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    I was looking back at this from 2017 . 


    WE could easily copy UEFA table of sanctions

    The UEFA sanctions are as follows— 16  warning;  reprimand;  fine;  ban from selling tickets to supporters for away matches;  annulment of the result of a match;  order that a match be replayed;  deduction of points (for the current and/or a future competition);  order that a match be forfeited;  playing of a match behind closed doors;  full or partial stadium closure;  playing of a match in a third country;  withholding of revenues from a UEFA competition;  prohibition on registering new players in UEFA competitions;  restriction on the number of players that a club may register for participation in UEFA competitions;  disqualification from competitions in progress and/or exclusion from future competitions;  withdrawal of a title or award;  withdrawal of a licence; and  community football service.

    Some of the club responses are interesting .


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    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    I hope that one of the new rules is that the SLO is present among the supporters , especially at away fixtures .

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Ex Ludo

    Were any of those concerts at Hampden , perchance ?

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?

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    In Whose Interests
    A big "thank you" to the court correspondents .

    From BBC Scotland 


    SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster insisted that every club in Scotland is "continuing to make every effort to make football as affordable as possible".

    Not from where I'm standing .

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    Big Pink 11th September 2019 at 00:19

    Have you been drinking that new Zen lager , and were on your second pint when you got to me ?sad

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    It's getting beyond parody now .


    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    You would think TRFC were signing  Clark Joseph rather than Ryan , such is the brouhaha surrounding the transfer . Sop to the fans to get them to buy EL packages ?

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    I wonder if anybody is looking to borrow the Green Brigade's (if they are indeed the owner )  " Fuck UEFA " banner . Only a fine for displaying it , apparently .