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    So it’s the afternoon before the big game. 

    Ticket – ✔️ 

    Scarf- ✔️ 

    Wallet- ✔️ 

    Phone- ✔️ 

    Distress Flare- ✔️ 

    Away we go, happy in the knowledge that the Club will be embarrassed and will have to pay a fine. Oblivious to the safety of the people in the vicinity when the flare is lit but what a story to tell your mates in the pub.

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer

    Its not just the future we’re looking at with this stuff, it’s the here and now.


    If it’s ok I’m to fact-check everything in that video first using quants and algorithms obviously.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer

    Modern football. I don’t know what quants are either.

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Condolences JC.

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