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    Thanks eJ for your virtual AGM reporting.


    Yes, the 'folding the shares into the football company' sounds curious. 

    But, it could also create further confusion though re: the holding company / engine room subsidiary boll*x ! indecision


    And if the DR has this quote correct, it is even more curious;

    "…There is no longer a strategic need to incur losses…"

    If King meant to say the focus was on e.g. growth or squad stability rather than profit, that's one thing.

    Amazon is the best example of a company which for years wasn't fussed about making a profit as it accumulated mounting losses – because it's long term strategy of world domination indecision was sound and very profitable.

    RIFC/TRFC is not Amazon but just a crappy football club, racking up relatively big losses every year – and with no apparent strategy to break even – nevermind make a profit.


    And as for King leaving…

    we should really throw him a party for entertaining us all these last few years!

    Can only imagine he'd only leave – quietly – if he was bought out, to his full satisfaction.

    If not, King could be just as toxic whilst pulling strings from SA?  He could still be the majority shareholder.


    Oh well, CFC AGM tomorrow.

    Good luck to Auldheid et al.  Their relentless Res.12 efforts more than deserve a positive outcome.

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Generally, there are tax advantages with a holding company structure – but your operations do have to make a profit sometime to derive the benefit, typically.


    And based on the Ibrox financial history since 2012…

    mibbees a more appropriate legal entity would be a 'Not For Profit'…?  enlightened

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Didn't realise it's the RIFC AGM tomorrow.


    Financials aside though, the DR seems to be possibly preparing the ground with a couple of articles speculating on;

    – the likelihood that Gerrard is a target for English clubs


    – there are "widespread rumours" that King is going to step down.  Did anyone else hear about these rumours?


    And according to Level42 – I mean the DR – one of the key points at the AGM will be King's comments on the recent 'allegations' that HMRC blundered with tax bills.


    And would King, the GASL with 42 criminal convictions for tax fraud against the SA tax authorities…

    manage to keep a smile off his face… when commenting on the accuracy and honesty of the UK tax authorities?


    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Just had a mischievous thought.


    A couple of sites we know have speculated as to the reason for the recent £2.1M share issue: legal bills, VAT bill or perhaps something else.  But whatever is was for, it seems the cash was urgently needed.


    And we know that RIFC has a rather large funding gap to fill this season.

    And we also know that Res.12 is not welcomed by the CFC Board.


    So, that being said – and with dwindling financing options left available to RIFC…


    would/could a cash rich CFC become RIFC's 'lender of last resort'?



    It's probably against the rules, but when has that ever bothered Hampden?

    And it would have to be another 'secretive' agreement.


    Mibbees far fetched?

    Would RIFC even ask?

    Has RIFC asked before now?

    [Pure speculation on my part.]

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Mibbees our resident, Hearts Bampots can add further…


    but, I hadn't heard of their new German manager Stendel, before now.

    And it seems that Budge took her time to get her preferred choice.

    On the face of it: a brave decision to try a new direction?


    Are the Hearts fans generally in favour of the appointment?

    [Can't say that I've seen too much coverage in the SMSM…]

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    CO, I suppose that TRFC / Traynor is very limited in producing any good news stories at all after Sunday.

    'Talking about' contract extensions sounds very positive.

    A wee uplift before an important EL tie.


    Absolutely, for the mature players like McGregor, Defoe, Davis it's a no-brainer: sign any extension on offer.

    But, for Gerrard it doesn't make sense, IMO.


    Unless he was getting a massive pay rise, then it would make sense to sit tight for now.

    A new contract just increases any compensation payable by another club wanting to take him on.

    If he wins the SC this season – or even the league title – that is the time to renegotiate.  Assuming he still wanted to stay, of course.

    Still think he'll be gone before the end of January.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Well, Gerrard is going to earn his salary if he can successfully lift his squad after losing the cup final in such a fashion.

    His players must be mentally scarred, in the short term – and privately, they can't be looking forward to playing CFC again in a couple of weeks – and at Parkhead.


    If the Blue Room can keep fire fighting and find the funds off the pitch – then there doesn't seem to be much point in changing anything on the pitch.

    They're still within touching distance of the title – even if they lose at Parkhead.

    And then there's still the Scottish Cup…


    But, after such a painful defeat, any divisions or frustrations within the TRFC squad – or within the team management – could be magnified, and boil over.


    As the manager, Gerrard will have to apply his man management skills effectively, to keep the show on the road.

    …and we have recently seen that Gerrard is no longer prepared to just go along with the PR p!sh that Traynor is churning out – and Gerrard is confident enough to publicly scoff at the Level42 nonsense.


    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Just hope it's an entertaining cup final today – and that the referee has a good game as well – and that the best team wins.


    It could – and should – be a positive advert for Scottish football.


    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Interesting – and a bit concerning – article about Amazon's growth for world domination now encroaching on footy.

    The final sentence is 'bang on the money'.