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    StevieBC 6th November 2019 at 22:23 Well, it's taken the SMSM 5 full days… but at last they've sourced an expert to share their opinion on the RIFC financials. Internet Bampots might want to sit down for this explosive, Scottish Sun headline; ======= "IBROX WARNING Rangers could end up in financial turmoil like 2012 if King stops bankrolling club, says footie finance expert" https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4922995/chris-brady-rangers-dave-king-finance-expert/ ========

    Give the media a chance, Stevie. How long do you think it would take you, or any one of us, to come up with a way of spinning RIFC/TRFC's accounts as a positive for the man who's leadership has cost them so many millions?

    It's still sh*t, of course, but spare a thought for a poor hack who's been waiting for five whole days for a dump..!

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    In Whose Interests
    While I prefer to leave direct criticism of non-cheating clubs and/or their successors to supporters of those non-cheating clubs, I'd just like to say how noticeable, and so Sevco supporter like, the plethora of TDs is to posts critical of the Celtic board when gauged against the number of posts (currently zero) challenging anyone posting said criticism. By all means give any post you disagree with a TD if you want, but at least have the guts to justify your TD with a post challenging the poster directly and setting out a counter argument, or just your own thoughts on why such criticism of your club might be wrong.

    We have all been fulsome in our praise, and indeed admiration, for the Resolution 12 guys, so these unsupported TDs for criticism of the very board so obviously blocking its progress are quite strange, to say the least. In fact, this obvious dislike of posts critical, not of Celtic FC itself, but of its board, is so typical of how those not protective of our game's integrity are getting away with it time and time again. It is, I think, an example of the 'tribalism' that those running our game take advantage of to run roughshod over all that they should be respecting, including us, the people who keep the game, and their cushy number, alive.

    A TD without a counter argument is so Morelos like in its fly kick and hide behind the petted lip style.

    PS I do acknowledge there are times when someone will come on and post something that is deserving of nothing more than a TD when to respond would not be in the best interest of the blog, or our sanity.

    In Whose Interests
    upthehoops 5th November 2019 at 19:47 Allyjambo 5th November 2019 at 17:14 ——————————— Wouldn't a pre-pack mean a 15 point deduction in the league, expulsion from Europe, and quite probably a mutiny from the fans?


    Unless the SFA prove to be even more dishonest than they've previously been, any form of administration for TRFC would mean a 15 point deduction and, I think it is, a 2 years ban from UEFA competitions. The second penalty being a bigger financial impediment than the first, I am sure. 


    In Whose Interests
    Timtim 5th November 2019 at 18:18 @AJ 17.14 I don't think a pre pack is viable , Close have security for their loan and as you mention the footballing debts of 24m would still have to be honoured , not sure what the situation would be with Ashley or even if it would rid them of his retail contract so the debt it would be able to write off would be minimal . They have ran up the wrong type of debt , loans from themselves and to other clubs. Even liquidation may not help with a R3ngers* as to get a licence those pesky football debts would have to be honoured . They have also ran out of Real Rangers* men , who's left to step up that the fans will accept ? They really are between a rock and a hard place , they are dependent on King keeping his word and selling a Galactico for silly money .


    Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting that a pre-pack* would be successful (I think that was Whyte's plan and we know how that worked out) I was merely putting it forward as a best case (for TRFC) scenario and pointing out that, even in that best case scenario, there was still a major impediment (football debts) and asking if anyone knew, because the court case hadn't yet delivered a final judgement, if any financial penalty payable to SDI would remain to be paid by RIFC/TRFC post administration. I do think that the football debts scenario, alone, could act as a major impediment to any sort of successful administration unless that long lost sugar daddy is waiting in the wings.

    *I'm referring to a pre-pack because any other administration would require a CVA and, unless he wants to either take over TRFC or set up a great merchandising deal for SDI, I doubt Ashley would allow it to be successful.

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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    StevieBCStevieBC 26th August 2019 at 17:03

    naegreetin 26th August 2019 at 19:40


    A very good point there from Stevie about the media coverage of a major event and a huge disgrace to our game. But it comes as no surprise, and while it may be that the boardrooms of all clubs are somewhat complicit by not instructing the SFA and SPFL to take action (though we don't know that no efforts have been made by any or a number of clubs and slapped down), nothing, absolutely nothing, excuses the media for their failure to demand a statement and action from the governing bodies.

    As to them not doorstepping those silent governors, or seeking to get an inside story on this hugely significant event, remember how when Hearts were struggling to meet players' wages they didn't shy away from asking the awkward questions and finding a mole.

    Hearts were not the first football club to fall into financial distress, and won't be the last, but their story falls into insignificance against this first ever meaningful punishment meted out to a club that's been guilty of such a heinous offence for over 100 years.

    Such a story should have the media salivating and camped outside both Ibrox and Hampden while in the meantime getting quotes from all and sundry connected past and present with both Ibrox clubs. 

    It is their job (the media) after all.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    My thanks to JC and EJ for again providing us with a much more trustworthy court report than we could ever get from the SMSM.

    I do wonder if any of Scotland's media reporters would ever think to caution their readers to defer from making judgements before the defenders case has been put, in the way JC did in his report! I could well imagine a mainstream report as detailed as the combined efforts of our guys leading to a flood of online comments condemning the police officers involved as though the evidence provided to date was conclusive.

    I have to admit that until reaching John's well made caution I was about to post something that could have been made to look rather stupid (not unusual in itself) by today's proceedings. So thanks for that, John.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    LUGOSI & uth,

    I'll be very much surprised if we hear anything soon about whether or not the legal costs are paid, unless Big Mike has to slap an injunction on them. While I'm sure King would do everything in his power to delay payment, I very much doubt those directors who are on the line for this will, if the money is available, allow any delay, whatsoever. 

    And as uth says, the club must surely have the cash splashing around from their Euro progress, and I'm sure they will be using it like water to put out the fires that seem to continuously break out at Ibrox.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    I know that to many, David Murray was a bit of a god, but his use of the word 'perhaps' somehow mitigating Rangers use of EBTs to something less than cheating…Naw, not even the thickest of bears could possibly imagine that. Surely?

    I mean, 'perhaps I pulled the trigger' doesn't quite work as suggesting the accused is in someway innocent of murder, does it?

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Cluster One & Easyjambo

    I think CO's acquaintance/friend may be trying to infer that 'perhaps' Rangers didn't cheat the whole of Scottish football, while at the same time, cheating Her Majesty's Treasury.

    We here all know that, regardless of any nuances the supporters of a cheating club might try to use, Rangers Football Club cheated the f**k out of Scottish football, beyond any reasonable doubt. And the more they try to claim otherwise, the more each and every supporter of that dead, and deservedly dead, club deserves the fate that befell them.

    Liars and cheats will always continue to lie and cheat. It's in their DNA. They wouldn't do it in the first place if it wasn't.

    Allyjambo again climbs down off his soapbox…