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Welcome. As Mark Dickson suggested, this is a forum to discuss how the legacy of RTC can be honoured and continued.

The mechanics of how we move forward, if there is an appetite for it can be discussed freely.

Kicking off with no particular shopping list, I think that the key is that moderation is kept to a minimum, that people should by and large be encouraged to self moderate, and that the ethos put in place by RTC would be welcome.

In the post RTC era, I suspect that readership of any new blog will decrease. The consequence of that will hopefully be that there is less of what RTC called a fan site and therefore an easier to moderate situation.

I think that in the first instance, the site should look as close to RTC as possible to make people feel at home, but a name has to be found.

Suggested items for discussion;

Name for blog

Moderation policy

Moderation board members

Anything else 🙂

Below, there is a poll to consider which of the three most popular names mentioned so far should be chosen for the blog. I’ll let the poll run until 1900 hrs on Wednesday and we can move on from there to other more substantial matters.



Trisidium is a Dunblane businessman with a keen interest in Scottish Football. He is a Celtic fan, although the demands of modern-day parenting have seen him less at games and more as a taxi service for his kids.

  1. rantinrobin

    Ah so Spiers returns to The Herald,the voice of reason ,following the demise of those unreconstructed journos around him. Spiers the man who will champion integrity, and ask the difficult questions,no succ.lamb for him, as he is an anti-establishment hero………hmmmmm

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  2. Danish Pastry

    rantinrobin says:
    August 1, 2012 at 3:03 pm
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    Ah so Spiers returns …..

    He’s on the Radio Clyde phone-in tonight. I’m not too familiar with it but I listened to the one from the 30th today – on me iPod – while strolling a North Zeeland beach wae the dug. It was heavy going at times but there were also some very clued-up callers.

    An opportunity to ask some pertinent questions?

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  3. The Young Chevalier (@Glenfinnan)

    The urban myths of AFC Fiorentina, Napoli, Leeds United and the not so glamourous Darlington1883 and Airdrie United.

    In the search for some precedent of a new company retaining parts of the corporate history of a liquidated company some desperate commentators have tried the ‘whatabout’ approach. Well what about the clubs listed above.

    First, there is a need to state without any equivocation that when Rangers FC Ltd (name change RFC2012 30.7.2012) are finally liquidated then their corporate history stops at that point. There is no such thing as a football club called Rangers being a separate entity from Rangers FC Ltd. Rangers FC Ltd is not a ‘holding company’. When Rangers Football Club became a Ltd Company it was on the basis that it incorporated the football club. That is they were now one body, that’s exactly what incorporate means. Just because the club existed before the company doesn’t mean that it can exist beyond the company. At the point of incorporation the club transformed itself from a members organisation to a limited company.

    Now to the Italians. Company law in Italy is not identical to the UKs however both ACFiorentina and Napoli CF endured insolvency events that equate with administration. In Fiorentina’s case a newco company called ACF Fiorentina was created in 2002 after the club founded in 1926, AC Fiorentina, went into administration. The newco suffered the same consequences as Rangers newco in that they were admitted to the lowest tier in Italian Football. However the original company did not liquidate. Through the process of judicial administration it still existed but was no longer a member of the Italian FA. The new company at a later date bought back the original company shorn of most of its debt through the administration process. This buy back entitled it the corporate assets, including titles and the famous purple club colours. This was exactly the route that the Miller consortium planned for Rangers FC Ltd. Miller planned to start the newco, keep the old company alive through a prolonged administration then at some point when the debts were manageable through a CVA buy back the company, merge with the newco and therefore take ownership of the old corporate history and remaining assets. (Duff and Phelps cannot parcel up the corporate history of Rangers and sell off the good bits which is what some of deluded imagine is what happened.).

    Napoli’s case is more straightforward. It was an administration without liquidation. They suffered the usual consequences of an insolvency event and were not able to retain a UEFA licence. If Rangers FC had got a CVA their history would have mirrored Napoli’s travails and redemption.

    Leeds United is well documented. The CVA was rejected by the main creditor (HMRC) and liquidation seemed inevitable. However the administrator sold the club and HMRC eventually withdrew the challenge to the CVA. Leeds United AFC, established 1919, was never liquidated although it did incur further penalties from the FA for failure to follow correct procedures during an insolvency.

