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    easyJambo 24th November 2019 at 19:02

    '…based on a valuation report prepared by F G Burnett Limited.'


    The view of the Board (as reported in the Press in 2016) was that the sale of Pittodrie would raise £18M, about half the cost of the proposed new stadium.

    A write-down to £11M is good for the purchaser, certainly. 

    But it must have quite a significant  knock-on effect on the funding requirement for the new stadium, three years on from 2016.

    I think if I was considering investing in the new stadium  I'd be getting a second opinion on the valuation, and be looking sideways at the purchaser!

    [no disrespect to F G Burnett Ltd of course, but as a rule of thumb two opinions are better than one]

    (I can add that speaking of land and property valuations brings a tear of nostalgia to my een: my first job in Her Majesty's Home Civil Service was as gopher to the Surveyor in the District Valuer's office  in Carlisle. His brief at the time involved determining the value of land on each side of the old A74 from the border down through a chunk of Cumbria , in connection with the compulsory purchase of lands and property required for motorway extension/ road widening and such. It was a great job, and Carlisle was a smashing place to work in the swinging sixties)

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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Timtim 26th November 2019 at 11:40

    '..Was he pushed or has he jumped?.'


    I'd like to think that the FCA has told him that RIFC plc was bogus and has to go, and that shareholders have to be made shareholders in the football club. And that he peronally might be in soapy bubble again and would be well advised to get the hell out!

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    upthehoops 26th November 2019 at 07:09

    "…I have never understood why the media are allowed into the Celtic AGM'


    From the Press Gazette,September 11, 2019

    "Listed companies are not obliged to allow journalists into their annual general meetings, but most generally do.."

    Sports Direct decision to block journalists from AGM ‘not a good look’

    And any sports editor  worth his salt would probably want to make sure that some stringer or other had shares in a major newsworthy club so that, if there was no formal invitation to the Press, his paper could nevertheless get a first-hand report of the AGM, rather than a Press Release!

    Mmmm! There's a thought. Could I do a wee report of tomorrow's Celtic AGM for the DR? I certainly could. Would I? Not for as many thousands of pounds as there have been lies and half-truths and arrant nonsense printed by the DR about 'continuity' Rangers.


    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Allyjambo 25th November 2019 at 21:47

    '…PS if anyone thinks there's a place for pyrotechnics in football,'


    That's a temptation I can't resist, Aj:

    the proper place for pyrotechnics at football matches is up the jaxies, and lit,  of the numpties who smuggle them into  the ground, dangerous pests that they are. That'd larn them.

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    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Just listening to the gombeen man on Radio Scotland. How ferociously harsh he was in his comment about there being 'too many rubbishy players at Hearts'

    Let him be aware of the fact that rubbishy or otherwise, those footballers are earning their living honestly.

    There are many 'sports' journalists on the BBC earning their living by propagating a lie. 

    Honest players are to be honoured: dishonest journalists are to be consigned to the 8th circle Dante's 'Inferno'. 

    And metaphorically, are to be spat upon by the rest of us.


    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Wottpi @ 16.1

    '..question his lack of knowledge of Scottish football etc.."


    Without question , wottpi, the SMSM is a tool of propaganda used by,basically, lying bast.rds whose loyalty is not to journalistic truth-telling but to protecting their new club.




    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    Up betimes this morning, civic duty performed an hour ago, and I will be travelling into Glasgow a little later for a Wetherspoons' lunch and a few beers with a couple of former colleagues and friends of some 48 years.

    As I open my 'Scotsman', I nearly choke on my coffee and bruschetta as I read this sentence on the leader page, in red ink:

    " …..Our job at the Scotsman is to report the facts and demand the truth"

    I have absolutely no confidence that a newspaper which tells lies in matters of Sport (eg that TRFC of 2012 are RFC of 1872 and entitled to the honours and titles of that club which, being now in Liquidation is unable to participate in Scottish Football) will tell the truth in the much more important business of national Politics.

    The 'Scotsman' continues "  We have survived for more than two centuries precisely because we can be trusted. And every day we endeavour to retain that trust."

    Well, an empty boast if ever there was one! Rangers of 1872 died after 140 years, and died because it lied. 

    The 'Scotsman' is virtually on its deathbed, and its death will be hastened by its part in the propagation of the biggest sporting lie that Scottish Football has thrown up in its history.

    Speed the day.

    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    upthehoops 11th December 2019 at 07:19

    '…the SFA's own disciplinary process found a case to answer and now says it should now be handed over to CAS. That part the Celtic Board have never had an issue with.'


     If my memory serves, uth, "..The part that the Celtic Board have never had an issue with "…..was the part that would not have caused them any problem!

    Celtic plc's attitude since 2013, and made crystal clear at the AGM last month (by Lawwell's affronted and needlessly aggressive "What are you suggesting?" question to a speaker from the floor) was and is  one of determined resolve to avert their eyes from the possibility that shareholders  might have been  shafted by dishonesty on the part of RFC of 1872 in collusion with  the Licensing Committee  and with the connivance of members of the SFA board . 

    Plenty of people believe there are serious questions to be asked and answers to be honestly and thoroughly sought.

    And  the SFA 's refusal even to begin to investigate does not provide much encouragement to believe in their commitment to Truth in governance.



    Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
    '.easyJambo 10th December 2019 at 20:44

    No, but I could give you odds that it’s betting!


    paddy malarkey 10th December 2019 at 21:14

    '..Chances are , you'd be right..'


    Aye,very good, chaps!broken heart

    On that link provided by paddym there are I think five  players on charges of betting on football matches going back a number of seasons.

    I wonder what evidence the Compliance Officer has for any of these charges? Is it from whistle-blowers [no, not referees!] among their team-mates? Or the bookies that the charged players allegedly placed their bets with? Or self-confession? 

    I bet ye that in a fraction of the time that will be taken up by these hearings the President or CEO of the SFA could if he was so minded find out and tell us ,with proof , whether RFC of 1872 lied to either or both the Licensing Committee and UEFA.

    I suggest that their refusal to do so strongly implies that they believe revelation of the true facts will show the SFA Board up as scoundrels.