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    I love football. I particularly love Hearts. I even love football, and Hearts, when Hearts are absolutely crap. I used to like squibs. A long time ago I grew up and realised squibs (pyrotechnics) are not all that loveable – or great. Why the Falkirk do some folk think they make football better? Or even think they look good?

    How thick do you have to be to think throwing a farking flaming lump of sh*t is better than shouting 'come on the …. ', whatever team you love?

    I think the pyrotechnic football fans all belong in the Jeremy Kyle waiting room, especially now it doesn't exist.

    PS if anyone thinks there's a place for pyrotechnics in football, please explain.

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Timtim 16th November 2019 at 22:33 The Club* refers to the Rangers football club PLC which is the Company (yes I Know) who are currently being liquidated . The fact it was printed on Company notepaper will allow them to claim it was the Company who indemnified them. Any lawyer acting for the players should try and use the club* aspect to hold RIFC to account but I doubt they would be successful . It was the club that was the company and not the club that was the club and incorporation doesn't neccessarily mean that the club is the company or vice versa unless it suits our purpose for it to be so . All clear ?


    While I agree with what you are saying here, and actually thought along the same lines (of the excuses the excuse makers would make) while writing my post on the subject, there remains the fact that had there been the slightest inkling within either the directors' or players' minds that 'the Club' was not one and the same as the company then the side letter/contract was totally worthless and, had the directors been aware of this, a fraudulent act had occurred.

    Adding to that I should refer to something I wrote on the OC/NC debate some time ago, and that is that prior to 2012, millions of words had been written about Rangers FC, and not once, and there can be no doubt that this is true, did any of these words refer to a separation of club and company, nor mention some separate entity living in the hearts and minds of Rangers, or any football club's, supporters. And here we have, in an official document, created and executed by officials of Rangers Football Club that clearly (for it would be an act of fraud for it to be otherwise) ties the limited, incorporated club to…well, itself!

    I'd love to challenge any Rangers apologist or Same Club claimant to provide any document more decisive than that side letter/contract in the OC/NC debate. I'd even open that challenge up to any of the millions of words written by all and sundry about Rangers FC that just might hint, even slightly, to the existence of two Rangers entities prior to the club failing to achieve a CVA in 2012.

    In the 7 years since that failed CVA, and in all the words written about it since, absolutely not one contract, or official document, or even a quote from a book, media article or overheard conversation, supporting the existence of a club separate from the incorporated club has come to light. That's over 100 years of silence over something that miraculously turned up one day without even an attempted explanation.

    PS sorry to reopen the OC/NC debate, but it's never really gone away, for truth must always be supported in the face of lies and dishonesty, and never more so than today in this lying and dishonest Britain.

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    Cluster OneCluster One 16th November 2019 at 21:56 HirsutePursuit 16th November 2019 at 21:42 JC Torre Andre Flo’s side letter (I don’t think it’s possible to post it here) …………………… https://twitter.com/ClusterOne2/status/1195822650846777345/photo/1


    'The Club'. Nothing but 'The Club' was mentioned in that contract/side letter. Not 'the Company', not 'the Business', just 'The Club'. Clearly David Murray, and everyone else involved with the 'Club' believed (knew) that 'The Club' was an incorporated entity, and nothing else; or else they must have been fraudulently misleading every employee who accepted those contracts/side letters.

    If 'The Club' was not a corporate body, then a greater crime was committed in its name than has previously been acknowledged. But, of course, no such crime was committed, for 'The Club' was one and the same as the limited company, the body corporate!

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    John Clark 16th November 2019 at 00:17 Cluster One 15th November 2019 at 20:08 '…A firm suing Rangers following a shelved plan….' ++++++++++++++ There is the SMSM at its best! Not a mention of 'breach of contract'. Oh ,no. A 'shelved plan!' A mere nothing that some wee company is making much of! Honest to God! Memorial walls is suing for a substantial some of money because TRFC is, they say, in breach of contract. in the same way as Lionel Persey QC found them to be in the SDIR case. This pussyfooting about anything to do with 'Rangers' , the minimising and misreporting of the facts about anything to do with either RFC of 1872 or TRF of 2012 , marks the SMSM as perhaps the most untrustworthy aggregation of 'journalists' outside North Korea, China, and other such places where journalist means party propagandist.


    And the question of why was the memorial wall shelved in the first place is never asked, rhetorically or of the club, itself?