    A more instructive English example is Darlington FC. Darlington FC like Rangers FC had the CVA rejected. The club dissolved in 2012. The FA made clear that the successor club cannot be regarded as a continuation of the old. The newco, Darlington1883, now competes four leagues before the Conference in Northern League Division One (in the same ground and in the same colours). This decision by the FA withstood an appeal, in particular the FA’s insistence on a recognisable name change. If only the Scottish FA….oh never mind.

    As for Airdrie United ( I note that the current United chairman wishes his club to be known as simply Airdrie although they remained registered as a company and a club as Airdrie United…..ignoring the past doesn’t make it disappear!). The story has been recounted so many times but Airdrieonians were liquidated and Airdrie United is the new name of Clydebank, that’s how they acquired the SFA membership. Airdrie United do not have the corporate history of Airdrieonians, they are entirely distinct entities.

    But what’s the point of all this. This is Scotland, the country with the most informed, forensic and fearless media. I’m sure I’m repeating what’s already appeared in the papers and heard in the sports programmes, surely?

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  4. iki

    When asked if Rangers would be keeping it history, Regan said that it was all about opinions !
    This is not from Derek Johnstone or some other talking head but from the man who governs our game.
    I had high hopes of him when he arrived but he was a busted flush as soon as Bougherra and Diouff walked out of Hampden with broad grins.

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  5. John Anthony

    Just a quick first post to wish you well in this new blg. The intentions behind it are sound I wish you every success and hope that the ethics found on RTC prevails here.

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  6. Fuzzynutz1888

    Is this what a “The Rangers ” fan feels like. .
    I looks the same.
    The same people are here.
    We are all talking about the same things but it doesn’t quite feel the same..

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  7. Fuzzynutz1888

    oops I looks the same god damn fat finger syndrome.. sorry

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  8. Fuzzynutz1888

    Thats twice my I.T dept must be on to me its my keyboard…. It looks the same.. got there..

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  9. Auldheid

    iki says:

    August 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    In the interest of balance that happened BEFORE the new Disciplinary process was introduced by Regan.

    Had it been in place both would have been judged and punished with a week of the event. As it was the MSM did its best to pretend they would receive no sanctions at all because it was a Cup game and it tooka number of weeks before they were hauled up..

    It is yet another indication of the referee involvement in safeguarding old co that within a year of them going on strike because they felt undermined and claimed they were being threatened, that Callum Murray then spoke on behalf of both players saying he felt no threat. His fellow refs would have been delighted at that.

    On second thoughts maybe we should keep corruption in the blog name.

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  10. Mark Dickson

    It would be good to read an in-depth interview with Raith Rovers Turnbull Hutton to get his current thoughts and about this summers events, some of the other SFL clubs like Clyde, Peterhead, Stranraer etc also put out some excellent statements.

    Interviews of these guys experiences would surely make an interesting story but nobody seems motivated to report in that direction , anybody got any links to any sports journos?

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  11. manandboy

    Looks like the migration from RTC to Scottish Football Corruption is well underway . . . . . .

    Ps. Not sure if the name is just right yet . . . .

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  12. youtawknaboot

    My suggested blog name…The Fustercluck Files

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  13. MercDoc

    I don’t know if this has been put forward. What about,`Football without the Fans is nothing`. Never has a truer word been spoken!!

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  14. Alec

    Just when I was getting back into my good lady’s books with the end of RTC, the son of…….pops up.

    On a serious note, glad to see that it will continue in some format and looking forward in continuing to follow this new blog after all the inside information being supplied by the excellent RTC

    Now time to catch up on the comments already posted!

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  15. Auldheid

    The Young Chevalier (@Glenfinnan) says:

    August 1, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    An excellent explanation of the various differences. The problem we have is that Rangers are in fact a myth. The strong Rangers was a myth because they were pumped up on financial steroids.

    The “skint” Rangers that “won” three titles under Walter Myth (another one) were only skint because they had spent money owed to the tax payer to create that team all £24M of it and more.

    There is the myth they are a great club when all the hallmarks of greatness are absent.

    Now a new myth is being peddled by the msm (mainstream mythmakers) that it is still the same club.

    Which is why they will never die, myths never do.

