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    If I may reply to FinnMcCool on behalf of those who have fallen foul of the 5-min edit – writing it in notepad doesn’t work 100% as the paragraph spacing doesn’t translate as it looks – you can put double returns in and that should work but it doesn’t always and the changing of para breaks can change the emphasis of what’s written.

    As regards the “We Deserve Better” campaign – jeezlouise, where to start? Firstly no, you don’t – to quote that existential philosopher Leigh Griffiths “yer club’s deid mate”, and it does on your watch.

    The writing was on the wall to see and the warnings were shouted out loud (regardless of source) but you did too little too late.

    Prospective buyers from overseas were ridden out of town on a rail. Even when you got an actual UK billionaire you chased him out of town, until you got enough RRM to blow “Surrendering No” smoke up your collectives to meet a quorum (Latin for concert party?) 

    Their talk of being “back where you belonged” resonated with your misguided sense of entitlement and you happily bought season tickets pumping more of your money into Frankenstein-like “clumpany*” cobbled together from body parts from the previous club and some brand new bits, all the time that Green was filling his boots and King was sitting in Joburg paying for a team with other people’s money. The model wasn’t fixed, he’ll it wasn’t even tweaked – we WILL spend more than we can afford and we WILL get into Europe and we WILL get the case we need to bail us out because “we are Rangers (sic) and that’s our right!” This despite the fact it didn’t even work before…

    I do feel sorry for the silent majority of Rangers fans who aren’t swayed by “tangerine” tops and songs about Irish blood, but you only have two choices – live within your means or go bust again. Maybe not this year, maybe not next, but you will go bust again and mark my words, the powers that be will not be able to obfuscate your way back again…

    In summary – you are getting entirely what you deserve and will cnever nynue to do so unless you change your model and your mindset.

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    Is it time for the Sin Bin?
    Clock’s ticking John…

    Is it time for the Sin Bin?
    Case in point re. edits – went underground on the tube seconds before hitting the edit/send….”In summary – you are getting entirely what you deserve and will continue to do so unless you change your model and your mindset.”also *copyright The Clumpany

    Is it time for the Sin Bin?
    SlimJim April 17, 10:08

    Not banned? So he could attend press briefings even after his press privileges were withdrawn?? Or shall we be clear that he was excluded from the normal privileges associated with his job and what is required of him to do that job effectively.

    A journalist with a pre-set agenda?!? Heaven forfend! Or is that known as running with a story? Surely investigating and asking questions to ensure they have the facts correct is journalistic best practice?

    And if there were no arrests/ejections because there was no sectarian singing then happy days surely? Why wouldn’t that be answered? Shout it from the rooftops!

    Or were there no arrests or ejections but there WAS sectarian singing, in full defiance of the now defunct Offensive Behaviour at Football Act but which was then the law of the land? That’d be a story wouldn’t it? But not one showing the fans of the team (currently) at Ibrox in a very good light… so maybe bury the facts and obstruct the journalist?

    But he could have bought a ticket? That’s mighty nice of them and I’d suggest only what the law demands, but that doesn’t solve his being “banned” – and let’s be clear that he was, as I understand it, excluded individually from Rangers organised press-events his peers and competitors had access to.

    Unless of course, you know different…after all you seem to be aware of “many occasions” in which this journalist wrote the story he (and his editor) saw fit to publish.

    Oh for the days of succulent Minty lamb and a cellar-full of the finest reds, eh? Would have been a lot easier to manage the press back then (hypothetically-speaking of course…).

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    Dear Mr Bankier
    Dunderheid 10th December 2018 at 14:57

    It's a funny old game. Cruz Azul managed by Caixinha on the brink of a wee bit of history. (See: http://www.tablesleague.com/teams/cruz_azul1/)

    Was in Cuba for 2 weeks holiday (I know, you were all wondering where I was…) – lousy web access but wall to wall Pedro interviews. Though it does look like CF America are the form team… Good luck Pedro.

    As for the recent racism shown to Scott Sinclair, the traditional silence from the SP(F)L on contentious matters is in stark contrast to the authorities' backing given to Raheem Sterling in light of recent racial abuse. Plus ca change.

    Stevie G – The Real Deal?
    On the reading of what is or isn’t acceptable behaviour – ironically what they are doing is an effort to avoid liability. By stating loud and clear what the club (and or ethereal etc) deems as acceptable, anyone acting outside of that is going against the direct instruction of said club and therefore brings any punishment on themselves. Not dissimilar to many places of work where there is diversity/respect training. If the company says don’t do it and trains you not to do it, you’re on your own when there is a problem. See Messrs Weinstein; Green

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Cluster One22nd September 2018 at 07:28  

    John Clark 22nd September 2018 at 00:36
    The European governing body also announced that proceedings over a separate kit infringement offence had been closed. That charge was a minor issue relating to the display of their sponsor’s logo on substitutes’ bibs, which is prohibited in UEFA’s regulations.

