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“And to become a true great of the game – …

Comment on Incorruptible FIFA World Cup Thread by Bam Potter.

“And to become a true great of the game – IMO – he needs at least one WC win.”

I disagree. As they’re held only once every four years, World Cup wins are as much about birthplace and timing as about individual ability. Consider the likes of the three Georges Best, Hagi, and Weah, all of whom were genuinely among the very best players in the world in their respective heydays but by the accident of birth never had any chance of getting near to a World Cup win.

Cruijff, Di Stefano, Eusébio, and Puskás are considered four of probably the top ten players of all time, but between them never won a World Cup. They’re still legendary players, and very much true greats of the game.

If Argentina don’t win a World Cup during Messi’s playing career it won’t, to me, in any way diminish the one truly great player in their squad.

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SFM – The Next Steps
senior @ 12.43pm:

Ian Baraclough gave me, via my uncle (his father-in-law), a ticket to the first-ever senior football match I attended, in 1994 at Field Mill, Mansfield. My uncle, grandfather, father and I watched from the rickety wooden seats as Mansfield Town defeated Doncaster Rovers 3-2. That game, in the then-Third Division had me hooked. It’s the only match I ever attended with my late grandfather, and a cherished memory.

We met up with him in the players’ lounge after the game. Totally down-to-earth, yet optimistic almost to a fault, I’m delighted to see him managing in Scotland, and looking forward to following their exploits – along with (I can barely believe I’m typing this) attending some European games featuring my local side I.C.T. – next season.

It’s an odd feeling, being genuinely excited about a Scottish football season. I haven’t felt this way since the Clyde of Hutton, McGowan, Malone, Higgins, McKeown, McGregor, McHale, Bryson, Masterton, O’Donnell, Brighton, Arbuckle, and yes even Alex Williams and Roddy Hunter were competing at the top end of the First Division.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Tincks @ 9.17pm:

“You’d think that with the world’s most expensive gardener (£750k pa) th pitch would hhave been in better shape.”

Aye, but the six yard boxes were immaculate. Always was the only place he was any use.

(I jest, of course. I recall one superb strike for Scotland against Switzerland in Euro ’96 that he struck superbly from comfortably outside the area.)

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
Danish: Simply, to control what happens to the assets when they are liquidated.

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?
ianagain @ 7.18pm:

Good for them. I’m a new-found fan of your lot, as your new boss is my cousin’s husband. Delighted to see Ian get two positive results in his first two proper games in charge. Here’s to many, many more.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Bawsman @ 12.11pm:

“Did I miss it?”

Assuming you mean the first-team talent produced by the Rangers youth system around five years after the article in question:

Among others Andrew Little (now Preston North End), Gregg Wylde (St. Mirren), Jordan McMillan (Partick Thistle), Danny Wilson (Hearts, after a spell at Liverpool), Kyle Hutton (Rangers Redux), and Jamie Ness (Stoke City, on loan at Crewe Alexandra) all came through between 2009 and 2010 and are still professionals at a high level, with 17-year-old Andrew Shinnie (starred for Inverness C.T., now at Birmingham City) and 16-year-old John Fleck (Coventry City) coming through just before them from pretty much the same year group.

It’s not a who’s who of top-class internationals, but as youth teams go it’s pretty decent. Who knows what they could have become with a greater club focus on youth development?

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