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    Allyjambo 14th October 2018 at 10:01

      '..the one person they don't blame is David Murray, the very man, that very selfish and greedy man, who designed their club's downfall. '


    Aw, be fair, Aj!….surely that cheat has been punished enough by not being admitted into the Hall of Fame!

    Wait a minute, though! maybe he will be nominated by Club 1872 for his wonderful wheeze of feeding the running dog lackeys of the BBC/SMSM  with succulent lamb, thus for years buying their silence and journalistic integrity in the matter of reporting  the true state of the  finances and financing of the now dead  club and  the fact that the  vile, empty boasting of a man (who, in my opinion, was worse in his own way, and did more damage to Scottish football than the equally despicable Fred the Shred did to the UK economy) was groundless and 'based' on a monumental series of lies.

    Some of which lies were or ought to have been known to the SFA.


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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Incidentally, I got a text from Oz at 3.15 a.m this morning warning me of a scam email doing the rounds, saying it has 'two tickets' for the next Scotland home game. DO NOT OPEN, is the warning: because it does contain two tickets for the next home game!

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Auldheid 15th October 2018 at 00:46  

    '…Had Karma not intervened …. no one would have been any the wiser'


    Karma's intervention certainly frustrated the overall aim of those  people which was to pay their debts with monies to which they were not entitled and which they obtained (it is alleged) by deceit and conspiracy to defraud.

    Given that there is a strong prima facie case against both the SFA Licensing Committee and RFC 2012 plc( formerly known as Rangers Football Club plc) (IL), I suggest that Celtic plc now has a duty to its shareholders ,and indeed to the public at large, to ask the  Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service to institute  a criminal investigation.

    It may be no common law or statutory crime to cheat at 'games': it certainly is a crime to swipe some millions of pounds by dishonesty.

    If, as should surely happen, the Res 12 issue is on the agenda for the Celtic plc AGM next month (is it?), and debated, I expect that the overwhelming majority of those attending will , after debate (which, I submit, the Chair will have to allow) call for a report to the COPFS to be made.

    And I further submit that the 'big' holders of vote-carrying shares better not think of dodging the column and voting against such reference to the COPFS. The seriously founded allegation that Celtic plc has been the victim of  crime MUST be investigated, and it would not be for the majority shareholders to shrug their shoulders and say that they do not wish to get involved.

    Their failure to engage first time round in 2013 solved nothing: the sport stinks, its governance stinks, and the longer term future of every club will be affected if action to return to integrity is not taken.


    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Darkbeforedawn 14th October 2018 at 20:01  

    '…The mess Murray has made to Rangers and Scottish Football as a whole will never be forgotten or forgiven. There have been a number of crooks and charlatans in the game recent years who have hurt my club, but none as bad as Murray. Everything negative in the last 10 years has stemmed from his ego. '


    Credit to you,Dbd, for that obviously sincere post.

    I have to fault it in two respects, though, or I myself would not be sincere:

    first , your use of " ..By the time we were back [ my italics]in the top league"

    and secondly, your omission of the culpability of the SFA in either being complicit in,  or wholly negligent in their duties in allowing, SDM's   master plan of deceit to get as far as it did, and in being the creator and propagator-in-chief of the Big Lie.

    The SFA had the means and authority and the duty to keep Scottish Football clean by dealing with SDM's /CW's Rangers in the same way they dealt with every other club that has gone bust: namely, publicly recognised it was bust, endingof 140 years of history and causing the cessation of any ability to participate in Scottish Football and add to its treasury of titles and honours.

    If the SFA had done what they ought to have done, TRFC Ltd would now be a six-year-old club with a respected, undeniably earned,  place in the top part of the SPFL.  

    (The problems associated with King and Co would be more or less 'internal' and not really of much more ,or less, interest to the general run of Scottish football supporters than the internal problems of any other club.)

    Sadly,the SFA Board did not have people of Integrity enough to put the Integrity of Sport above their personal hysteria and panic and God knows what else emotional state.

    There is still time for the SFA and the SPFL to do the right thing, the proper thing: announce that TRFC Ltd is NOT to be recognised by the public or Press as being the old Rangers, or as having a sporting history older than 6 years, and ensure that the record books reflect that position.

