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    Just watched a clip of wee Dembele scoring a late goal against Hearts today and I'm appalled to say that the same sh+te is being spewed from so called fans at a reserve match on a monday afternoon.

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    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    6-2 on bookings 2 goals up the Dons.

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    The Dons are 3-2 up on yellow cards in the first half and 1 up in goals. Hearts 2-1 up and Partick keeper booked.

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Unless SL can be implemented without fear or favour then it will not work who here would trust those in charge in Scotland to do so. 

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    Accountability via Transparency.
    So Scott Brown cleared of whatever it was that the charged him with however I see the article says that he had been offered a 2 match ban I hadn't heard this before.



    Accountability via Transparency.
    Have Hearts become the new Aberdeen when it comes to playing sevco,is big Craig taking tactical lessons from wee Deek. They started the season so well but have fallen by the wayside.

    Accountability via Transparency.

    Mr Phil Latest.

    Accountability via Transparency.
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    shug 16th April 2019 at 09:25

    As far as I am led to believe mcinnes getting sent off had very little to do with reacting to the so called chants that is just the deflection tactic he is using he reacted more than once to these so called chants but he was seemingly sent off for encroaching onto the pitch whilst trying to get some instructions to the far side of the park the 4th official told him to remove himself from the pitch mcinnes then blew up at the official and that was when he was sent off.

    It seems not Shug! From BBC website:

    Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes and assistant Tony Docherty have been charged by the Scottish FA after both were sent to the stand during last week's defeat by Celtic.

    Docherty was dismissed at half-time and has accepted a one-match touchline ban for misconduct.

    McInnes was sent off after making a gesture towards Celtic fans during the Scottish Cup semi-final.

    He has until Thursday to respond to the charge with a hearing set for 3 May.



    Ah it's on the bbc website so it must be the truth even though the bbc lie constantly. 

    Naw he wasn't sent off for responding to abuse but we are all free to believe what we want. His w++nker gesture as he went off was not directed at fans.

    Accountability via Transparency.