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  16. youtawknaboot

    some other suggestions..
    1% Crap
    Move on nothing to see here (hear)
    Look..!! a squirrel
    54 EXCUSES TO NIL (c to the slim) 🙂

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  17. Mark Dickson

    Auldheid there is also myhts and folklore about 1980’s crowds of 10K and under at Ibrox, even as low as 2K for one particularly unappealing match, widespread chanting of “Ally Ally GTF” to a misfiring centre forward and also counter chants of “Tims in the Govan” when greatest ever Rangers but managerial flop John Greig was being criticised in the stands

    Oh wait a minute – none of those things are myths, they are facts that actually happened. 🙂

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  18. goosy

    Lubo115 says:

    August 1, 2012 at 2:42 pm
    I really can’t get my head round why we are still waiting until Friday for all of this to be completed, could this be part of the hold up?
    Theres only one logical reason

    D&P wont release the share and have been given 7 days notice for it to be forcibly removed by the SPL
    Possible Reason
    D&P as MCR were working for both CW and SDM during the takeover
    So they have an SDM interest in the FTT and dual contracts issue
    Why do they want to hold onto the share as long as possible?
    It may be be something to do with the dual contracts issue as presumably they have no entitlement to retain any documentation after they give up the share
    Remember they have been dragging their fee on this issue since April and gave no reason for releasing the 2011 accounts Just because they released sufficient information to confirm a primi face case doesnt mean they released all the DC information in their possession
    I suspect they were hoping the FTT decision would be known and thus give them clarity on what documents might be dynamite in a criminal investigation

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  19. campsiejoe

    Auldheid @ 3:56 pm

    The most infuriating aspect of that incident, was that a player for one of the so called “diddy” clubs either just before or just after it, received a very heavy suspension for doing an awful lot less “manhandling” of a referee
    Corrupt doesn’t even begin to describe it

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  20. Althetim

    Danish Pastry says

    “PS The main thing is to Toupee the brains from RTC onto the baldy heid of the newco”

    What about us eejits? Can we come too?

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  21. PG

    The Herald ‘Editor’ getting it wrong in a promotional email. Good work!

    Welcome to the first of my monthly updates to let you know what’s happening at heraldscotland.com
    First off: a genuine football scoop! As the Scottish game enters uncharted territory, with Rangers demoted to the Third Division and virtually every club facing financial uncertainty, we’ve pulled off a major close-season signing of our own.
    From this week, Graham Spiers, one of the most respected sporting voices in Scotland, begins a weekly column, Spiers on Sport, available only online at heraldscotland.com on Wednesdays. Graham will be typically frank and fearless, analysing the big issues in football and other sports and offering thought-provoking conclusions.

    I must have missed Rangers getting demoted! Understand the mechanisms, please.
    Secondly, Graham Spiers was a revered sports journalist of the ‘noughties’….jamais revenir (ne)

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  22. manandboy

    A new name for the blog is required, apparently. It sounds simple enough, but already we are in difficulty.

    We are all standing on the shoulders of RTC, now a literary giant.

    I think it would be folly to abandon the hard won credibility and reputation of RTC by the introduction of a new name for the blog, which will, let’s face it , just be a continuation of RTC anyway.

    Those 3 letters are gold dust. Need I say that again? Gold dust.

    Out there, in scottish football land, including the MSM, and even with our old friend Jack Irvine, the letters RTC get respect. That’s RESPECT.

    IMO, therefore, the letters RTC must surely be part of the new name eg. RTC2 or RTC Legacy, or RTC whatever.

    So let’s get PR creative about this project. The time for the funny or silly names is over.

    Let’s get it right.

    This is a serious business.

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  23. iki

    Auldheid says:
    August 1, 2012 at 3:56 pm
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    iki says:

    August 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    In the interest of balance that happened BEFORE the new Disciplinary process was introduced by Regan.
    Yes but I was referring to the fact that he came out all gums blazing after the so called shame game and they ignored him. After the event, he said nothing.

    Is the new process, the one that include Independent Tribunals which were to remain anonymous?
    Is that the process which was prevented from reconvening after the COS ruling?
    Is that the Independent Tribunal which had its sentenced reduced by negotiation with the guilty party?

    Every situation shows him to be a straw man.

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  24. john turkleton

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.
    Let us hope that the collective sigh of relief, wheezed by the MSM, on hearing the news that RTC was no more, is but brief respite and the outstanding work will continue.
    They tried and failed miserably to discredit the blog, mainly to distract from their, lazy and biased and at times corrupted outpourings.
    Let’s keep the pressure on, we have witnessed the lengths they and the governing bodies will go to, in order to preserve the establishments club, irrespective of the dark deeds it perpetrated.
    Barcabhoy is, as always, correct, we should, stand to post and remain ever vigilant, using this new blog, with the same tenacity as the dynamic RTC.

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  25. manandboy

    A new name for the blog is required, apparently. It sounds simple enough, but already we are in difficulty.

