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    Very much appreciate the gift. Received with thanks. However we get invoiced for any support needs in July and January so we can amend our biannual fund-raising targets.
    You have reminded me though that I need to get Tris to campaign to encourage monthly PayPal or Standing Order subscriptions. We’ve lost a lot this year – through battle fatigue I guess 🙁

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    In Whose Interests
    I agree. A new post now up

    In Whose Interests
    Ex Ludo
    I don’t know if there are any conclusions to be drawn over the IP situation. Perhaps John C has it right on the marketing angle. It may well be that Celtic take the view that being involved in the ownership of the brand allows them to marginalise its use. It may also be that I’m being too kind to the Celtic board. John’s wider point though, and your’s is correct. Celtic are driven by self interest, or what they see as self interest, as demonstrated by their avoidance and delay tactics on the Res12 issue, and running interference on any attempt to shine a light on the darkness of the 5WA (of which they were aware), and the efforts being made by fans to hold power to some kind of accountability.

    On field success has immunised them thus far, but they are not out of the woods yet. The perfect storm is brewing; a hostile rejection of Res 12 at the AGM followed by NIAR hitting the buffers will be the mother of all reality checks. Unlikely perhaps, but not the stuff of fantasy that it appeared to be only a few months ago.

    In Whose Interests
    The DDos attack against the site goes on. Started last Monday just after lunch and has persisted every day since. Yesterday was the worst of it so far. Sadly there is little we are able to do proactively and we have to react quickly to block the IP addresses used by the perpetrators.
    Sadly we have to wait until they run out of steam. Disruption has been at a minimum thanks to the guys at our hosting company who have been working tirelessly to track and counter the offenders’ moves. The financial cost is a pain but right now it is important to maintain a presence.

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Possible disruption to the site later this evening from around midnight, due to some DNS changes having to be made.

    I'l post when everything is complete.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    New blog up

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    BTW, a wee click on the ads from time to time would help us take advantage of the relentless consumerism of the festive season. Our monthly subscription revenue has all but dried up in the last couple of years, and any wee bits of ad revenue we can get to mitigate that loss is welcome.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer

    You are correct that Res12 is about governance and not about Rangers. However you are also correct in that the unintended consequences of reform would be likely to impede any progress the new club might be able to make.

    Also worth mentioning that SFA reform might entail greater transparency, accountability, and democracy within the game also. None of which would have much attraction to Celtic (or other big clubs for that matter).

    Making the SFA answerable to fans or individual shareholders for example is something NO-ONE in the game wants. Gate sharing is probably regarded as a greater evil (to the top five) than systematic and relentless financial doping by one particular club. Celtic have contingency plans to fight developments such as this in the courts. I'd be surprised if they were alone in that.

    As we have always said on here – particularly to those claiming victimhood on behalf of both Rangers – this is not about either version Rangers; this is a battle between consumers and unregulated suppliers, between the interests of capital and those of us who maintain those interests in return for no say in how the industry is developed.

    Rangers were daft enough to get caught. The genie is now out of the bottle because of them, and it can never go back in. 

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Celtic’s public proclamations have always been of the nature that Celtic are a stand-alone business whose success and prosperity depends on no-one else. They are also on the record that pursuing Res12 is against the best interests of the club.
    Logically we have to infer from both statements that this is not a statement about financial interests. The nature of these is left deliberately vague.
    So we are left to speculate. Would pursuing Res12 expose Celtic in some other way? If so, in what way?
    What other ways are there?