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    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Definitely gone. Ali McConnell reporting it (and Chris Sutton). They’ve both been tipped a wink – probs from Celtic

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    Like Bill 1903, I wish Steve Clarke well in his new post. I do think he has more of the required skill-set than any other declared candidate, but I am a bit disappointed that his words about the SFA appear to be rather empty.

    Like most involved in the football industry and it's dependent satellites, the bottom line has seen him siding with (his words) the 'amateurs' at the SFA.

    I doubt there will be any more political utterances from him from now on. Not the first false prophet in the Scottish Football Testament – and likely not the last.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Don’t see how Clarke, who has been lauded for speaking truth to SFA power, can avoid a hypocrisy charge if he takes the job. For that reason, I hope he doesn’t.

    Accountability via Transparency.
    It would appear then that UEFA's investigators have actually carried out their task correctly and with integrity. An integrity that contrasts starkly with that of the SFA's investigators, whose function was to cover up the wrong-doing that took place.

    It seemed odd to me that if high profile clubs could be taken on by UEFA, the RFC situation could be ignored, but perhaps it is the obscurity and scarcely significant status of Scottish football abroad that has allowed the corruption here (both the fraud itself and the subsequent cover-up) to go past unnoticed.


    Accountability via Transparency.

    They will no doubt be looking to take credit for the womens' achievement – even though none is due to them.

    Won't stop the passports being looked out of course …..

    Accountability via Transparency.
    Rufus Otis and Hugo 


    Sometimes even the Tories get it right 🙂