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    I see Gordon Waddell has taken a pop at Stewart Milne in today's Record (online).



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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    my last post

     "as voted for by Italian and Spanish football magazines"

    Of, course I meant FANS in Italian and Spanish football magazines

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Slim jim: when does a player become world class?


    I've always believed that when a player is lauded by the media and fans of countries that have no link to that player (taking bias and parochialism out of the equation) then that player is most likely world class. We don't need to listen to Barca or Argentina fans to realise Messi is world class. We all know.

    In my 40 odd years as a football fan there has been only one Scottish player who I would consider truly world class and more importantly the rest of the world did too. A player who for a 3 year period in the seventies was a regular in international teams of the year as voted for by Italian and Spanish football magazines. 

    as good as Souness and Dalgliesh were, I don't think either of them quite had the same international respect that Danny McGrain had.


    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    The eagles eyed amongst the viewers may have noticed that when I mention any club in any of my posts i always use a capital letter except when referring to the Govan club.

    So, for you and everybody else, if I refer to Rangers with a capital im talking about the dead club.

    If I refer to rangers with a lower case r im talking about Frankensteins monster.



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    Dear Mr Bankier
    Who is responsible for no radio commentary / live TV action from Ibrox?

    Have rangers told the BBC to stay away or have the BBC decided to stay away?

    1 honestly don't  remember who instigated this.


    Dear Mr Bankier
    "The BBC will not be sending journalists to I brox  or attending Rangers (sic) press conferences"


    they may not have mentioned the word boycott, but if the above is not a boycott then what is it?


    Dear Mr Bankier
    borderman67  @12.55


    You forgot about the "split heid" the linesman at the Livie v r game received.


    Dear Mr Bankier
    Ally and Easy could possibly help here.


    i seem to remember when Gordon Durie signed for us (Hearts) there was some talk of him being "owned" by an outside group (possibly involving Gordon Smith).

    Dear Mr Bankier
    EJ @ 12:18


    "King is still denying that he is in "wilful defiance" of the court order" or, in otherwords, he is guilty of "unwilful defiance", that he didnt know.


    Has nobody in court pointed out as a "qualified accountant" he should have know.

    Oh! wait a minute…..