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    Seen a few YouTube videos of dodgy, drunken singing by the bears in Vienna streets.

    But, no reports of trouble.

    Did they – relatively speaking – behave themselves then?

    Or has it just not been reported by the SMSM?

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    Dear Mr Bankier
    A headline not appearing in any Scottish newspaper;


    "SingingCaleyGoAllBigoted. They Really Are Atrocious!"

    Dear Mr Bankier
    From James Forrest;


    "…Because following his last game, the young Anfield loanee [sic] was the subject of a torrent of racist abuse on social media … from the Peepul he was there to play for. Yes, from his club’s own fans, and that does tend to sever any connection, any bond, a player might have made with them…"
    A young player returning to Liverpool to share his experience of Scottish football with his team mates, family and friends.

    The reputation of Scottish football is damaged – yet again – by the team playing out of Ibrox.

    Why would any individual with self-respect now choose to sign for – or go on loan to – this deviant club, [unless they were just desperate?]

    The sooner they die – permanently – the sooner the rest of us  can move on "for the good of Scottish football."


    Dear Mr Bankier
    From DR today;

    "The reasoning behind Steven Gerrard's Rangers move in the brutal game of management snakes and ladders – Duncan Castles

    Gerrard 's strategy was the more dramatic. And the braver. A respected academy coach at Anfield following his retirement as a player, Gerrard knew a huge section of Liverpool's support would push for him to be the club's next manager. The problem was that Jurgen Klopp didn't look like leaving any time soon.



    I thought this Duncan Castles must be a 'fan' giving his opinion, but apparently he's a 'journalist'.

    "…braver…respected Academy coach…club's next manager…"


    The version the Bampots read was rather different.

    The U-19 coach was so respected that Gerrard was offered a Club Ambassador role.

    Manager of LFC was apparently not on the cards for him either, "anytime soon".

    So, someone's obviously writing p!sh.  

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    In Whose Interests
    Karma would be very naughty, if…


    King was to declare personal bankruptcy in South Africa!


    And the bears would be rendered speechless too…


    [Zero proof, just wishful thinking.  broken heart ]

    In Whose Interests
    Timtim 19th September 2019 at 09:15

    Alan Brazil has said on radio that there is a major problem at the top at Ibrox with owner in big trouble…

    Mark Allen may be speaking about the situation privately and it is leaking…

    but it really would leave serious questions of the SFA who allowed this charlatan back…


    Another one of life's great mysteries: how the hell does TRFC manage to keep bumbling along, when it's financial health has been on life support virtually since birth?!


    If/when TRFC finally hits the buffers, the SFA will try to be as understanding / accommodating to the Ibrox club, as they were in 2012.

    The only difference this time though, IMO, is that the Hampden blazers will launch a significant PR campaign this time to try and justify their decisions.


    In 2012 there was just silence and secrecy from both the SFA and SPL.  Fans’ queries – and surveys – were simply ignored.

    This time they could play at engaging clubs and fans more publicly – but still push through their preferred actions, regardless, for the benefit of another Ibrox club.

    The SMSM will fill their columns with misinformation and blatant lies via obedient compliance with copy/paste instructions.


    The SFA has shown over the decades how stupid it is as an organisation – so why should we expect a different response to the next Ibrox crisis?

    In Whose Interests
    In the interests of accuracy / pedantry…


    I couldn't edit my post above in time, but;

    the 'c.£37M SFA revenue in recent years', is the rounded, average annual total over the 3 years to 31/12/18.

    In Whose Interests
    I was trying to access the SFA financial accounts to do a bit of analysis.  Was too tight to pay for access online, but got some key highlighlights off Duedil.


    I simply couldn't find the published accounts anywhere on the SFA site for The Scottish Football Association Ltd. indecision


    However, the SFA does provide a very limited view on their financials in their "Annual Review" segment of their website.

    This Review is almost exclusively focused on footballing performance rather financial.

    Anyway, point is that perhaps this latest 'grassroots review' is simply a convenient time to announce some high profile cost cutting at the SFA?


    The SFA accounts show that total revenue is relatively flat in recent years at c.£37M, whilst making a c.[£0.5M] loss in the last financial year to 31/12/18.


    [Interestingly, the accounts were submitted to Companies House in June – around the time that Petrie was publicly confirmed as the new President. Lots on the SFA website about his appointment but nothing about financial loss.]


    In the SFA's "Annual Review" for 2018, there are a couple of graphics covering financials for the year to 31/12/18.

    For expenditure there is a % breakdown – but no actuals.

    But a large slice of the – literally – Pie Chart displayed…

    is 24% of SFA expenditure for "Staff Costs".


    Which equates to a ball park of c.£9M of c.£37M income being spent on salaries, pension costs, etc.

    [And of course, these staff costs wouldn't include travel costs, hotel costs, per diem, etc. for any free-loading blazers attending e.g. away fixtures around the world.]


    Also, the staff headcount actually INCREASED at Hampden last year – slightly – to a total of 196 people.


    Now, with supposedly only 32K attending Hampden for the Russia game and only 20K for the Belgium game, the SFA must be expecting historically low numbers for their next home games.


    They can't put all their eggs in one basket and pray that Clarke – somehow – achieves qualification via the Play Offs in March.

    They have to start cost cutting, IMO.

    In fact, they probably should have started cost cutting long before now anyway.


    Mibbees the SMSM could find the CEO Maxwell, an ask him;


    – is the SFA expected to make a bigger loss this year?

    – has the SFA taken on even more staff this year?

    – what is the SFA doing to manage overhead costs, when total income is flat or declining ?

    – could some of the 24% of expenditure on 'Staff Costs' be better used for grass roots level development?


    [I am pretty sure there will be a few other pertinent questions to be easily gleaned from the accounts lodged at Companies House.]


    In Whose Interests
    A Comment lifted from a Guardian article on Scotland's demise in international football;


    Apparently there is a dodgy scam E Mail doing the rounds at the moment.

    It promises two free tickets for Scotland's next home game.

    Don't open it.

    It contains two free tickets for Scotland's next home game."