounding the game’s governance come to the fore.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
NickMarch 12, 2018 at 14:42

Well, after a day of acrimony I have to congratulate you on that humorous post, irony at it’s best. 

There is a reason why the SMSM want to recreate that abominable cabal, and it’s got nothing to do with the good of Scottish football, unless one considers that ‘Scottish football’ is whatever team plies it’s trade at Ibrox.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
As far as I am concerned, everybody who sings the Billy Boys at Ibrox (and there’s thousands of them, tens of thousands probably, though, due to the recent revelations of it’s ‘hero’, many won’t sing it as loudly as they once did)), or whatever ground has the misfortune to host them, is either a member of what Phil describes as the ‘klan’, or is tacitly accepting their right to exist. In my opinion, the use of the word ‘klan’ is, therefore, a very moderate way for someone subjected to the sentiments of that song, and others of a similar ‘sentiment’, to describe these people, and sums them up perfectly. 

If the mainstream media had used similar language for the past hundred years to highlight this less than well known fact (who and what it was they were singing about) then, just maybe, we’d be further down the road to ridding our country of this blight of sectarianism.

I’d lay odds that most/all of those ‘decent’ bears that so many of us know will be condemning Phil’s use of the word ‘klan’ at least as much as they do those who sing that vile song.

Of course, Phil could just have called them ‘the nasty peepil’, I’m sure that would have got the message across just as well.

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