Comment on JPP: Perverting Justice? by John Clark.

    Incidentally, I got a text from Oz at 3.15 a.m this morning warning me of a scam email doing the rounds, saying it has 'two tickets' for the next Scotland home game. DO NOT OPEN, is the warning: because it does contain two tickets for the next home game!

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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Auldheid 15th October 2018 at 00:46  

    '…Had Karma not intervened …. no one would have been any the wiser'


    Karma's intervention certainly frustrated the overall aim of those  people which was to pay their debts with monies to which they were not entitled and which they obtained (it is alleged) by deceit and conspiracy to defraud.

    Given that there is a strong prima facie case against both the SFA Licensing Committee and RFC 2012 plc( formerly known as Rangers Football Club plc) (IL), I suggest that Celtic plc now has a duty to its shareholders ,and indeed to the public at large, to ask the  Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service to institute  a criminal investigation.

    It may be no common law or statutory crime to cheat at 'games': it certainly is a crime to swipe some millions of pounds by dishonesty.

    If, as should surely happen, the Res 12 issue is on the agenda for the Celtic plc AGM next month (is it?), and debated, I expect that the overwhelming majority of those attending will , after debate (which, I submit, the Chair will have to allow) call for a report to the COPFS to be made.

    And I further submit that the 'big' holders of vote-carrying shares better not think of dodging the column and voting against such reference to the COPFS. The seriously founded allegation that Celtic plc has been the victim of  crime MUST be investigated, and it would not be for the majority shareholders to shrug their shoulders and say that they do not wish to get involved.

    Their failure to engage first time round in 2013 solved nothing: the sport stinks, its governance stinks, and the longer term future of every club will be affected if action to return to integrity is not taken.


    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Darkbeforedawn 14th October 2018 at 20:01  

    '…The mess Murray has made to Rangers and Scottish Football as a whole will never be forgotten or forgiven. There have been a number of crooks and charlatans in the game recent years who have hurt my club, but none as bad as Murray. Everything negative in the last 10 years has stemmed from his ego. '


    Credit to you,Dbd, for that obviously sincere post.

    I have to fault it in two respects, though, or I myself would not be sincere:

    first , your use of " ..By the time we were back [ my italics]in the top league"

    and secondly, your omission of the culpability of the SFA in either being complicit in,  or wholly negligent in their duties in allowing, SDM's   master plan of deceit to get as far as it did, and in being the creator and propagator-in-chief of the Big Lie.

    The SFA had the means and authority and the duty to keep Scottish Football clean by dealing with SDM's /CW's Rangers in the same way they dealt with every other club that has gone bust: namely, publicly recognised it was bust, endingof 140 years of history and causing the cessation of any ability to participate in Scottish Football and add to its treasury of titles and honours.

    If the SFA had done what they ought to have done, TRFC Ltd would now be a six-year-old club with a respected, undeniably earned,  place in the top part of the SPFL.  

    (The problems associated with King and Co would be more or less 'internal' and not really of much more ,or less, interest to the general run of Scottish football supporters than the internal problems of any other club.)

    Sadly,the SFA Board did not have people of Integrity enough to put the Integrity of Sport above their personal hysteria and panic and God knows what else emotional state.

    There is still time for the SFA and the SPFL to do the right thing, the proper thing: announce that TRFC Ltd is NOT to be recognised by the public or Press as being the old Rangers, or as having a sporting history older than 6 years, and ensure that the record books reflect that position.

    All would then be sweetness and light and forgiveness, as Truth would be is restored, and we would have meaningful sporting competition back again.



    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    RyanGosling 14th October 2018 at 12:29  

    '…everyone I know sees quite clearly how he is the author of Range rs downfall. '


    I wouldn't , because I couldn't, argue with you about your personal knowledge of individual supporters of the present 'Rangers', but I think there would be general consensus that neither the SMSM nor the mouthpieces of the 'support' have excoriated Murray as much , even, as the hapless, incompetent, McLeish is being excoriated for being simply hapless and incompetent.[ Some remember that McLeish deserves censure for buying into and profiting (short term) from the EBT business, but most of the present criticism is relted to current performance as National team manager]

    Murray deserves to have his name expunged from Scottish Football , written out of history. except as object  lesson in sports cheating.

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    Dear Mr Bankier
    Homunculus 11th December 2018 at 14:38

    '  Here is the part of their website dedicated to Rangers.


    There has been no "withdrawal of reporting" you just made that up.'


    Not only is the BBC reporting, but reporting in propagation of the lie that TRFC Ltd of 2012 is the same Rangers that went into Liquidation!