    Now we all know that the most likely true answer is that it was going to cost much more than the club could possibly afford, but that then begs the question, why wait to 'shelve' it until after the contract was signed? 

    Typical of the SMSM is that instead of asking these questions they introduce the idea that the memorial wall plan has been put on hold rather than abandoned because their favourite club has dire financial problems, with a board so hung up on 'Rangersness' that it abandons high publicity schemes after the contracts have been signed rather than biting the bullet at an early stage of negotiation/planning. What don't they get at Ibrox about contracts? would be another question the SMSM should see as worth their while asking!

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    StevieBC 12th December 2019 at 11:43 Mibbees our resident, Hearts Bampots can add further… but, I hadn't heard of their new German manager Stendel, before now. And it seems that Budge took her time to get her preferred choice. On the face of it: a brave decision to try a new direction? Are the Hearts fans generally in favour of the appointment? [Can't say that I've seen too much coverage in the SMSM…] ——————

    Most Hearts supporters seem very pleased with his appointment, one or two were even advocating him as soon as Levein got sacked/demoted. Don't know much about him myself, but he had moderate success – and failure – with Hanover96 then gained promotion from League 1, finishing in second place ahead of Sunderland, for Barnsley. Barnsley supporters appear to love the guy, and were gutted when he was sacked earlier this year when his depleted squad struggled after their board sold all their best players (an old story, I'm sure, for many a manager). Many Barnsley supporters online still appear to love the guy. 

    His style appears to be to play what he calls 'geggenpressen', a high pressing game, and it will obviously depend on how well the current squad can adapt, and what he can spend on players already well versed in the style, for him to impress and silence his critics.

    As for the coverage from the SMSM! They've hauled out the usual suspects to deride him, mainly using the old chestnut – he won't/can't understand Scottish football – even Speirs criticised him, but mainly because of his unkempt appearance (he'd just completed his first training session and probably hadn't had time to don his 'Rangers' class suit and brogues). His English, though not bad, came in for criticism, too, although that might have more to do with his apparent lack of 'overawedness' with the 'Old Firm' and Scottish journalists.

    So, basically, it's fingers crossed time for us Jambos, and fingers crossed for the SMSM, but for completely opposing reasonsindecision

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    No, there is definitely nothing to suggest TRFC have a special relationship with referees here, nothing at all...

    'Steven Gerrard: Rangers boss says John Beaton apologised for 'penalty' call'



    I have no idea whether or not it should have been a penalty, but referees 'apologising' to Gerrard/TRFC? Do they apologise to every manager when they realise they've made a mistake? If they do, why are we not reading about it on a regular basis? It's almost as if Gerrard/TRFC have some kind of special relationship with referees and the media! Oops, and there was me saying there is nothing to suggest such a thingwink

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    AvatarHiggy's Shoes 4th December 2019 at 16:44

    That is indeed sad news, HS. Your description of Bob Willis is exactly how I remember him and his cricket commenting and opinions put all our football pundits to shame. 

    I've always loved cricket, especially test cricket, and I am now feeling particularly sad at the passing of one of my most favourite players. RIP Bob Willis.

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    Jingso.Jimsie 30th November 2019 at 11:27

    I've been wondering about that scenario, too, Jingso, and have no idea how it might pan out. It's not like a game called off for bad weather where some supporters might not be able to attend the rescheduled match but are not due a refund. This would be an avoidable situation where the club will have been held liable so it's possible that not refunding money would be outwith UEFA rules or even UK law, and the question would be raised, why allow a club that has sold so many tickets in advance to profit while smaller clubs with no/few tickets already sold would suffer a clear financial loss? I am sure, though, that there are still seats to be sold (that wouldn't now be sold) and a great deal of catering sales and hospitality packages lost so there will be a major financial hit while much of the match day expense will remain.

    I wonder, too, if Young Boys' supporters will already have incurred costs such as transport etc and have a claim against TRFC, perhaps Young Boys, themselves, will have sold travel packages that will now need to be cancelled. Could be quite an expensive mess.

    If ticket sales, travel etc, have to be refunded/reimbursed, that's yet another unbudgeted for work and expense! Up to their knees in refund paperwork. Now that's Karma!

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    easyJambo 30th November 2019 at 09:57

    Just as well some mega-bucks furriners are champing at the bit to 'invest' in TRFC then. Can more or less guarantee that the money lost in the event TRFC is made to play a game behind closed doors has already been spent. Just have to add another million or so to Morelos' value, I suppose.