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My take for what it’s worth re the UTT. It makes …

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My take for what it’s worth re the UTT.
It makes no difference at all to the current situation over Govan way.
What’s happening’s happening and we can all keep an eye on it.
I feel that HMRC will take this all the way in the light of the bigger picture and those that move in the rarified and incestuous legal circles in Edinburgh know this.
Who’d want to go down in Scottish Legal History as the Judge/Lord who pronounced against them? Not one of them, so let’s leave it to those nasty English Lordships in the Supreme Court.
Thus the circus will move down south.
Some of our older members (no offence JC!) may recall the case of Victoria Gillick back in the 80’s.
Mrs G had 4 daughters under 16 and was against the idea of a doctor giving them contraceptive advice so in 1982 she took her local AHA to court and won.
It carried on through the various appeal courts and some years later it ended up finally in the House of Lords.
Mrs G had won the case at every stage and even after the Lords pronounced,the amount of judges on her side were more than those against.
BUT what really mattered was that she lost in the Lords by a 3-2 judgement and the law was settled. The AHA won the important and binding case.
So don’t be depressed. This will go all the way until the Supreme Court who will reach the one decision that really matters.
Watch and wait.
Finally, I note that the hordes are frothing at the mouth over this and looking for revenge against all and sundry.
They were getting worked up anyway what with Saturday’s festivities coming up so this will only stoke things up. The timing could have been better.
Here’s hoping it won’t be too bad.

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It Takes Two to Tangle
While the rest of the football world is still marvelling and talking about what we witnessed last night, over in the Den they’re concerned about their plans for the sash bash in Derby and what songs the DJ should play pre-match at Ibrox.
Not a mention of events in Belo Horizonte.
That, for me, suggests the essential difference between them and rest of the footballing fraternity to be found here and elsewhere.
Parochial doesn’t really sum it up.

It Takes Two to Tangle
Maybe he was swillin’ fae a can when he wrote it!

It Takes Two to Tangle
Never mind the financial benefit of the early home games for TRFC, in theory they could be 6 points clear of one if their main rivals after just 2 games given that Hearts and Hibs have been drawn against each other for the second fixture.
Probably thought that was a good idea when they drew up the fixture list but they forgot about the tactical genius that is Ally McCoist so it could all go pear shaped PDQ.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
LM2 @ 0430

I feel you are correct re the support Stevie Gee has and gets down here in Englandshire from all the highly paid pundits and mates.
However that is simply because they have absolutely no idea of the back story to the whole saga re RIFC. Scottish Football down here in England is just not rated and it’s generally thought to be little more than a pub league which can be won easily. He’s viewed as if he’s going up there to carry out Missionary work to improve the lives of the underprivileged natives.
I live in in a part of Merseyside famous for its Red Squirrels and have always felt that Stevie Gee,himself,  was nothing more than a ‘Red’ Squirrel to soothe the Ibrox faithful. Indeed, Stevie has the loveable creatures running about his nearby ample acres.
If you should want to see some of his finest moments as a football player have a look at YouTube and search for ‘Steven Gerrard Dives’. 
Training drills at Auchenhowie should be fun.

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
I’m having a great day today.
Not only is it my grandson’s 2nd birthday but 2 minutes after the SC announcement, thanks to modern technology, I was aware of the decision as I sat here in sunny SW France.
Since then I’ve been humming a popular local ditty along the lines of
Allons bampots de l’internet, le jour de gloire est arrivé’
However, as others have said, also in my mind are those no longer with us to witness this day. We know who they are and they’re in our thoughts.
Anyway, cold beer beckons.
to paraphrase yet again, if Kronenbourg did weeks……… 😀😀

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
perhaps that was before Police Scotland had a word outside.
As I said, he wasnt in court when I was there. No doubt JC will enlighten us about today.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
I see that Señor James in his latest blog is claiming that ‘Hallowe’en Houston’ has attended court everyday thus far and is to be found in the public gallery.
I can only comment on last Friday when I spent the day in court 4 and can state categorically that he most certainly was NOT there at ANY time.
Perhaps JC can comment later about his presence, or lack of it, today.
IIRC, there was a report that he was spoken to at the beginning in the vicinity of the court following a complaint about his behaviour. Perhaps he decided to stay away after this. In my opinion, as they say.
Having read Mr D’s excellent tweets today re Mr Withy’s evidence in chief, I’m sure The Donald will be eager to cross examine once the AD has finished his line of questioning.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
As you say “at least the jury have heard the exchange in full”.
That’s exactly what it’s all about. They get to hear not just the words but the way they are delivered.
I also agree that there should be no knocking of James and his tweets. He’s doing a great job under all the circumstances.
As regards the Liberty Capital letter, the jury  DID get a sight of it.
It was put up in full on TV screens around the court and they will also have copies of it.
No stone unturned etc 
Oh, and by the way, the Donald said, when McGill mentioned the word ‘King’, words to the effect that we shouldn’t worry as he’d be coming to him in due course.
If any of you guys can make it along there, I’d highly recommend it ( welcome back JC 🙂)

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