    Some folk are never happy, even when people throw away their personal integrity to support untruth.


    Dear Mr Bankier
    Big Pink 11th December 2018 at 11:05

    '…I think the allegations of a BBC pro-Rangers bias is based mainly on their failure to report the truth about Rangers, and the authorities. Less than on the situation surrounding Chris McLaughlin'

    I agree.

    McLaughlin was banned only in 2015!

    But it was in June of 2013 that BBC Scotland had, disgracefully and cravenly, given in to the[thank God, now abolished] Editorial Standards Committee  when that Committee [of, of course, the 'great and the good' in the eyes of the Establishment ]  invented ,or capitalised on ,the nonsense that it was the company that was liquidated, not the 'club'  .

    Thereafter, the BBC settled for the quiet life, stifling all on-air / on-screen questioning into  the whole murky, rotten years of SDM's perversion of our 'sport' and the ready acceptance of that perversion by our Football Governance bodies.

    But of course, not even the [ happily now defunct] Editorial Standards Committee could have lived with the idea that any particular business, or organisation or individual should be able to overtly dictate to them , whatever might be the nods and winks  in private.

    In the larger scheme, a piddling little football club cannot, any more than a Hitler/ Putin/Trump/May, be allowed to be seen to have the 'BBC'  at their beck and call in the way that they have had, and continue to have, individual salaried employees of the BBC bending every effort to try to convince us that The Rangers FC of 2012 origin is the Rangers Football Club founded in 1872.
    So,they have to resist pressure to field only ‘chosen’ reporters.





    Dear Mr Bankier
    ‘….slimjim 10th December 2018 at 10:32

    '…some on here who can’t resist the temptation to single out Rangers .'

    There are many on here who know that the defunct Rangers of SDM/CW were deserving of every possible condemnation by, and the  angry contempt of, honest football clubs , football supporters, and sports people generally for the outrageous cheating indulged in for a decade by its 'owners': 

    and there are many who also believe that the new club is living a lie, and is governed by men whom  I personally would not want to be nearer to than ,say, the distance between the dock and the public benches in a court of law!

    There is an abiding stench, a stench that  all the pages of SMSM and Ibrox PR spin , if made into a gigantic fan, could not waft away, even if it were powered by the megawatts used by BBC Scotland transmitters.

    The sheer enormity of what SDM/CW/CG/DCK/the SFA  have done/ are continuing to do to the Truth of Scottish Football is incalculable.

    It is not to be wondered at that any other stones that may be thrown against both deceitful 'Rangers' clubs are thrown!

    Both the 'Rangers'es singled themselves out by being 'sports'  cheats.

    There is no defending them, or the SFA, on that score

    Which, of course, is not to say that other clubs may not be guilty of  non-sports crimes ,such as sectarian/political "hate crimes".

    And I am no defender of such as perpetrate such crimes.







    Dear Mr Bankier
    StevieBC 9th December 2018 at 11:26

    '…The club/team operating out of Ibrox has been – and always will be – morally bankrupt…'


    To be absolutely and resolutely fair-minded, StevieBC, however 'morally bankrupt'  the Boards of Rangers 1872 to 1988 may have been, they never cheated in such a way as to bring about actual financial bankruptcy!

    That was left to a man even more despicable than King, a knight of the realm no less ( I expectorate in sheer disgust that such a man should ever had any part in Scottish Football)

    But even more despicable than that knight are those in our Football governance who  made such complicit ars.s of themselves by the farrago of lying bullshit they dreamt up about a newly created club being one and the same as a club which, under their own rules, had lost any and all entitlement to exist as a football club ,and had died the death of Liquidation.

    It is absolutely necessary that such a monstrous piece of nonsense be dealt with, by getting the lying sods out of office, and getting decent, honest folk into office, to muck out the Mt Florida byre, and get the truth out there where we can all can see it.

    At bottom, this is not about a particular club and its disgusting chancers: but about the even more disgusting sods who did not deal with that particular (now dead) club, and who continue to shield and protect their new creation by trying to deny that it is a new creation!

    How they (and, of course, they know who they are) can live with themselves is a bit of a wonder. Each of them knows that the others, like himself,  is untrustworthy and ready to sell his soul

    And knows that the rest of us would not trust them ever again  to act with integrity .




    Dear Mr Bankier
    easyJambo 9th December 2018 at 00:00

    '…although there is a claim of £18m against the Oldco, on behalf of Wavetower, still on the go too.'


    Interesting that BDO are prepared to discuss a settlement with Henderson and Jones. Does this mean that they think H&J might conceivably have a winnable Court claim and BDO do not want to risk a full court action?