Angus1983 Suffice to say I can understand why you were banned. …

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Suffice to say I can understand why you were banned.

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Comment Moderation Thread
Angus 1983
We can’t all like everybody but could you be more specific about you’re dislike of Neil Lennon?

Comment Moderation Thread
I made a donation to TSFM. I got an acknowledgement but not a thank you.No big deal but thought I’d mention it anyway.

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Is Regan a DIDDY?
Just watching the pre match interview with Csaba Lazlo Dundee Utd manager and noticed one of the sponsors on the wall behind him is none other than Close Brothers. Have they been doing this for long?

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Last night Celtic turned in a brilliant performance against one of the better teams in European football.   So, BBCScotland’ ‘Drive Time’ tonight comes up pieces on McLeish, Morellas and the Winter Olympics. Pathetic.

Is Regan a DIDDY?
Re the Compliance Officer’s late report. I believe everyone on this site should be contacting him to ask why it is taking him so long to complete said report. Perhaps the SFSA should make representation also.

Is Regan a DIDDY?
MACFURGLY Feb 2 2018 at 23.27
Spot on .Excellent post. Tom English bends with the wind on every topic. He reminds me of ‘Indecisive Dave’ from that great comedy series The Fast Show.

The Elephant in the Room
Tom English on BBC Shortbread. How patronising can he get? Tell us all that the default position of Scottish fans is to blame Reagan and the SFA. I wonder why that is?  He then goes into full smart ass mode telling Michael Stewart to’do his research’. Comes out with the old ‘ I know for a fact’ hint hint routine about Michael O’Neil knocking back the Scotland job. English should stick to rugby.

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