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RyanGosling says: July 10, 2014 at 11:30 pm No argument here …

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RyanGosling says:

July 10, 2014 at 11:30 pm

No argument here on that one.
I believe that Whyte got unlucky in his choice of manager.
If the manager had got past Malmo, Whytes gamble would have paid off and money would have been available to pay tax.
The people most culpable in the demise of Rangers are Murray, Whyte and McCoist.
The present incumbants are not really interested in a football club only money.
Murray’s attempt at re-writing history is pathetic.

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It Takes Two to Tangle
Good Morning
Great idea to get counsel’s opinion however a few words of caution.
Sometimes you pay a lot of money only to find out what you knew anyway.

Counsel have a tendancy to charge like a wounded buffalo., they do not come cheap for a top player who knows what he is doing. it is not unusual to find that they will give you an opinion telling you that are spot on with regards to the wrongdoing but that you are not the one who can do anything about it because you have no capacity to sue.
I won’t bore you will all the latin terms but if counsels’s opinion is to be sought it should first deal with the proposition as to whether or not TSFM has the capacity in the first place before wasting time and money on whether rules have been broken.
It is unbdoubted that rules have been broken/ignored.
Who can do something about it is the most important question in my opinion.

If not TSFM then perhaps a club or a sponsor. Who will be willing to stick their head above the parapet?

I will support anything going forward.

There is something we are all missing with regards to TRFC. The CEO wanted a wage cut, austerity is needed but they seem to be adding to the wage bill.
Where is the money coming from.
I note that some kids with a promising future who were hailed as the next best thing have been let go. Is that how they are financing the signing of players who are surely pasdt their best?

As for the original money and who is behind Blue Pitch etc the beancounters will be able to follow the money and eventually answers will come out.

I cannot see a share issue being successful if there is to be any qualification in the accounts.

Irrespective of the outcome of any approach to counsel TSFM must keep pressing forward. The spivs place a lot of store in battle fatigue and hope that we will all get fed up. Don’t let them off the hook.

Just to finish there is no doubt that the people who can do something about what has and is going on at the SFA are the very clubs who are members. Why are they sitting on their hands when the tools to clean up by way of EGM and voting to get rid of the present incumbants cold be easily achieved?

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Good Evening,
It ought to become a Legal Matter if there is any substance to the rumours.
I suspect that “The Rangers Football Club” formerly  Sevco have played it was a different club card to the SFA but don’t tell the outside world.
There is ample evidence of fraud and deceit which has been led in the High Court and the paper trail also exits.
No amount of lies will ever cover up the truth and this has been proved throughout history.
Several years have gone and many more may have to come but truth will out.
In the meantime the brothers will look after each other the SFA is rotten from top to bottom

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Good morning
Losing the will to live reading this site over the past days.
Is it me or does anyone else think that these discussions around tax are becoming boring and self serving?
We all know what tax evasion and tax avoidance is.
We all know what was done and who did it.
We all know that the consequence was liquidation.
You cannot survive liquidation.
Football and governance should be the issue.
This may have been dealt with but can anyone with knowledge of the rules say whether the SFA had it within their power to concoct a 5 way agreement in the first place?
If they didn’t it was ultra vires and the agreement is null and void.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
I stand to be corrected but my recollection is that TRFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RIFC.
If that is the case then if RIFC go under then it will mean that TRFC is up for sale as the liquidator of RIFC will be obliged to sell the assets of the holding company to the highest bidder. 
This may also be an insolvency event under SPFL/SFA rules so we could be back to square one.
Even if TRFC was not a subsidiary of RIFC and RIFC went under then the admin or liquidator would look to get the debt back
In my opinion King has pressed the nuclear button by going head to head with TOP.
What he is proposing to do is not legally possible and he knows this. If he doesn’t then his lawyers will.
Is he going to force RIFC into liquidation in order to pick up TRFC for himself?
In addition this nonsense of not having a UK Bank account is exactly that, nonsense.
He could put it in his solicitor’s client account which would mean compliance.
The truth is more likely to be that he cannot get money out of South Africa, or doesn’t want to.
He will also attract the attention of SARS if he produces money offshore which should have been repatriated.
This is one battle King cannot win and in my opinion things will go nuclear fairly soon.

Is it time for the Sin Bin?
Good Morning
I haven’t posted for months but continue to read.
Sevco accounts should ensure that they get nowhere near Europe.
Kings statement about buying the share is a a complete con.
Firstly it is not supported by a nomad, it is an advert and not a prospectus.
However the sting is in the tail.
How can a trust buy the shares on the promise of dividends to come from South Africa when the South African authorities will only allow an individual to send 1Million Rand (ZAR) out of the country without a tax certificate and only 10 Million Rand (ZAR) subject to a tax certificate. i.e.. your taxes have to be up to date.
Current exchange rates are 10 Million Rand (ZAR) = £601,859 approximately.
So even if King and his family, and let us assume there are 5 of them, were to get money out it could only amount to £3 Million or so.
Once again King is being duplicitous and treating everyone as if they are idiots.
Let us hope that TOP will see through this even if the gullible bears cannot.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Good morning
As expected a cop out.
QC Moynihan,
“applying the general principle of finality in litigation,”
Utter tosh it was never a litigation it was a flawed inquiry based on a false premise of EBT’s being lawful.
Just because someone has QC after their name does not make them infallible, with respect.
It is only his opinion after all. Many other will have different opinions equally or more valid.
What is needed is a complete clear out at the SFA/SPFL and the whole facts put before a Court.
Funny what a handshake can achieve

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