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    JC. I ignored the protocols and emailed the CEO, andrew.bailey@fca.org.uk. 

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    In Whose Interests
    I see John James is suggesting a crowdfunded judicial review of Doncaster’s conferring of old Rangers’ titles on the new Ibrox club. Feel sure folks on here will have considered already (?) but worth a punt ?

    In Whose Interests
    Someone on here mentioned having trouble getting info out of the FCA. Doubt anything will come of it, but worth sharing the response I just received:

    Thank you for your complaint of 23 October 2019 regarding Rangers International Football Club plc (the Company). We have noted your concerns around the Company’s conduct in regard to the prospectus used for its admission to AIM in 2012.


    This matter has been passed to the Market Integrity Unit in the Market Oversight Directorate (MO) of the FCA.  MO is responsible, among other things, for monitoring issuers’ compliance with the FCA’s Prospectus Rules and Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules.


    We are reviewing the issues that you have brought to our attention with a view to determining whether it is appropriate for us to exercise any of our statutory powers. As part of such reviews we may use the information gathering powers available to us to seek further information from the subjects of the enquiry and reach out to other agencies as appropriate.


    Once we have completed our review, we will consider whether it is appropriate for the FCA to launch a formal investigation via its Enforcement Division, whether some other form of intervention is required or whether the case should be closed with no action. In particular, an important part of our consideration is the potential seriousness of the misconduct.

    In Whose Interests
    Does anyone have any knowledge re. when we’ll hear about the Sports Direct court case quantum and payment plan ?

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