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    To loosely use a quote from the clearly game-play aware Richard Gordon.  Whilst making no comment on ANY of the refereeing intricacies of the individual infringements that have received comment, those being Morelos at Pittodrie, Macgregor at Parkhead, the Kilmarnock lad against Hearts (sorry forgotten name) and Devlin again at Pittodrie to which I would add Gerard’s refereeing bias comments and those of Steve Clark (made since Richard wrote the piece) that if you simply put the eventual decisions post appeal into two piles, that an unconnected individual might pass comment on said piles.

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    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Since we're on the subject.  I'll give a little credit to my big club!


    Statement from AFC this morning


    Aberdeen FC finds the explanation provided by the SFA in relation to the Michael Devlin red card appeal unacceptable.

    The club maintains its view that the player was wrongfully dismissed, that the evidence presented was a robust defence and was overwhelmingly compelling in the player’s favour.

    In light of recent decisions taken by the SFA, the club believes it is imperative for the country’s football authorities to establish consistency and transparency in the appeal and referral process and will engage in dialogue with the SPFL in this regard to seek their assistance.

    Furthermore, at a time when technology is making a significant and positive impact across sport, the club believes that the impact of the VAR system trials in the English Premier League need to be considered if stakeholders in the game are going to regain trust in the process.

    AFC is aware that the views we have expressed are held by many who have found key appeal and referral decisions this year perplexing and want to see the governing body dealing with this proactively, with a consistent and transparent appeals process high up on the agenda.

    Doing so would enhance the game’s integrity, greatly assist referees, improve the game for fans and, ultimately, the perception of Scottish football.

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    Perhaps Nacho, feeling the pressures of normal life, mortgage, kids etc could take solace in a weekend pursuit, to take a brief break from it all.  Take in a game perhaps, where all that’s required is a pie, a coffee (hate bovril) and the knowledge the two teams in front of you are playing to the rules on a level playing field?

    Fantastic Voyage ..
    I see Novo still conflates “rule change” with “getting caught” too.

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    Bad Money?
    Firstly that’s a great last paragraph John.


    secondly, Lawells dilemma has been simple.  How does he sell a Celtic home scudding for a Diddy en route to his chosen level (you can argue if that’s just above his nearest competitor in Scotland or on par with an equivalent side in Europe – my hat, and Celtics traditional model, was always the former).


    He has decided that the answer is to make the 3 points and the goal difference crucial in every game.  The scudding is taken as read (and I’ve a degree of sympathy if diddy chairmen don’t want to address it preferring to milk it instead).  His job is to somehow make and keep the scudding relevant.  To do that he needs a competitor, a pantomime villain (boo) if you will.


    To be fair to Peter it’s up to others, authority, scuddees, experts (remember the boxing promoter lad) dare to suggest there may be another way.

    Bad Money?
    Cluster One27th June 2019 at 17:43






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    StevieBC 27th June 2019 at 14:02
    And I’m even more confused.

    Why would any club issue a photo of their manager sitting next to their signing target…

    whilst the player is wearing his ‘new’ club’s top…


    there was a Celtic player turned up to sign in his Hibs training gear.  Who was that again?  Bain maybe?



    Accountability via Transparency.
    I do feel it appropriate to applaud the SFA at this juncture.  Their succession planning is already in evidence.  The American summariser heard to comment on her national sides 13-0 thumping of Thailand as “absolutely brilliant entertainment, this is what people want to come and see” surely makes her a stick on for the top job in Scotland next time around.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Stevie BC 11th June

    Mibbees, just mibbees TRFC could end up lucky?


    With a dwindling cash flow, external finance, and the anticipated financial hammering from Ashley…

    If, Ashley does finally sell NUFC he just might use that as an opportunity – as well as leveraging any outstanding payments due from RIFC/TRFC – to take an active interest / stake at Ibrox again?

    Obviously, that would probably be dependant on King getting the boot from Ibrox.

    And, it would probably be dependant on TRFC being run on a break even basis?

    All of which 'should' be good news for the bears…


    Actually disagree entirely StevieBC.  If Ashley wanted a new retail puppy to play with in his NUFC retirement an austere TRFC is not what he’d choose.  A hubristic competitive TRFC financed by some other fools money is what he’d choose.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Worth also mentioning that them being placed any lower than League 2 couldn’t happen.  From memory the options defaulted to league 2 if the vote to the championship failed.