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    Cluster One 14th October 2018 at 10:09 JD Sports web site…..The retailer say's it is no longer advertising the Hummel strips online because they don't want to risk overselling them. =============================

    SORRY to anyone who now has their tea all over the screenmail


    Yes, CO I had to read that quote a few times.

    Looks like JD has a similarly p!sh PR rep to TRFC.

    Next statement will be rushed out on Friday at 5pm;


    "Due to huge demand, JD Sports outlets across the West of Scotland will be closed during the day, until new TRFC stock arrives."


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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Unless I have picked it up wrong…

    Phil's latest is suggesting that RIFC is considering issuing a Corporate Bond.

    Off the cuff: I think this is simply a non-starter.

    Corporate Bond issuers are sold, highly reputable organisations, with strong cashflow like Apple, GE (in the past), etc.

    Yes, the Bonds typically pay higher than bank rate, but risk is low for Bond buyers, with lower initiation costs for the Bond issuer.

    RIFC has no such reputation WRT financial management and cashflow.  With 'going concern' red flags, who would even buy an RIFC Bond? (Bears aside.)

    And with all their poor corporate reputation, Shirley the FCA would take an interest?

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Extracted from the DR, but assuming it is an accurate, direct quote from McLeish;

    "…We had one or two sniffs around the goals without being tremendously dangerous. There was a lot for me to take out of the game. After that horrible result [losing 2-1 to Israel/sic] it was a wee bit of a lift. [losing 1-3 at home to Portugal/sic]

    But McLeish’s record in his second term in office has now suffered another black mark. It now reads played eight, lost six, won two…"


    McLeish might be a crap manager, but he has been dealing with the sports media as player and manager for 30+ years.

    That quote above reflects – IMO – his inability to deal with the media today.

    It is worrying for him, and worrying for any player who wants to play for Scotland… but who has serious reservations about McLeish's competency.

    For example: Robertson being managed daily by Klopp, played in the Champions League Final in May…then having to play for McLeish?  

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Whilst IMHO it seems pointless looking back, (cheating aside),

    If I suddenly realized that my own team I had supported for years was a sham…

    And I had conveniently forgotten the social aberrations of this team for the preceding 100+ years…

    I would be embarrassed.

    I would be angry.

    I would feel stoopid!

    I would wise up.

    I would have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with said team in future.

    I wouldn't waste my time on social media trying to justify being a supporter of – never mind being associated with – such a deviant club.

    Pre-internet, I was probably happy in my ignorance of Scottish football politics.

    In 2018 everybody who supports a Scottish senior football club is informed.  If not, then they don't want to be informed.

    So, my point is;

    RFC effectively died in 2012.

    No favours should have been made for its b@stard, Frankenstein offspring.

    Scottish suffered before 2012.

    It has suffered since 2012.

    All because of one dishonest, perennially cheating team from Ibrox.  The PC Brigade seem to have avoided anything connected to the social cesspit of Ibrox.

    I would personally prefer a financially poorer, less TV attractive, less sponsor appealing football league…but one which was transparently honest.

    The idiots at Hampden have to be wheeled away first though…

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    Bad Money?
    Clickbait headline in the DR;


    "Rangers thumping Marseille while Celtic drew with Rennes has given Ibrox fans reason to believe – Hotline"




    Yes, because meaningless, kickabout friendlies – where the objective is not to get injured – is a reliable indicator for the season ahead.


    May as well avoid inconveniencing any of the other 41 senior clubs – and just handover the Treble to Ibrox now…


    Bad Money?
    When the Rangers liquidation process has been completed…


    will there be a huge, celebratory party at Ibrox – for screwing over its creditors including HMRC?

    …or will there be radio silence at Ibrox and across the SMSM?


    In which case, IMO, all other Scottish football fans should have a date marked in the calendar…

    to celebrate the demise of the biggest cheating club in Scottish history.

    Bad Money?
    Headline from The Sun;


    "12TH MAN? Rangers appear to have brought the number 12 shirt out of ‘retirement’

    David Fowler 11 Jul 2019, 15:19

    RANGERS appear to have brought the No12 jersey out of retirement. Gers announced in 2012 that they would dedicate the number to fans who supported the club through administration and liquidation…"



    Number 12 jersey for Club 12 ?

    Bad Money?
    Can't imagine TRFC is bothered about any potential admin / registration errors.

    Bryson will be on the case to generate some original BS to baffle UEFA, if required.


    And this 'potential' transfer for TRFC of a player supposedly rated at c.£4M to £4.5M is curious indeed.

    From what the Internet Bampots know as fact – from the prior years' RIFC/TRFC accounts, the current Close loan, the lawsuits piling up etc. – TRFC doesn't have a 'proverbial pot'.


    The SMSM copy/paste information in this case seems a bit more specific.

    So, how is TRFC going to spin this?

    Player was simply greedy in his personal terms?


    IF TRFC actually buys a real player for c.£4M I will have to just give up trying to understand what the hell is really going on with the Ibrox finances.

    Bad Money?
    Interesting article in the DR;


    "Jake Hastie the Rangers odd man out as winger suffers tracksuit mix-up

    The 20-year-old has been fitting in well with his team-mates but was sporting a different look from his Ibrox pals on Tuesday.

    By Record Sport Online

    Their preparation has been perfect for their upcoming tie against the side from Gibraltar.

    But Rangers ' kit provider Hummel appear to be still working their way towards match sharpness.

    Jake Hastie appears to be fitting in with the rest of the squad, he was the the odd one out when it comes to his training gear.

    The 20-year-old's jacket was the only one with the arrows pointing up on his left sleeve, rather than pointing downwards like the rest of his Rangers team-mates.

    And it's not the first time this has happened to Rangers' players in recent times, last season Ryan Kent wore a different shirt to that of his team-mates.

    Ryan Jack was another who suffered a fashion failure, after his strip was missing a badge last season in a Europa League game against UFA, with the Hummel logo also off the kit."



    A rather abrupt ending to the article there, and raises the question: "What was the point of the article?"

    A clue could be in the fact that no DR 'journalist' is putting their name to the article, as it's by "Record Sport Online".

    Which could mean it's a straightforward copy/paste instruction from Traynor.


    There has been much online mockery of the dodgy looking kit, so maybe Traynor felt the need to 'jokingly' address these inconsistent tracksuit / jersey markings etc.


    this article is clearly laying the blame squarely with Hummel, making them look unprofessional and incompetent.

    Or, that Hummel – as a large sportswear manufacturer – has NO quality control whatsoever: it just punts out its products without even checking them, to make sure there are no defects, etc.


    If I worked for Hummel on the TRFC account I would be fizzing, (even more).  Hummel is already embroiled in all the legal drama around Ibrox and its 'difficult' sales channels.

    Now, TRFC is accusing Hummel of being incompetent in the production of clothing.


    I don't know where TRFC got its dodgy kit from.

    But, I don't think it came from Hummel, (I could be wrong of course).

    But regardless: surely Hummel will be demanding an apology – or a clarification – via the SMSM?