    We are all standing on the shoulders of RTC, now a literary giant.

    I think it would be folly to abandon the hard won credibility and reputation of RTC by the introduction of a new name for the blog, which will, let’s face it , just be a continuation of RTC anyway.

    Those 3 letters are gold dust. Need I say that again? Gold dust.

    Out there, in scottish football land, including the MSM, and even with our old friend Jack Irvine, the letters RTC get respect. That’s RESPECT.

    IMO, therefore, the letters RTC must surely be part of the new name eg. RTC2 or RTC Legacy, or RTC whatever.

    So let’s get PR creative about this project. The time for the funny or silly names is over.

    Let’s get it right.

    This is a serious business.

    (apology for posting twice)

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  26. BroguesRoguesAndILikeThePogues

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I only hope that this blog keeps to the same high standards as its father.

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  27. Smell the glove

    Ian Black and Dean Shiels, are not great players. They are average. They went to the third division for financial reasons. Either they have no ambition or they just realise no one else would be dumb enough to pay them that kind of money. I suppose they’re just looking after their families financial needs.

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  28. Paulsatim

    manandboy says:
    August 1, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    How about The Rangers Tax Case? Kind of appropriate!!

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  29. BroguesRoguesAndILikeThePogues

    As regards a name, how about

    Respect, Total and Complete.

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  30. Shranders dice

    Rtc legacy for me too manandboy. Can’t see past that one.

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  31. Lord Wobbly

    Smell the glove says:
    August 1, 2012 at 4:50 pm
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    Ian Black and Dean Shiels, are not great players. They are average.
    They went to the third division for financial reasons. Either they have no ambition or they just realise no one else would be dumb enough to pay them that kind of money. I suppose they’re just looking after their families financial needs.
    Who is looking after Sevco’s financial needs?

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  32. Mark Dickson

    Ian Black and Dean Shiels, are not great players. They are average.

    This is true however it is all relative – they are the best players currently available on the Scottish market & certainly good enough to play for 41 clubs in Scotland and would be first picks at every team bar Celtic. It’s a sad indictment of Scottish fitba that for financial reasons (or necessity) they have chosen to play 4th division football.

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  33. Night Terror

    If this site, or something like it, is to be a success, it needs a clear statement of what it exists for.

    Is there such a thing, or is it just fpr the continuation of the banter on RTC?

    Without a clear purpose, I fear a slow lingering (and boring) death.

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  34. Auldheid

    On Fair Play or on abandoning fair play…..

    I’m more than a bit surprised at some of the recent Sevco signings who do not come cheap in k per week terms.

    Looking at my wage calculator (and removing a payback to Ticketus because although I suspect they are still involved it is only a suspicion), if the average weekly wage is £3,000 per week then Sevco need to sell 37,000 SBooks.to avoid going into debt.

    If SB sales are around 22,000 then they will accumulate £4.5M debt by the seasons end. They only break even by year 3 if they are in the top tier. So the SFA must have bought into CG’s business case, although being in a position to help a leg up to the top tier reduces that risk.

    Now whilst UEFA FFP standards do not apply to the SFL surely the principle of the ratio of football income to spend is not being abandoned by the SFA? I know UEFA could not give a monkey’s, but a member association abandoning a key part of UEFA policy by which national associations are bound, suggests UEFA FFP is a busted flush before it gets off the ground.

    CG was boasting about being debt free at the end of the season but that will depend on where the funds to finance wages are coming from and if it is not from footballing sources does it come within UEFA’s FFP parameters in ratio terms? I might have to do some checking.

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  35. Seamus

    Like most posters I believe the blog has to show in its name that it’s the continuation of RTC in some way. How about RTC & Scottish Football Corruption as the new name. Sorry but in my opinion the above three names don’t quite cut it :-). A name is so important and anyone typing in RTC on a search engine would find both sites. Once it’s decided we can then have links to all clubs to see who’s been up to what and make sure everything is reported and not just the goings on at Ibrokes.

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  36. Smell the glove

    There’s no money in owning a scottish football team unless you can rear players to sell on. SevCo’s group of shareholders (whoever they may be) will have this in mind. They are not fans. The aim is to make money from their investment.

    A football stud farm with all the best players being sold on for profit for investors. They won’t be allowed to be strong enough to fight for the SPL title.

    The Rangers: tell me about it, stud.

