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    Whilst IMHO it seems pointless looking back, (cheating aside),

    If I suddenly realized that my own team I had supported for years was a sham…

    And I had conveniently forgotten the social aberrations of this team for the preceding 100+ years…

    I would be embarrassed.

    I would be angry.

    I would feel stoopid!

    I would wise up.

    I would have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with said team in future.

    I wouldn't waste my time on social media trying to justify being a supporter of – never mind being associated with – such a deviant club.

    Pre-internet, I was probably happy in my ignorance of Scottish football politics.

    In 2018 everybody who supports a Scottish senior football club is informed.  If not, then they don't want to be informed.

    So, my point is;

    RFC effectively died in 2012.

    No favours should have been made for its b@stard, Frankenstein offspring.

    Scottish suffered before 2012.

    It has suffered since 2012.

    All because of one dishonest, perennially cheating team from Ibrox.  The PC Brigade seem to have avoided anything connected to the social cesspit of Ibrox.

    I would personally prefer a financially poorer, less TV attractive, less sponsor appealing football league…but one which was transparently honest.

    The idiots at Hampden have to be wheeled away first though…

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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Unless I have picked it up wrong…

    Phil's latest is suggesting that RIFC is considering issuing a Corporate Bond.

    Off the cuff: I think this is simply a non-starter.

    Corporate Bond issuers are sold, highly reputable organisations, with strong cashflow like Apple, GE (in the past), etc.

    Yes, the Bonds typically pay higher than bank rate, but risk is low for Bond buyers, with lower initiation costs for the Bond issuer.

    RIFC has no such reputation WRT financial management and cashflow.  With 'going concern' red flags, who would even buy an RIFC Bond? (Bears aside.)

    And with all their poor corporate reputation, Shirley the FCA would take an interest?

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Extracted from the DR, but assuming it is an accurate, direct quote from McLeish;

    "…We had one or two sniffs around the goals without being tremendously dangerous. There was a lot for me to take out of the game. After that horrible result [losing 2-1 to Israel/sic] it was a wee bit of a lift. [losing 1-3 at home to Portugal/sic]

    But McLeish’s record in his second term in office has now suffered another black mark. It now reads played eight, lost six, won two…"


    McLeish might be a crap manager, but he has been dealing with the sports media as player and manager for 30+ years.

    That quote above reflects – IMO – his inability to deal with the media today.

    It is worrying for him, and worrying for any player who wants to play for Scotland… but who has serious reservations about McLeish's competency.

    For example: Robertson being managed daily by Klopp, played in the Champions League Final in May…then having to play for McLeish?  

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Couldn't be @rsed watching the game but saw the goals: the third (?) Portugal goal was great – and Naismith's goal was well worked.

    But saw a bit of the McLeish interview: very unimpressive.

    And if he believes that a Finals qualification "is not what they said" then just what are his own KPI's.

    On completion of HMRC payments…?

    To repeat: it's not his fault. He accepted the first job he was offered after 2 long years in the football wilderness.

    The failure is with the SFA – to state the bleedin' obvious, again.

    If I – unwittingly – met the SFA President or CEO in a bar I guess they would be the type of people who have a high regard for themselves and believed they know better than anyone else…we've all met them.

    Not bad people, but you quickly assess they are thick as shit and have no idea about what is happening globally, in the general sense.

    But you are a polite Bampot, smile and nod…and after you finished your drink, it's a sharp exit!

    And footy is/was the working man's game…?  Inclusive before we learned about being 'PC'. 

    Rant over.


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    Dear Mr Bankier
    EJ, thanks for update.

    Guess King will have no problem retaining a lawyer, as he throws so much business their way.

    But, a 'cash confirmer'?

    If it is relevant, we saw that King couldn't attract a NOMAD when he took control at RIFC.  [OK, he probably didn't really want one anyway.]

    If a cash confirmer organisation is bound by similar restrictions and/or are particular about who they accept as a customer, then will King have a problem.

    What would happen if nobody wanted to touch King with a long, smelly stick?


    Dear Mr Bankier
    It looks like the SMSM will be cranking up the pressure and negative news on CFC, in the run up to the game at Ibrox on the 29th, [and with no respect given to Killie or other clubs].


    TRFC dropping points, entering their annual search for a crisis loan to keep the lights on, a manager looking for new players whilst the Board is looking to offload any players to raise cash, etc.  All sounds boringly familiar.

    But, this time King is on the back foot, IMO.

    Gerrard has done well to achieve Europa qualification.  His stock maybe falling locally just now as his team remains erratic in the League.

    And the irony is that the vastly over rated Morelos could be the tug-of-war catalyst which kicks off open warfare via the Scottish and English media: armed by King and Gerrard respectively.

    Gerrard doesn't have to back down as he has nothing to lose, IMO.  He may have done enough already to secure a Championship gig?

    I'm sure his advisors are already putting out their feelers discreetly, to hedge his bets.

    January could be popcorn time for any Ibrox 'obsessives'.


    Dear Mr Bankier
    [Correction to above: "Roger" Mitchell, the ex SPL CEO.]

    Dear Mr Bankier
    A previous SPL CEO Andy Mitchell is quoted as complaining that fellow CFC supporters are obsessed with Rangers, 2012, etc, and we should "move on".

    He's entitled to his own opinion. Absolutely.


    But, you would think that he would also be very keen to know what the SFA has learned – and changed / improved – since 2012?

    Personally, I would gladly move on… but only if the SFA can satisfactorily answer 2 simple questions;

    1) Is the SFA actively monitoring the current financial situation at Ibrox – on behalf of all clubs and their supporters – to avoid a repeat of 2012?


    2) If TRFC was to go bust etc. can the SFA guarantee that -unlike in 2012 – the club would be treated in a totally fair and transparent manner?

    If the SFA can't , [or won't], answer both questions -in the affirmative – then I will continue to be "obsessed" with unpunished, massive cheats blighting Scottish football.

    …and I ain't "moving on" for anybody!

    Dear Mr Bankier
    PM, gonnae naw dae that?!

    You can't just leave us hanging…any clues / link ?