I made two posts around midnight which have been pulled. Am …

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I made two posts around midnight which have been pulled.

Am I banned, TSFM? If not, why were they pulled?

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LNS – A Summary
What’s the fuss about Real Madrid being thrown out the Copa del Rey for fielding an ineligible player? It’s not as if they’re the most successful club in the world. Ingrates! Rangers haters!  

Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
Phil saying Whyte will present himself for questioning. This is fun.

Why We Need to Change
buddy_holly on July 12, 2015 at 8:36 pm
Your post reminded me why my favourite nomenclature for The Rangerd 2012 is Lance Armstrong FC on those ever more rate occasions here in Ireland when I’m asked if I miss them in the top flight.

It seems to cut through the fog of misunderstanding, misinformation, and downright lies about their “misfortune” and being “kicked when down” propogated by the MSM, and it sheds light in an instant in a country that is cycling mad but is hurting from the extent of Armstrong’s perfidy and Irish cycling’s compliance in letting it go on for so long.

We were all transfixed last week by a programme shown on RTË called Stop At Nothing, the story of the lengths Armstrong went to — lies, threats and blackmail — and the blind eyes to it initially turned by officialdom, to stop the truth emerging. The parallels with Sevco and the SFA are striking.

Of course, Armstrong eventually came clean and apologised live on Oprah. I’m sure he would be appalled to be associated with the shameless entity that plays out of Ibrox.

Why We Need to Change
I don’t post here often enough to demand special treatment, if there is indeed such a thing on SFM, but I really would appreciate an explanation as to why a post I made on June 27 at 10.44pm was pulled. Anyone?

SFM – The Next Steps

occam on May 30, 2015 at 11:39 am
Check out reference to TRFC half way through.


Wow! The Washington Post makes a casual reference to part of the great Scottish football scandal that the SMSM feigns to ignore. Let’s see if any of the craven, monosyllabic scribblers who steal a living from a once-proud profession have the gumption or moral fortitude to ask the axis of corruption — Ogilvie, Regan and Doncaster — for a comment!

It would appear that a lump of the brown stuff has finally been squeezed out from under the tartan carpet. Not before time.

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