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  37. Mark Dickson

    Night Terror says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    NT – there are many issues that have arisen from and during the Rangers Tax case and lots of unfinished business as far as many are concerned.

    here’s a sample
    > the SPL EBT & Dual Contracts enquiry
    > the FTT itself will find eventually
    > Regan’s behaviour & statements in recent months – is his position tenable?
    > Doncaster’s behaviour & statements in recent months – is his position tenable?
    > Campbell Ogilvie is deeply conflicted – is his position tenable?
    > Billy Dodd’s lied on BBC Sportsound – is his position tenable?
    > Are the claims concerning Souness & Smith receiving large EBT payments in the years after leaving Ranger employment and whilst working for other football clubs ever going to be investigated? and what of other former Rangers managers Advocaat, Mcleish & Le-Guen? did they get any payments?
    > Will any future reconstruction plans see further gerrymandering attempts at accelerated promotion for Sevco/Rangers?
    > Will the SFA & SPL enquire & report on the failures of Ogilvie, McClelland & Bain to act in utmost good faith to other board members & member clubs whilst acting as office bearers for those organisations?

    these are just a small sample – each new development brings a fresh twist or controversy to the story and these are just the “Rangers” issues.

    perhaps the roles and actions of other clubs and possible their complicity or duplicity are also worthy of investigation?

    nevermind the herculean task to take to task & rid ourselves of poor excuse for journalism or downright disinformation the likes Jabba’s, Keevin’s, Provan’s, Burley’s etc of the MSM produce.

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  38. Charlie Oscar

    After reflection I think it inevitable that this will just be a continuation of the old, ie. issues surrounding Rangers with an Celtic slant (or anti-Rangers to the non-Celtic fans).
    The slant being of varying degrees dependent on poster, I think this simply realistic and inevitable given subject matter and supporting culture.

    Further down the line someone may like to attempt a more objective blog, perhaps linked with the probable league reconstruction debate thet will emerge after Xmas.

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  39. liveinhope

    what about liveinhope for the new name i can change mine no problem

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  40. Mark Dickson

    Charlie Oscar says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    I’d agree that League Reconstruction and revenue distribtution / voting changes are likely to be contentious issues especially as it will likely involve conflict between preserving or abandoning the favourable terms the Glasgow teams managed to extract for themselves over the lifetime of the SPL.

    Whether we see behaviour that could at best be described as monopolist or overly influential or domineering remains to be seen. I hope not.

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  41. Auldheid

    Night Terror says:

    August 1, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    If this site, or something like it, is to be a success, it needs a clear statement of what it exists for.

    Is there such a thing, or is it just fpr the continuation of the banter on RTC?

    Without a clear purpose, I fear a slow lingering (and boring) death.

    Absolutely. Made that point early doors. If we do not know what we are trying to achieve how are we to know how to go about it and if it has been done?

    If its just another talking shop, the Internet has many.

    Supporters had a universal aim of fair play and an idea of what that was in our collective minds and how we would know if we were getting it. So a general boycott of SB sales did not need to be organised, each individual took their own decision to withold SB money.

    The aim of that was to stop an SPL/SFL1 parachute and it was successful. But what is the aim now, and how can it be achieved? Without an aim or a method it will all be shovelling steam.

    We need to involve trusts and associations on the bog or through the blog to take our issues into the SFA itself and sit around the table there and speak for supporters.

    Supporters Direct look like the obvious channel but are they able to engage? Not if this advert is an indicator? Anyone out there up for the job?


    I could do that job myself but I’m retired

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  42. Auldheid

    How many fancy attending this event?

    Or how about a big turn out at the SD Conference in August?


    Now if ever a platform existed to get the point across about lack of trust in the SFA then this is it.

    Anyone up for it?

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  43. bangordub

    “I could do that job myself but I’m retired”
    Auldheids never retire, they just get aulder

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  44. Charlie Oscar

    You´d have thought the provincial teams (unfairly and confrontationally named the “gang of ten”) would be anxious to put forward the proposals related to changing the voting structure for the SPL asap.
    Could Celtic attempt the “overly influential or domineering behaviour” you talk of to head off any voting change as they point to a new set-up for 2013/14 ?

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  45. youtawknaboot

    Charlie Oscar says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Further down the line someone may like to attempt a more objective blog, perhaps linked with the probable league reconstruction debate thet will emerge after Xmas.

    Great suggestion Cambell..an while they are at it, they should also attempt to create a large (triggers)broom to sweep all the current, previous & future abhorent abuses under the SFA/SPL shagpile axminster just in time for santa…!!

