New  version of the £30,000,000 warchest ‘if we need players”  it …

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New  version of the £30,000,000 warchest ‘if we need players” 
it would be ironic if they went up this season and did a yo yo back to the lower leagues for lack of players warchests debt and everything else…

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LNS – A Summary
I think that upthehoops might have been misread by tayred, he was referring to the hypothetical ramblings of Chairman Milne not the thought of the supporters if I have got him right.
it needs to be remembered that there is a difference between sleeping “giants” and dead “giants” if there are any sleeping Giants in the lower leagues they do not play in blue. The recalibration of the past five years has been good and produced many memorable moments for t’diddies long may it continue

LNS – A Summary
There is mention of Top Clubs in the various letters to clubs where there is an implication the  Govan team is one such. That is to accept the lie.
My own belief is that the accolade of being a top club is something which depends solely on being in the top division on merit, thus it is a title which he can be achieved or lost.
The Govan club has never been a top club, even if the big lie is accepted it is not a top club.
Definition of terms avoids casuistry on behalf of those who would hope that at the top club title is owned by right by the Govan club. if the top club title is achieved on ground size or attendance that is fair enough but like any other definition it needs to be explicit

LNS – A Summary
Peter Winston Smith- surely the scriptwriters would not use the name of the main character in 1984 – a man whose job was to rewrite history using newspeak. Not only that but it would be even more bonkers if that character was a high court judge in the Saga of Sevco adjudicating on a dispute between Bad Mike the head man of a Dystopian and Dickensian business if reports are correct and a notorious teller of tall tales which would put th Wizard of Oz to shame. 
Fort those of us who can remember Stingray all I can say is that “Anything could happen in the next half hour!”

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Try and get a ticket for Bishop Barron in September one of the best speakers you shall ever hear
I suspect the answer to why ‘We deserve better” is very much rooted in the WATP mentality. However if it a true call for reform and a prelude to positive action then it is to be applauded- I have my doubts though…

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
Celtic riddled with Hibs fifth columnists.
Brendan Rogers offered the Hibs job when Lennon goes to Arsenal.
Both teams allowed to wear green boots and play on green grass.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
The Rangers upside is that they are in it for the long term. Economists will know what Keynes said about that as paraphrased by that well known philosopher Leigh Griffiths ‘In the long term we’re all dead” Unfortunately some long terms are shorter than others

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
The meaningless MBA waffle pish misses the key point,Is the curve tending upwards or downwards? 
Furthermore were I still teaching on MBA courses (mea culpa mea maxima culpa) and received that in response to a question I would have no compunction about giving it 0.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
Paul Murray’s cunning plan seems to be nothing more than application of the first Micawber Principle “something will turn up’ while demonstrating the application of the second Micawber Principle about deficit of income over expenditure…translated to the local demotic -don’t worry lads it’ll be awright now gees your Warchest.
There is something of the feeling of imminent collapse as was in the air in Eastern Europe in late 1989.

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