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    Is it time for the Sin Bin?
    What pisses me off is Brendan Rodgers saying it will take something “extraordinary” to lure him away from Celtic.
    I would just say, “No”. It’s an easy word to say.
    I’m a black or white guy. Say “no”, without any equivocation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind whatever, or feck off. (And yes, I have said those words before).
    It reminds me of McInnes when sevco were after him and he would not commit to Aberdeen.

    Is it time for the Sin Bin?
    With regard to shirt sales If we assume 120k shirt sales (based on inter Milan selling 200k units)
    120,000 shirt sales @ £55 = £6.6 million @ 12% NPM = £792k. I don’t know what the spit would be re Hummel/sevco, but sponsorship would probably not be part of the deal.
    Hummel’s NPM on sales of $87m and net income of $7.7m is a margin of 9.2%.
    Sevco does not have much of a market for shirt sales outside of Scotland.
    I don’t know what other merchandise Hummel can do (Towels, cups etc etc) but it could be an attractive deal for Hummel overall.
    Merchandising and retailing will be the biggest unknowns but not an insurmountable problem. I’m sure some retailers could be found in Glasgow assuming that SD wasn’t used.
    Sevco may have a problem with unsold stock from the SD deal. 
    It’s probably about the best deal sevco could get given that King managed to piss off every other shirt manufacturer of note.

    Is it time for the Sin Bin?
    Is this the Hummel with just over 120 staff and a turnover of 80 million Euro?
    I would politely suggest that this is where you end up when you piss off Puma.
    Would Sports Direct still be handling the merchandising?
    IMHO, the chance to make any real profits from kit sales and sponsorship is totally FUBAR.
    This is the most amateurish, dysfunctional and inept Board of Directors I have ever seen in 35 years of international business experience.
    This is what happens when hubris replaces financial acumen in a business.

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    Fantastic Voyage ..
    No other National Football Association in UEFA has asked for a rule clarification. Should Ajer have been sent off for trying to put the hip into McGregor's boot?

    Displacement (psychology) In Freudianpsychologydisplacement (German: Verschiebung, "shift, move") is an unconscious defence mechanism whereby the mind substitutes either a new aim or a new object for goals felt in their original form to be dangerous or unacceptable.

    Sums up the pathetic numbskulls at Hampden.


    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Ex Ludo

    An interesting idea by Sanders. Especially for the USA which has no universal health care system and 40 million people living in abject poverty. 

    Apple is the company I detest the most. I would like to know the mark up for an £800 quid phone made in China from mass produced parts built by what is essentially, slave labour.

    Apple has a cash pile of $285 billion sitting around doing nothing. Amazon cash and cash equivalents has $30 billion.. Over a trillion dollars is sat doing nothing in the USA top companies.

    This is dead cash which could be used as a benefit for citizens and a nations infrastructure. And is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Well that's opened a can of worms.

    Income tax amounts to only 25% of all tax receipts by HMRC.

    VAT 18%. NI 19%. Corporation 8%. Property 9%. Fuel a whopping 4%.

    The richest 1% is classed as those earning above £164k and they pay 27% of all income tax. And that figure is growing.

    Easyjambo mentions Amazon etc. They are high turnover low margin businesses. We get low prices, they get high turnover but ultimately pay less tax. But at least they contribute to the wealth of society.

    I would suggest that where our angst lies is the richest 0.1%. They have capital in excess of £100 million tucked away in Swiss bank accounts. It is essentially dead money. It does no one any good. It is not invested, it creates no wealth for the country and it it is not used by the people that own it. Most of the world's wealth is totally useless as is.

    But this could be changed by allowing governments access to this capital via the banking system. Individuals could still make a profit on their wealth whilst their capital is used for the common good.

    Land tax is perhaps the biggest swindle in a nation states income.. Large areas of land are owned by corporations/individuals who do not pay for that ownership.

    My view is that you may "own" the land but you are actually leasing the land from the nation.

    The dead capital amounts to trillions. Murray, king et al are just self serving shysters.


    Fantastic Voyage ..
    John Clark

    Many thanks for getting the blog on track. laugh

    The institutional bias favouring one club above all others remains in our sporting bodies.

    Despite numerous statements putting the game into disrepute and insinuating that members of the board of the SPFL have a conflict of interest (LMFAO)..despite statements from the "manager" of a certain club, with absolutely no historical knowledge of Scottish football, pontificating that his club has suffered from years of bad decisions (again LMFAO)..no actions have been taken against sevco.

    The SFA and SPFL are unfit for purpose on so many levels. The game in Scotland is thriving in spite of them. Not because of them.



    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    Nice one!
    For 2 years, Ogilvie was a Director of RFC and Treasurer of the SFA. (June 2003 – September 2005)- If that’s not a conflict of interests, I don’t know what is! Whilst at the SFA he took an £80k EBT when he “left” Rangers. I thought you had to fill in forms and apply for a “loan”. Ergo, knowledge of the scheme, how it was ran and the procedures required to get your dosh.
    When you sell your soul to the devil, he has your pecker in his pocket.