    UEFA will soon start to learn that letting one thing slide with a football club playing out of Ibrox soon becomes 2 then 4 then 16…

    As for the suggestion that we swop refs with the English – god no! I get enough grief about Scottish football down here without then seeing how lousy our actually refs are…

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    StevieBC 16th September 2018 at 02:33  

    IMO, the SFA as a national organisation should simply forget the past.

    The current footy fans across the country know our place: we are p!sh.  20 years of non-qualification to Finals is clear evidence.

    The ROI, Wales, Iceland, Crotia, etc. have moved forward.

    The Scotland national team has regressed.  Nobody, IMO, expects Scotland to qualify in the near/medium term.

    Do us Scottish football fans – and youngsters – deserve this?

    To state the bleedin' obvious: there is something fundamentally lacking at Hampden.

    And to further state the bleedin' obvious: kids today have many more leisure activities to pursue.

    Playing for – or supporting – a local footy team on a miserable, winter Saturday afternoon is a probably ever less appealing option.

    Will the SFA save – and develop – Scottish football?

    As a footy playing obsessive in the 80's/90's I know that the SFA is an incompetent, lazy, insular, old boys' organisation.

    If I had boys, I would encourage them to play any sport in Scotland – except football.

    Which is a distressing thing to write.

    If you will permit the comparison with the non-round football game, Will Carling, then captain and darling of English Rugby called out "the old farts in blazers" back in the 90s for being stuck in the past and this phrase has now entered the lexicon of sport as a shorthand for administrators more concerned with "old school ties" (or maybe in Scotland, the knowledge of handshakes?) and preserving their place in the game than the good of the game itself.

    Similarly rugby union in Ireland kind of lucked out that their league structure very much lent itself to the professional and national set-up required for the modern era – it's taken Scottish Rugby a lost generation to impose something that could be considered fit for purpose. As you say, Irish soccer has punched above it's weight I'd say, especially considering the number of great athletes choosing to play Gaelic sports. Norn Iron certainly punched above theirs!  These footballing nations have the same issues with computer games and alcohol that have been used to excuse Scotland's poor track record over the past couple of decades(!), so it's not that.

    And sure it can be tracked back to teachers' strikes way back when or other individual issues like that, but Iceland has transformed it's youth culture and by extension its footballing heritage by pumping money into facilities and coaches.

    From Wiki:

    The initiative bore its first fruit in 2000, when KSí ( Football Association of Iceland) built the first of a series of domed football facilities known as "football houses" in Keflavík near the country's main international airport. Eventually, a total of 15 football houses were commissioned, some with full-sized pitches and others with half-size pitches, with these facilities supplemented by more than 20 full-sized outdoor artificial pitches and over 100 smaller artificial pitches throughout the country. All children's schools in the country now have at least a five-a-side football pitch on their premises. Additionally, all of the football houses are publicly owned, making access easier and much less expensive than comparable facilities in many other countries.

    At the same time, KSí invested heavily in training of coaches, starting a regular program designed to equip coaches with UEFA "A" and "B" licenses. The association chose to conduct all courses at its headquarters in Reykjavík, and deliberately chose not to make a profit off the courses, reducing costs for participants. By January 2016, more than 180 Icelandic coaches held an A license and nearly 600 held a B license; an additional 13 held UEFA's highest Pro license. This translates to about one in every 500 Icelanders being a UEFA-qualified coach. By contrast, the corresponding ratio in England is about 1 in 10,000. Many top clubs in the country have B-licensed and even A-licensed coaches overseeing children as young as age 6. Every UEFA-licensed coach in the country has a paid coaching position, although only a small number receive a full-time salary.

    Who in Scotland will show the same vision? Instead we get throwbacks to the "glory days" (sic) of the 80s – the fall-back position is appointing someone like McLeish – and even with expectations incredibly low, we still consistently fail to meet them. A nationwide malaise is I think all the legacy of the current SFA…


    IMO the only way forward is to get a root and branch review by some folk from the Bundesliga and the KSI and implement it.

    JPP: Perverting Justice?
    Cluster One 16th September 2018 at 22:00

    "What the feck did they do with all that money (they) gained as an EBT recipient…" – spent it on booze and women, the rest they just wasted, is always the "Best" response…