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    First, whether a player is fouled is neither here nor there if he reacts with a kick at the other player.  You often see a player sent off after a bad foul (which wasn't the case here, possibly a foul, maybe not) .  Any reaction like that usually leads to a red card.

    Force of the kick is neither here nor there.  It can be an excuse where an attempted tackle results in a bad foul but not where it is merely a kick at a player.  Also very often seen is a player sent off for raising their hands and attempting to strike another player – even if it's powder-puff hardly touching it's usually a red card.  As is placing your head against an opponent and making a small (but not serious) head butting motion.  In none of these situations is the force of the action important.  

    I say "usually" because sometimes refs are lenient and don't give a red card for whatever reason.  But when they do, nobody argues that it shouldn't have been a red.  Well except in certain cases.

    I should also add that if the ref committee you quote from are serious then they are saying it’s OK to go around kicking players as long as it’s not too hard a kick (and who judges that?) for the worst you’ll get is a yellow?

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    DBTD seems to think it's OK to dodge tax. Said something about rich folk keeping their own money.  I disagree and tried to set it out here; first time tried to put this into words so a bit of a ramble I'm afraid and don't have time to edit.

    There seems to be an acceptance – even by those who think that the rich should be taxed as heavily as the nation requires; they seem to think it is a moral obligation they should give a big chunk of "their" money to the country.  Note the quotation marks.  It is in fact not all "their" money.  All big systems require to some extent a top-down, pyramid structure to get things done.  

    However – and there's plenty of evidence, e.g. the recent banking scandals – that a lot of people get to the top without actually contributing that much.  Even when they do, so also do the people who work for them (and whose supposedly smaller tax percentage actually hits their wages more than the very rich who will have millions left even after big tax payments); these people, to perform their jobs properly, need to be educated, kept well, be able to get to work (transport), all stuff that needs to be paid out of tax and all of which goes to helping the rich get rich.  So too with infrastructure – buildings, roads, rail upkeep, airport, ports, all have to be paid for out of taxes (and yes our private rail system sucks in millions of tax money).  

    So the rich aren't paying taxes out of the goodness of their own hearts. They pay because we need as much tax money as possible so the country and its people can have a decent life – AND it also helps big business. They pay more because they take in more (out of the economy) and on top of that the amount of wealth they have isn't always because they "deserve it" it's because being at the top of the pramid means they are in a position to take more regardless – we often see huge pay-offs for failure – failure far worse than things which would get ordinary workers fired with no pay-off.  In recent decades it's worse because money flies out of the country into tax havens.  In the old days rich guys dodging tax would at least be spending a lot of money in our country.  Now they send it out.  Guys like that dodge tax because they're greedy and selfish and don't give a damn about the rest of the country.  

    A bit of a rant I'm afraid but I've never tried to put this into words before and it's a bit disjointed.  Basically these  points: the rich get their money to some extent deservedly but also more than they deserve because they're in a position to take it – that's the way the system works and it's difficult to alter that with disrupting the whole economy.  A way to ameliorate that is through tax and spend on what the country needs.  What needs to be remembered that what's spent from taxes also helps the rich, or at least those who run/own businesses) as it produces the infrastructure and trained workforce they need.  To dodge tax is to undermine this – basically the rich often want to have their cake and eat it: to not pay tax but still have all the things that taxation does for them.  That of course is not even mentioning the moral side of it, of common decency of wanting to use taxes to create a decent society.  

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    We've already seen people being harmed by this: 2 supporters from foreign team recently ended up in hospital with knife wounds.  It's disgusting that neither the SFA nor EUFA will do anything about it.  Makes me glad my team is in a lower league these days and unlikely to be involved in any games against them. 

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
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    Weirdest one was years ago when Thistle were playing Dumbarton away.  We had a strip at that time which was half/half, one side red one side yellow.  It was a bright sunny day and fans became bemused at the misplaced passes to opponents when we realised that from one side a half of the Jags’ top looked much like the Dumbarton top.  At half time the referee made Thistle change their top and they played in borrowed tops from Dumbarton.  

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    Yeah.  I mis-spoke (as the POTUS says) before reading later comments.  Tried to edit my original post but it timed out.

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
    My last comment timed out on me just as I was editing it.  Looks like I muddled the two games up and my comment’s off the beam.  Wonder if the SPFL did the same as me and got confused between the two results

    To Comply or not to Comply ?
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    I believe it will be to do with the “mini-league” nature of this stage of the League cup.  In league games usually a result is changed to a defeat (e.g. 3-0 defeat imposed); in the knock out stages of cups teams are knocked out of the cup – but this is exactly what would normally happen if a team is defeated in a cup, as opposed to losing 3 points in a league game, so punishment is the same.   I believe Hearts won a penalty shoot out after a draw: in the LC this gives 2 points (the losing team gets 1 point, because they already drew).  So 2 points are docked.