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    Why do TRFC hate the SFA so much? Because that is what they are being told to do. No extra time added to the end of the season to help them during their magnificent Euro run. SFA Hate us. Regardless of the truth. Paul Gascoigne nomination to the Scottish Footballs hall of fame withdrawn because SFA hate us. All the calls for investigations onto SFA board members all to strengthen the narrative that SFA hate us. Brainwashing at its best with a mob that are desperate to be brainwashed. Now the demand for the removal of certain players and ex managers from the Hall of Fame has started to gain momentum from the usual suspects. As it was intended to do. Keep them all facing the wrong way. 

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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    If the TRFC v Dons game was sent to Edinburgh would the venue have to be renamed Auchinhowiefield.?



    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Just a note on the 'Different Tops' worn on a recent European tie. At first glance it looks like there has been a rogue top in amongst the other tops and that this one top was probably supplied from a street trader in some holiday resort. But that's not the case. The official top whose details are logged with UEFA has a sponsors logo in RED. not Black. Look at the official sales pictures from Ibrox. All have 32 Red in red font. So NONE of the tops worn on Thursday evening matched up to the top registered wit UEFA.

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    We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
    Just seen the barriers put in place to protect the Celtic fans at Ibrox tomorrow. Along with a demand from Police Scotland that their is only 1 approach for Celtic Fans and that they have to be in car park or 11.00 or forget it. 90 Minutes before kick off.This sort of thing should have alarm bells ringing all over the place. This is disgusting that we have to go to these lengths to see a football match all because the home fans are so consumed with hatred for the opposition. Disgraceful and disgusting. This is worse than going to play the old rangers team during the violent era of the seventies/early eighties. This should not be allowed. If your fans are so violent and intolerant then go play somewhere else.

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    Good Morning. Can someone tell me why Hears v Dundee game was played last night. I am sure there will be a perfectly reasonable explanation but I cannot find one. In these dark days for the SFA and SPFL everything that happens in Scottish football that is slightly removed from the norm is viewed as having an ulterior motive. Its where we are. During the League Cup semi finals debacle we were told it is almost impossible to rearrange fixtures at short notice but there we were last night, a champions league night, playing a run of the mill league match. Why? I have become so sceptical I see conspiracy everywhere. Hearts are now in a position that no matter the result v Celtic in the league match in 2 weeks time they will not be removed from the top perch. We are all so busy watching for TRFC getting help from their brothers in high places we may have taken our eye off the ball as far as the 'anyone but Celtic' narrative is concerned.  As I said. Maybe its just me. 


    Fantastic Voyage ..
    "What I do know is that we also signed a contract which said, if there were any problems in the future, Rangers would deal with them. So I didn’t have anything to worry about"

    Nacho Novo yesterday 7th Sept 2018.

    Problem is that Rangers no longer around to pick up the tab…or are they?

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    TheLawMan2 4th September 2018 at 02:41

    …………'There has been 4 rulings on it. Surely 1 of them would state "illegal" if it was the case. Can anyone help point to it'…………

    Not as clever as most of the posters on here but here goes. I would say that the fact that the HMRC Monster is coming over the hill to recover money deemed as owed to him would point to a certain amount of illegality. 

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Darkbeforedawn……a distinction made whereby a club is seen as an asset of the company, and in this case that asset along with history, badge etc was sold to a different company to allow the continuity of the football team…..

    Question. What was the name of the selling company?