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    “Old Firm”

    Maybe I am a bit paranoid but with Celtic to play the SFA,s favourite team twice in the next month you watch who uses the term most often over the next few weeks.

    The BBC and the majority of the so called journalists will use the term deliberately as they are well aware the vast majority of Celtic fans will not use the term.

    I have been told certain people at the BBC have bet on how many times they can use the term in a given program.

    My criticism of the Celtic PLC is based on the fact board members (Peter Lawwell as an example)are saying one thing but acting very differently demonstrated by their handling of the trademark issue and Resolution 12.

    We need the truth not platitudes when these questions are ask at the forthcoming AGM.

    All supporters should challenge their own clubs, when they see something wrong, or we could be as bad as the govan crew 1872/73.

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    In Whose Interests
    “OLD FIRM”

    As with Resolution 12 the document is evidence that the Celtic board are/have been misleading supporters and shareholders.

    Who and Why

    In Whose Interests


    In Whose Interests
    Old Firm trade mark

    22 November 2018
    Recordal registration. Recordal type: Change owner details
    Change of owner details has been recorded due to recordal RC000116100 received on date 30/10/2018; owner(s) Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),Sevco Scotland Limited (id: 613831) has been updated to owner(s): Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706),The Rangers Football Club Limited (id: 613862)

    Anyone with expertise in this area have any idea why the Celtic board would be involved in this. Like the sevco reference.
    2nd attempt

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    This proves Celtic Board are in cahoots with them….SECVCO/NEWCO

    from the trademarks website.

    22 November 2018
    Recordal registration. Recordal type: Full assignment
    Full Assignment RC000115952 received on date 30/10/2018 has been recorded, resulting to the change of ownership from Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706, country: GB),The Rangers Football Club plc (id: 613657, country: GB) to Celtic F.C.Limited (id: 218706, country: GB),Sevco Scotland Limited (id: 613831, country: GB). The effective date of assignment is 14/06/2012.

    Really sorry this was not raised at Celtic AGM

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Thank you John Clarke 1826

    Not only is this what I think but it is what I feel. Which means nothing in this scenario but does to many.

    Support resolution 12 and say no to corruption and collusion in Scottish football.

    thanks again