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    Where did i say they seen nothing?. I asked how they could have reached this decision given the admitted lack of clarity regarding the "kick"  from Alfredo Morelos

    The referee acted upon the call from the assistant referee, who by his own admission had a "limited view" of the incident. Did, for instance this view allow him to witness the initial contact (foul)  by the Aberdeen defender.

    I said in the immediate aftermath of the incident that Morelos wasn't guilty of violent conduct as he neither used excessive force or brutality, you rubbished this without seemingly being aware of the rules

    .Not sure whether you have read the written reasons of the fast track Tribunal.or not but they include the following. 

    "The tribunal accepted the clubs submission that the video footage clearly showed that the force of the kick towards an opponent was not excessive and did not use brutality. Therefore, it could not constitute an sending off offence for violent conduct." . Seems pretty clear to me and thousands of other Rangers fans. that the match officials were incorrect in this case, given the rules as they stand at present. Your opinion i'm afraid is just that, your opinion.

    I would be more than happy to see more openness & transparency from the match officials.I may then get an answer into how Scott Brown has been allowed to use an elbow to the face of at least three Rangers players (Miller, Holt & Morelos) in recent games without receiving the appropriate punishment. 

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    I will admit that like you this was my belief until reading how violent conduct is now defined.

    Do you not think that the Rangers support have a lack of trust toward the SFA.This.is not exclusive to non-Rangers fans by any stretch of the imagination.

    By your own definition a simple finger to the chest of an opponent could be considered excessive force as there is no cause for it.

    It was the Assistant referee himself who said he had a" restricted view" of the incident. 

    There have been many instances of as you say "surprising decisions" going back several seasons and not just this one. The big difference this time however is that Rangers are perceived to have been the beneficiaries, disregarding the fact that we have had three red cards overturned  in the past 14 months or so.Where was the outrage on here, at the standard of officiating when this was happening.?

    Two grandchildren aged 1 & 3 arriving at 9.00 pm for an overnight stay so their father can police the streets on a Friday evening so apologies in advance for my lack of a responses to any further discussion on the subject.


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    The reason i mentioned the initial foul by the Aberdeen defender is that there was a split second between this and the reaction of Alfredo Morelos. 

    If as you say "force of the kick is neither here nor there" then why include the word excessive when pertaining to violent conduct then.

    The "ref committee" i quoted from are the panel of the SFA fast track tribunal. Here are the reasons behind a couple of recent incidents explained for you.




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    Allan McGregor should have received a red card in this case.  

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    Even Allan McGregor couldn’t save her.

    Just been told the news regarding Leigh Griffiths and genuinely hope he gets the help and support he obviously needs.

    Dear Mr Bankier
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    He could just have regurgitated any one of his blogs from recent years as they all contain the same narrative.


    Dear Mr Bankier
    Borderman 67.

    I could of have mentioned historical events at Celtic park involving Rangers players including each and every type of moronic behaviour you refer to but decided not to. 



    Dear Mr Bankier
    Ex Ludo 12.26.

    No idea what the Aberdeen support have done but i am well aware of the recent problems at Tynecastle regarding the throwing of coins, assaults on players,fans fighting on the park and racist abuse aimed at an opposition player. Imagine the outcry on here had these events taken place at Ibrox.angel

    The reconciliation you refer to was of course mentioned by GS and was immediately dismissed by a Rangers forum with close links to the club so make of that what you want.

    Dear Mr Bankier
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    A simple no would have sufficed.


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    Totally agree.

    There are however some on here who can’t resist the temptation to single out Rangers whilst ignoring others.