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    My Friend Dave

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    In Whose Interests

    I think it would probably be more trouble than it's worth and in general I don't think it's an issue it was only on a relatively few posts that I was questioning what was going on and could be down to one individual with nothing better to do . I was merely bringing the ability to manipulate to peoples attention so they didn't take a flurry of thumbs down personally.

    In Whose Interests
    To prove the point I have just issued myself 10 thumbs up in under 5 minutes (I will stop now) 

    In Whose Interests
    "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole worldbut loses his soul?"  something Peter Lawell should reflect on . The soul of any club is its fanbase and sporting integrity is the quality test of its achievements . Without a Rangers* there may well be a drop in attendances at Celtic Park but to deliberately sacrifice sporting integrity to accommodate a rival who happily cheats will lead to a total boycott and rightly so . Sometimes you just can't have your cake and eat it. Sometimes hard choices have to be made and doing the right thing is in the long term more important than doing what is more profitable in the short term. As for the thumbs down -thumbs up , it is if one wants to manipulate a relatively easy thing to do and give the impression of support or disdain for any particular post and I have noticed recently on one or two specific posts an irregular pattern so take the thumbs with a pinch of salt , a comment for or against carries more weight.

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    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    I think you are probably right Ex L ,for one he shouldn't need the compensation money and 2 if he did it may be a bill too far for King to manage. He has a reputation he would want to protect and although the SMSM would ravage him on Kings' instruction their English counterparts would come to his aid. His backroom team may not be so fortunate to have that choice and may have to stick it out . I suspect Gary McAllister would step up rather than step out ,but we have seen this movie before.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    "How are Rangers* paying for this?"  The short answer is they're not ,tis the mug punter who will have his pockets shaken but King who will step up to take the plaudits if it pays off. Going to the casino with other peoples money then declaring yourself a genius if the ball does land on 55* is as glib and shameless as it comes.Charging 99p to watch an interview with a player that's been bought with a massive increase in ticket prices takes a special kind of arrogance. I can almost guarantee Kent will be subject to mysterious overseas bids upwards of 20m by the time the January window opens. If  the teams in 4th and 5th can prevail over the teams in 11th and 12th and 3rd place Livi can win at Ibrox in the next round of games then Gerrard will find himself in 5th spot after 5 games and 6 pts adrift of Celtic (if they can beat Hamilton) . Is that stretching the imagination too far ? I don't think so . The honeymoon period is over for Gerrard and he was given far longer than the previous managers , they simply have to live up to the hype now which considering the level5 of hype won't be easy. 

    As for Mark Allens' claim of being on a sound financial footing the often misquoted words of Mandy Rice Davies " well he would say that wouldn't he" would seem an appropriate response. It does tend to contradict the claims made in court about struggling to pay Ashley anything over 1m  and the earlier claim about the impecunious Chairman, the same Chairman who had guaranteed the auditors he would fund any shortfall. 

    "We can't jail 50k people" an excuse used to allow the continuation of the sash bash at Ibrox by the blazers. Uefa have however shown exactly what does work . Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel , no hiding places now. 


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    I see Rangers* have decided not to take tickets for their next foray into Europe.What message are they sending? That they are self disciplining and take these matters seriously, determined to stamp out the racist element that follow them or are they acknowledging those same supporters cannot be trusted to behave when abroad? For any prospective investor it must be clear that the most lucrative part of that operation is in serious jeopardy . Stadium closures, fines and ultimately expulsion from the European honey pot is catastrophic for anyone hoping for a return on investment.

    I am also puzzled at why racist singing was reported in Gibraltar and Poland but was absent in Denmark and Luxembourg . If the uefa observer was as stated former referees from Scotland then I think we have identified another problem. It would be interesting to see if Fare noticed anything untoward .

    You know things are getting desperate when Paul Gascoigne is wheeled out to lecture fans on behaviour issues . He has pleaded with them to drop the chants for the upcoming game against Celtic . What then Mr Gascoigne? Business as usual ? He is currently on standby with a fishing rod and a Family size bucket of Kentucky fried chicken. 

    Bad Money?
    I cannot think of any reason other than FFP that would have made King convert his debt to equity . The numbers that EJ has laid out are staggering , even after all this expense they are still in a potentially catastrophic situation .  

    Bad Money?
    Would any sane businessman (or woman) buy this operation with the history of characters that have been involved? Who knows what onerous contracts lie under the bonnet . The retail one that we do know of is toxic enough and I doubt Ashley will release his grip just because King has departed. The stadium issues are shrouded in mystery as regards claims on the title not to mention the hinted at roof problems (all gone quiet on that one) asbestos in the main stand and the rebars that seem to be holding it together . It is very interesting to note that King has not traded his debt for equity , where it puts him in the queue if there is an admin I'm not sure but getting something must be better than holding worthless shares in a bankrupt company. If significant revenue isnt brought in via the transfer market and/or they fail to make the Europa Group stage then things could worsen rapidly

    Transfer window closes EPL- August 8 ECL- August 6 Spain, France +Germany -Sept 2 Italy-August 18 MLS- 7 August Portugal- September 22 – SPL -Sept 2

    Aug 8/15  Europa 3rd stage – Aug 22/29 Europa 4th stage

    further diary dates are Aug 16th for the 450k payment and Sept 23 for decision on damage amount. I don't know how things will pan out but I do know that if I was a creditor I would want my money asap.