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  46. bangordub

    ”If you don’t need to know, you don’t get to hear.” says:
    August 1, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Don’t feed the Troll mate………..

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  47. youtawknaboot

    sorry …a couldn’t resist ..bangordub 🙂

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  48. Mark Dickson

    Auldheid says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    RTC didn’t begin with any objective other than to raise awareness of that subject matter and the issues that arose from it and sprang from a dissatisfaction with the then current state of affairs.
    This blog similarly springs from the same sources of dissatisfaction and the sense that the battle is not yet over or won indeed it might only be half time?
    I posted a far from exclusive list of unresolved issues or gripes and the challenge that RTC set us was to continue to be vigilant and keep up the pressure on the powers that be within Scottish football to act in an honest and transparent way as opposed to shady backroom deals and sweeping things under the carpet.
    People will make up their own mind about what sources of information they will seek and what action they will take – all we can do is try to be relevant and informative?

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  49. Mark Dickson

    Charlie Oscar says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:57 pm
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    You´d have thought the provincial teams (unfairly and confrontationally named the “gang of ten”) would be anxious to put forward the proposals related to changing the voting structure for the SPL asap.
    Could Celtic attempt the “overly influential or domineering behaviour” you talk of to head off any voting change as they point to a new set-up for 2013/14 ?

    CO – until and unless Rangers hand over their SPL share to Dundee FC then the status quo remains as even at the recent SPL AGM Rangers & Celtic would be able to veto any changes they didn’t want or agree with. Let’s see what transpires once the 11-1 voting requirement doesn’t have the backstop of the Glasgow clubs acting in concert to protect their mutual interests.

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  50. Zilch

    Been lurking on RTC for a long time – generally awestruck by the quality of many of the posts, but did not post myself till now.

    RTC has established THE most important point for sharing ideas and discussing the future of not just Scottish football, but mainstream media reporting, shady business dealings, dodgy bankers, potentially corrupt officials, political intereference – the list grows longer and longer.

    For me RTC is / was about much more than football. It gives us a chance to look at the Scottish Establishment and examine the corrosive effect of the WATP attitude that is most vociferously voiced at Ibrox but really permeates many social strata outside that establishment.

    The Rangers Tax Case name, and all that it stands for, should be left exclusively to RTC so that he / she can protect its legacy as he/she sees fit (in my opinion). I hope the new name for this blog will reflect the continued focus on Integrity – this is the key issue for me – for football governance, for media reporting, for Scottish business and politics as they interact with the beautiful game.

    The Scottish Football Monitor works for me and would hopefully be as inclusive as possible. Our mission should be to expose and oppose corruption in our game wherever and whenever it is discovered.

    Let’s hope the relief the MSM undoubtedly felt when RTC suggested hanging up the boots was fleeting. We are still here, still vigilant and still ready to defend the integrity of the sport.

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  51. Charlie Oscar

    Fair enough but that´s only 48 hours away.

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  52. Teemac

    I think that one of the sites main objectives should be to discredit poor/lazy journalism at every turn. It was suggested by someone the other day that we have a “boycott the MSM rags day”. I think this is a great idea and would suggest Monday the 20th so as not to interfere with the reporting of “Sell out Saturday”. If we could get this on all the main fans forums up and down the country it could have a real impact

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  53. manandboy

    Zilch says:
    August 1, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Hi Zilch, or should it be Jack.

    If I were you Jack, this is precisely the message I would be giving to RTC and posters.

    Funny how you’ve never posted before and yet now at this critical moment you pop up to advise us how to TERMINATE RTC as ” THE most important point for sharing ideas . . . “.

    If RTC were to stop now and the name be retired, it would be suicide for everything the site stands for.

    And you know it.

    So good try, Jack. I’m sure it won’t be the last.

    BTW, how’s your depression today? Keep those shades handy.