    All would then be sweetness and light and forgiveness, as Truth would be is restored, and we would have meaningful sporting competition back again.



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    Accountability via Transparency.
    sickofitall 23rd May 2019 at 21:12

    '..When is the verdict on the sports direct case v rangers due to be published..'


    The short answer is: whenever the judge delivers his opinion.

    Given that there was  hearing just yesterday, and assuming that that was the conclusion of submissions, the Judge is not likely to deliver his opinion for a while. It could be late next week, or in a couple of weeks or even longer.

    But of course, Parties will know before anything ever appears online, and it's likely that whichever Party wins, he will make sure his PR people let the media know asap!




    Accountability via Transparency.
    Jingso.Jimsie 23rd May 2019 at 10:41

    '..After boring myself half to death scouring the SFA Handbook & JPP,..'


    I was thrown a  bit by para 5.2 of Annex D [on page 140 of the protocol]  'A suspension imposed upon a member of Team Staff will apply to all football…'.[my bold]

    It took me a while to arrive at the same conclusion as you did, having had to read references and cross references back and forth.

    Clarke's suspension does NOT include international competitions, and there will be no need for the SFA to fall back on their default position: jiggery-pokery with 'rules'!


    Accountability via Transparency.
    So FIFA has realised that greed is not always able to be satisfied. Their media release dated yesterday (but I first heard a report of it this morning on BBC radio) drips of disappointment:

    "…Additionally, FIFA and Qatar have once again explored the feasibility of Qatar hosting a 48-team tournament by in particular lowering certain key FIFA requirements. A joint analysis, in this respect, concluded that due to the advanced stage of preparations and the need for a detailed assessment of the potential logistical impact on the host country, more time would be required and a decision could not be taken before the deadline of June. It was therefore decided not to further pursue this option.

    The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will therefore remain as originally planned with 32 teams and no proposal will be submitted at the next FIFA Congress on 5 June."

    Or ,perhaps, fear of many more fatalities among immigrant 82p per-day workers labouring hard to get Quatar prepared even for the 32-country competition has outweighed greed ( and perhaps indicates some regret on the part of some members that Qatar was ever selected as a suitable venue at all)


    Accountability via Transparency.
    Ex Ludo 22nd May 2019 at 09:55

    '..Stevie Clarke being welcomed with open arms in today’s Herald..'


    Jist the wan photie? Huh! broken heart

    'The Scotsman' has  the photo of Clarke with Maxwell (what an odd handclasp!) on page 61,another photo of Clarke by himself  spread over pages 62 and 63, and another smaller photo of Clarke at the foot of page 63, and on the back page, centre, another photo of yer man. And lots of column inches of text to go with the photies!


    Accountability via Transparency.
    Talking about handshakes , having earlier in the year shaken the hand of the Prime Minister of Australia [ who, much to his own surprise it appears, won the recent election and is Prime Minister for another term]and the hand of the Lady Mayoress of Redlands Council, Queensland, I had the honour today of shaking the hand of the Provost of East Lothian.

    Mrs C and I took a wee run down to North Berwick as we sometimes do. As we sat in the sea-bird centre having an ice-cream, we noticed a guy down below with a gold chain round his neck, and a couple of Polis ,at the harbour. 

    On the way down to the harbour, this guy passed us, and I engaged him in conversation. The gold chain was the chain of office of the Provost. He gave me his card, shook hands, and explained that what was afoot was that the Duke of Buccleuch [aka the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland ]was on a visit, and he had just seen him off on the wee boat trip to the Isle of May, to see the puffins' breeding ground.

    If I can add that while in the wee queue to buy the ice-cream, there was a woman from Auckland behind me, and a man from the Sunshine Coast ( where the hospital that sorted my dislocated shoulder is)

    It's these little serendipities that make life -even at my age- delightful; and make the sheer evil of what has been done in Scottish Football so damaging and distressing.

    Instead of adding to the spice and enjoyment of life by fostering and protecting honest sporting competition, honest sporting rivalry, our football governance people have done the very opposite. 

    Unlike the honest men (and/or women )of the FAW they abandoned principle.