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    Timtim @ 10.20

    I feel that Nov/Dec (in which Sevco have, on paper, a much tougher fixture list that Celtic) could be a crucial month.

    Should Sevco fail to win the league Cup and are , say, 6 points behind Celtic by the year's end, then the picture becomes much darker for them, and Morelos, despite Gerrard's protests to the contrary, could well be on his way.

    Minor points – Sevco's next three games in Europa League are:-

    Porto (H); Feyoonord (bound to have the Advocaat bounce(?) (A); and Young Boys (H) – and I'm not so sure they will qualify – but then, maybe that's my paranoia! 

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    And here we have the latest Sevco apologist and whinger, Gordon 'naebudy listened tae me' Smith (now a visionary) spouting the latest drivel about the League Cup Final outcome…

    "Rangers would've gone on to win had the goal been chalked off for offside" – whilst conveniently omitting any reference to the fact that Mikey Johnston could/should have scored to put the result beyond reasonable doubt. Maybe the bookies should check with him in future before deciding on their betting odds. 

    I've never likes sour grapes (soor plooms aye), but there seem to be plenty of disgruntled folk like Smith who do (why is that? after all WATP).

    I'm actually enjoying the all round squirming regarding the game and…

    Oh my days – are getting better!!

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Quite a few sides would have fancied their chances against a Celtic team playing in that manner yesterday – at least till they went down to 10 men.

    However, CFC won thanks to:-

    Poor finishing by Sevco; world class (are you there Kris Boyd?) goalkeeping, and an enormous amount of RESILIENCE.

    The SMSM must surely have been preparing (or had already written) Celtic's successful trophy winning epitaph – especially after the penalty and red card decisions. Their 'tea wiz oot' by then.

    The 'media music' in the coming weeks will no doubt be along the lines of "just turn up, play the same way  and Celtic can't be so lucky again". However, it should be noted that Celtic will be a different proposition then.

    Other points:-

    On VAR whinging. Gerrard should be careful what he wishes for, as this should eliminate 'honest mistakes' – unless the adjudicators are otherwise inclined! (surely not). See also Paddy Malarkey above for his take on 'offsidegate'

    Regarding FF's performance, Chris Sutton on BT Sport, much to the chagrin of Alex Rae and Ally McCoist, said it was only 'payback time' for some outstanding Goram, Klos and McGregor heroics over the years. This was met by the aforementioned AR and AMcC with stony faced expressions, but humourously indulged and supported by Gordon Strachan .

    As for Tom English's use of the word behemoth, my understanding is that this was a hell of a creature which would take some overcoming! I, as a CFC supporter, hope so!

    There ends some of my take on yesterday's proceedings and aftermath.

    Oh my days! (copyright Jeremy Frimpong)

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Notwithstanding the probable validity of the non-penalty for TRFC, I question the wording of Gerrard's statement that the referee " just explained to me he got it wrong right in front of his eyes". The first part might be accurate, but I'm certain he would not have uttered have uttered the last six words.

    Also "he agrees it was blatant". Really!!?? This would imply either incredible naivety on Mr Beaton's part – or, Heaven forbid, an 'honest mistake' .

    I demand to know exactly what he said!

    Apologies for the pedantry, but I think Mr G is getting quite nifty with the 'spin'.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    As a lifetime supporter of Celtic Football Club, I felt very saddened and emotional when I saw the headline in the Celtic Star:-

    'Rangers may have been liquidated, but yesterday a little bit of Celtic died' – referring to the Board's stance on Res 12. So true.

    One bit that stood out was when Ian Bankier was asked the relevant question about licensing processes, his answer was that "We have taken Professional advice (I don't believe that for a minute – my words), and are mindful of our duties to shareholders (Dermot Desmond anyone?)".

    I get the business part, but the Board has basically 'shirked its duty, and is arrogantly disrespectful to the ordinary supporters (the vast majority are not shareholders), whilst castigating the Green Brigade (as charitable in their own small way as CFC) who were singled out for costing the club a lot of money (I think Lennon said he could buy a player for the amount!) by their misbehaviour. 

    'Money doesn't talk – it swears' (Bob Dylan).

    Anyway, I'm away the noo(feeling somewhat downheartened)


    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    'Celtic boss Neil Lennon said he'd be interested in bringing back Victor Wanyama – but his current midfield might be so good he doesn't need to'

    Roughly translates as 'No chance we'll be going for him'

    Amongst a lot of other 'guff' e.g. re Resolution 12, from today's AGM, this just irks me (I don't doubt the quality of the current midfielders, but just be honest please).

    On a lighter note elsewhere in Scottish football, I note Morelos value is now in excess of 40 mill – but he's still goin' nowhere (straight from GSL's mouth!)