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  54. BroguesRoguesAndILikeThePogues

    Auldheid says:
    August 1, 2012 at 5:54 pm
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    Night Terror says:

    August 1, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    This new site cannot afford to lose sight of its Raison d’être or it will die. if it is to be half as successful as its father, it MUST maintain standards of dignity, respect, honesty and above all, integrity as without this it will be nothing more than a learned version of yahoo’s spl pages and that must never be allowed to happen.
    I believe in integrity and fairness and a game in which all teams can compete without the fear that one of their opponents has an unfair advantage. We have learned a lot about scottish football (and the scottish psyche) from RTC and we owe it to ourselves and our game to put this knowledge to good use for the benefit of all.
    I genuinely thought that with the former RFC entering d3 would instil some humility and sporting ethics in their fans, but alas, this would not appear to be the case. All the more reason for fans of all clubs to always remember the legacy of RTC and that legacy is that we have a voice, it is the fans of our game that are the lifeblood of all teams and we have the ultimate power to change things. If it were not for RTC and the learned contributors to the RTC site, the former rangers would not be in D3 and anyone who believes this is not the case is a fool.
    This new site must be all inclusive and open to all, but it also needs to be policed effectively. RTC did a fine job with moderation and this has to be continued as effectively. If the follow on blog is to maintain its position of respect then transparency is a must also.
    RTC lit a fuse 18 months or so ago, but its now the job of the rest of us to maintain the infant flame and do what we can to ensure this flame never goes out thereby signifying a return to the dark days of the chosen, though misguided few dining on the succulent lamb of our devotion to the game that we all love.

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  55. redlichtie

    Some other potential titles I wondered about :

    “Deidline” or “Deadline” (thanks D&D)

    “AndSmithMustScore” (to remind us of the football equivilant of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” character)


    “Early Doors Of Perception” (for the intellectual footballer if that’s not an oxymoron – hi you, who ya calling a moron?)

    / Red Lichtie

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  56. ollielogie

    I agree with comments about keeping continuity with what was created by RTC and contributors.

    Some thinking aloud….Perhaps RTC him/herself is merely stepping down from the responsibility of ‘servicing’ the bog with regular commentary on recent events in the RTC, which stimulated a further wave of contributions, but is sympathetic with the discussion (and vanguard of Internet bampottery) continuing…The FTT has yet to report and there are other threads of discussions alive and well and with much to play for.

    RTC had a simple core purpose which grew arms and legs. It strikes me that this format worked, and the discussion now is about our ‘purpose’. Some sharing of the regular blog commentary to move discussion on might be worthwhile (with RTC as guest poster?) I would love to see extended writing from the esteemed RTC cadre on a rolling basis.

    Is THE RTC Ltd too subtle? look forward to joining you on the journey…..as a participant and not voyeur this time!

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  57. BELLAMY1

    Apologies in advance just a.n.other name suggestion – Return The Credibility – ok I’ll shut up noo

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  58. parttimearab

    One of the many things this blog should focus on is transparency.
    The need for transparent ownership of clubs (something, if I were a rangers fan, I’d be getting very exercised about right now).
    Transparency in the governance of our game, clubs have spent all summer hiding behind Reagan and Doncaster while attempting to make decisions with scant regard for the fans.
    If this blog can force some light to be shone in these dark corners then making it work will be a worthwhile effort.

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  59. campsiejoe

    Listening to Speirs and Keevins, it’s obvious that the agenda of the MSM has not and will not change
    The myth of “punished enough” is still being peddled, and they are now preparing the ground for not imposing any sanctions if the use of dual contracts is proved

    When taken alongside Regan’s totally evasive interview, it is obvious that this fight against corruption is far from over
    At the moment, that primarily involves Sevco, but that won’t always be the case
    Whether it is via RTC or the new site, the fight has to go on

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  60. twopanda bears

    How about RLC – Rangers Liquidation Case

    Liquidation may run for years

    • BDO
    • D+P
    • SDM/CW
    • Crown Office Criminal Investigations
    • Manipulation and power brokerage in the SPL, SFA
    • MSM not reporting anything inconvenient and for sure that`ll include the Liquidation and History
    • FTT
    • Technical and Legal aspects for our profs
    • Well everything really

    But content with any name selected – you’re a good bunch – well done PL!

