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    Billydug 13th October 2018 at 19:00  


    It seriously baffles me what issue even the most ardent Rangers fans have with the SFA.

    When it all kicked off with administration eventually followed by liquidation in 2012, the SFA were nothing other than supportive. They gerrymandered, bent and broke rules to make very attempt to get the new Rangers straight into the top league. They spread fear among other clubs, they warned of clubs going to the wall, and painted a doomsday scenario where Scottish football could never recover. The fans though, who saw a club who had cheated on tax for over a decade to gain on-field success, were having none of it. The real doomsday scenario for clubs was fans refusing to buy season tickets, and the timing of it all was the perfect storm for those of us who prefer fairness in how the game is governed. 

    The SFA then oversaw one of the most gerrymandered disciplinary processes imaginable, which saw Rangers fined a meagre £250k, and a transfer ban to be applied at a time of their choosing, to ensure minimum inconvenience. The SFA even introduced a statement on the hoof where improperly registered Rangers players did not mean the club would be subject to points deductions, which is the rule they had previously applied to every other club and still do.

    The SFA also ensured that the new Rangers could claim to be the old, by claiming a football club is a concept, an idea in someone's mind which could never die. Again, this had never been claimed before when a club became insolvent, and there was no legal basis for the stance the SFA took.

    As I said, it seriously baffles me what issue even the most ardent Rangers fans have with the SFA. What more do they think the SFA could possibly have done? 

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    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    I see the name Brian Kennedy being mentioned again. If I recall correctly he is a Hibs fan who was attempting to help because his wife's family is steeped in Rangers. He also seems to be far removed from the type of characters who have come and gone at Ibrox. He didn't make his fortune by throwing good money after bad, and I am certain he would have demanded Rangers live within their means. In short, he is not what the average Ibrox patron seems to want. 

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Auldheid 15th October 2018 at 00:46  


    The behaviour meets the description of fraud. In particular the proof offered at end of March.


    I imagine in that case CAS would be the last place King wants this to go. My money was originally on the SFA going for the 'we've taken the advice of senior Counsel and blah blah blah'…we know the rest. They would be 100% backed by the media were they to do that.  However if that is an option why have they not done so already? Has senior Counsel already informed them otherwise? Have Celtic informed them that if they do, then they will publish the damning evidence the Res 12 people worked so hard to establish on the club website? Celtic must still answer Res 12 via an AGM in any case. 

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Darkbeforedawn 14th October 2018 at 21:35  


    Do you think the SFA were of the same view as many fans, many in the media, that Rangers were simply too big to fail, that someone would step in and it just wouldn't be allowed to happen? 

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    Bad Money?
    This 'declaratory' judgement in favour of Sports Direct surely gives King the chance to kick the can down the road again. In my view it is almost certain he will not settle with S.D and it will have to go back to court to conclude. 

    On another note there is an element of history repeating itself in my view. 'Rangers' have a damaging bill to settle, they need the income from European group games, and are probably going to need to borrow again this season anyway. Meanwhile the media sit with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears, just like when unpaid tax bills were a figment of a paranoid bloggers imagination. Maybe I am just misreading the whole thing, but right now it has a bad look about it all to a mere layman like myself. 

    Bad Money?
    Darkbeforedawn19th July 2019 at 22:50

    The 'looks like Rangers and smells like Rangers' is the only point that is allowed. It is the only point that is allowed by the SFA and the media. Anyone who does not subscribe to that point is dismissed. Jim Spence and Graham Spiers are the only two hacks who have said Rangers are a new club and neither contribute any more to BBC sport. It is a quite shocking state of affairs in a so called democracy that only one opinion is allowed. Even though the alternative opinion has legally binding facts behind it, whereas the one that is allowed has no legal backing whatsoever.

    At the end of the day in Scotland  'Rangers' are considered to be superior to all others. Ergo, the views of Rangers fans are given a higher priority than that of other fans. Even though Celtic have achieved a treble treble, the media STILL give prominence to Rangers on a daily basis. It was forever thus, and personally gives me a lot of pleasure that my club being so successful can cause so much upset to the nation's powerbrokers, who are even willing to see tax go unpaid if it helps Rangers succeed. 


    Bad Money?
    I am beginning to think the only way for Resolution 12 to progress is through a criminal investigation…by the City of London Police of course. Zero chance of anything progressing under the jurisdiction of the Scottish establishment. We even have a media who won't even report on it, and in many cases choose to mock it. Think about that – there is a mountain of evidence out there that wrongdoing took place, and the media don't want to know. They would rather a team succeeded by cheating – that is truly incredible. 

    Bad Money?
    Darkbeforedawn 17th July 2019 at 18:17


    DBD, thanks for that contribution. I'm in a hurry but all I will say is we would never have to question the SFA had they not given us so many reasons to do so. In short can we ever trust them to do the right thing?

    Bad Money?
    dom16 17th July 2019 at 15:02

    UTH – I’m conflicted by JJs output. The odd interesting piece scattered about invective and bile for other bloggers. Then the crusade type pieces against the McCanns. Alongside the password pieces, makes him a very difficult writer to like. 

    I struggle to see what seems such a simple problem being a real one for The Rangers  


    I'm keeping an open mind on this one. In 2011 the SFA said it was fine for Rangers to be awarded a European licence. A mountain of evidence now in the public domain suggests that not only was it not fine, but the SFA, or at least some people within it, might have been well aware it was not fine.

    Roll on to 2012 and we had the Bryson interpretation on player eligibility. One the SFA had never used before and have never used since. 

    Then once the supreme court ruled that Rangers were guilty of illegal tax evasion, the SFA said there was no point in raking over old coals.

    So no matter what you think of JJ, he may well be spot on that the SFA are yet again allowing something in favour of Rangers that they shouldn't be. Maybe they're not, but history tells us it is a question well worth asking.