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StevieBC your post above on the judgement of great players …

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StevieBC your post above on the judgement of great players was wonderful I thought. Astute summation of the extra significance given to World Cup achievement. In fact of the top ten referred to you could probably split it into the top two, Maradona (in my opinion the greatest ever) and Pele, who were very influential in their respective World Cup wins, and the rest of the top ten who don’t have World Cup wins to add to their “greatest ever” claims. I personally would already have Messi in the top ten ever, his club stats at the highest level over the last five years or so are beyond comparison with almost anyone else in history, but should he deliver a standout performance in Sunday’s final and deliver the World Cup to Argentina, I think the argument about the greatest ever all of a sudden becomes a three way duel between Maradona, Pele and Messi. I agree with you therefore that the ultimate criteria people will refer to in considering the greatness of a player must include World Cup success for ultimate recognition.

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Incorruptible FIFA World Cup Thread
John Clark- glad it’s not only me! Can’t wait to face the champs, but I have this wearily predictable feeling that we will give a “gutsy” performance but lose 1-0. Away. At home we will obviously start brightly and lose 4-1. Thing is, if we beat the rest of the teams those results will be absolutely fine…will we? Hopefully. Last few results have been good, and a lot of teams at this World Cup have shown that you can have success with a well organised, tactically aware team who may not have the most individually talented players. Hopefully lessons are being learned. Strachan seems a fairly switched on man so I have some faith at this point.

Incorruptible FIFA World Cup Thread
Great tournament, deserved winners, good not great final. I am now trying to proceed as quickly as possible through the recognised stages of grief now that the World Cup is over, as the hole in my life now feels too big to bear! And the thought of going back to club football just feels…less good. I don’t even mean Rangers / Scottish football / English football / Champions League, club football just feels less prestigious to me at this moment in time.

Incorruptible FIFA World Cup Thread
To add to that though, Bam Potter, your points about the luck of the draw regarding timing and place of birth are entirely valid. It’s not really fair for the likes of George Best that they are almost excluded from true greatness by the circumstances of their birth.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?

As Allyjambo alluded to, I think we’re screwed. The management in place at Board level at Ibrox is nothing but an utter embarrassment on an ongoing basis, and the statements being fired out left right and centre are humiliating. 

I do do think the appointment of Mr Gerrard is an ambitious one that certainly captured my imagination, if nothing else he should have the respect of the players and hopefully we won’t have them acting up as much as in recent years. But even if he manages to turn out a winning side (games, unlikely trophies will be winnable for the foreseeable) I just fear that would bring out the worst in the Board. Oh look we’ve won a few games, let’s chuck millions more into it. That kind of thinking. Which would just make a bad situation worse. 

So so team wise I’m quite excited to see what happens in the immediate future. Off the pitch it continues to be farcical, humiliating and quite frankly I don’t understand why nobody either within Rangers or at the SFA has told Dave King to shut his unbearable mouth. 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
There were a huge number of posters claiming Steven Gerrard would not actually take up the post as Rangers manager. Now that he has, have any of you changed your minds regarding why he is involved? 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Easyjambo – thanks, a very interesting reply. I deliberately chose Dundee United in my question to Wottpi because I know it is not the club he supports. The reason for my question was because people are asking what do Rangers (a club most posters in question do not support) provide to the Scottish game, therefore I was interested in what other clubs provide to the game that Rangers do not.

Allyjambo – that was basically my point. If Rangers had been found out early doors, made to pay up and rapped firmly on the knuckles, they wouldn’t have folded. They wouldn’t have won as many titles, sure, but would have remained solvent. Possibly. 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Also BigBoab1916 I just noticed this gem:

”Lawman, DBD,SlimJim and RG grow up FFS, death is a natrual processs inthe circle of life.”

I notice I am in there. Would you care to justify this please? As it seems you are slandering me with absolutely no just cause whatsoever. 

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Constructive point BigBoab1916. Pathetic, subservient, gullible. Quite insulting really. Are you just here to call us names?

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