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  61. BayviewGold

    re the name debate, to be honest there is a fair amount of thrashing here, and i think this is partly because of the issues raised by quite a few others – namely the blog trying to be all things to all people, is it simply son of RTC or something else? the important point of RTC was that it was single minded and was after all a blog, it wasn’t a forum but a blog – a place where substantive articles addressing a subject were posted and allowed comments on those articles, it latterly became more of a forum and in this sense became a victim of its own success. I think a few comments here are trying to set this up to be a forum, but to be honest there are more than enough of those, to be successful it needs to be a blog as only then can issues be entertained in depth. However a blog puts strain on the content generators (e.g. PL) although guest posts can be used but without actual Blogs it will degenerate into an unfocused forum like all the others. I would love to see this be a success as there a lot of serious issues around scottish football (and football in general) that should be addressed but the question we need to ask is – how do the contributors take the content here and turn it into something that enables change? RTC succeeded by being in-depth and factual. My opinions or anyone else are just straws in the internet wind without facts and focus. I hope that this doesn’t wither and die like some posters have implied but without a rallying point of a solvable problem we are relegated to piano playing cats and nutters on r.ngersmedia, so what problem does SFC/SFM/SL/NFNF want to solve today? 🙂 oh yes the name – I have been involved in enough business startups and bands in my youth to realise that names are the bane of any discussion you can agonise for months over subtle influences etc – but in reality the RTC was succesful not because of the name, Scotslawthoughts is frankly not a name I would pick (apologies to PMcC – great blog!) and the beatles were succesful regardless of what they woudl have called themselves – so even though I have my feelings about the name, lets just have one and keep up the momentum. sorry for the long post.

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  62. obsessionat

    I’ve just voted for Succulent Lamb as the blog’s title; everyone (friend, foe and neutral) knows what it represents i.e. it’s the raison d’etre of Rangers Tax Case and the antithesis of the Jabba led truth deniers.

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  63. F.M.


    Suggestion for a name for this blog. FFT. Football Fans Together.

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  64. BroguesRoguesAndILikeThePogues

    obsessionat says:
    August 1, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    What about Jabba’s Pizza Hutt?
    only joking,

    The Fair Game.

    that’s my real suggestion.

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  65. BroguesRoguesAndILikeThePogues

    the fair game works on a couple of levels. anyone who tries to work a flanker would be fair game for the blog as well as all contributors looking for a fair game. it works for me.

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  66. Reidy134


    I think there has to be something within the ‘About’ section that shows the all inclusive nature of the blog. To succeed we need to continue to foster the spirit of unity that has been, for me, a part of what RTC has been about. I’ve enjoyed the mainly, friendly banter between posters and support shown to all clubs (obvious exception!) and would love for this to continue. Oh and the side issue of trying to get MSM to start reporting objectively, impartially and truthfully as well as seeing real justice done iro of any transgressions undertaken by Oldco.

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  67. neepheid

    Any name which includes the name “Rangers” will be seen as divisive, and will give the MSM an excuse to dismiss this forum as just another anti- Rangers forum.

    The agenda has shifted significantly since RFC started up. Then, there was one issue, and that seemed to concern only one club. Now, we have all seen in plain sight,the breadth and depth of the corruption that eats at the heart of Scottish football. That corruption is, sadly, not confined to one club, but has infected the ruling bodies of the game.

    On the positive side, we have also seen inspiring examples of fearless integrity from the smaller clubs, Raith, Clyde, Annan and Stranraer stand out for me. So let’s not turn this into a CFC forum. Let’s provide a space for the real supporters of all the clubs in Scotland, large and small, and let’s be open to all views, even views that CFC people like me might find uncomfortable.

    We are all Scottish, this is about football. It is also about integrity, transparency, and the impartial application of a clear set of rules. These are all positive aspects, and I feel that we must find a name that captures the positives and avoids any negatives.

    I would suggest Scottish Football Integrity, because that name encapsulates both what we are interested in (Scottish Football, all of it) and what we want within that (Integrity). It is also a hard name to argue against, which will be important once success attracts the hostility of the pond life who masquerade as the MSM in this unfortunate land of ours.

    To finish my rant, a quote from the late Gore Vidal, very relevant to the Scottish MSM, which I picked up today on the BBC -“A writer must always tell the truth, unless he is a journalist.” Scotland’s MSM have comprehensively lived up to that maxim over the last 18 months. We, the real life’s blood of Scottish football, must challenge their vile lies at every turn. To me, that is RTC’s most important legacy.

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  68. Vega

    You have a willing host, any number of potential names for the blog and an enthusiastic collection of readers/participants.

    How long before we get the first intallment so we can see whether this venture is going to sink or swim?

    I suspect at that point it may be realised that the recent lack of new posts on RTC was down to a shortage of new information relevant to the blog and not a waning in the hosts enthusiasm.

    Without the contacts and credibility RTC had built up how is this blog going to produce anything close to the same quality?

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  69. wolfman

    Something wrong with the final poll thingy.If you vote then refresh,you get to vote again and again as many times as you want.I’ve went for Scottish Football Monitor 10 times already!………percentage keeps going up……..just thot I’d let you know.

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  70. wolfman

    Looks like it’s fixed now.

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