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    A wee message from a learned Q.C. and ex-vice president of the original rfc, to steer…. eh ah mean lawman2 and slim jim, ….


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    Accountability via Transparency.

    Yi beat me to it, ya rascal, ……I would say promotion, …..

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    HirsutePursuit, and sanoffymesssoitizz,

    well done ma men,

    tryin' tae find that for a long time. …… cheers,     

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    26/12/12 – FIFA.COM –
    “Rangers’ perilous financial position had been an open secret but there was still shock when, after 140? years of history and an
    alleged 54 league titles, the club was consigned to liquidation.”
    26/12/12 – FIFA.COM

    The actual link (the truth) was shredded 4 or 5 years ago.
    I wonder which rangers Celtic will be playing next week.

    One, er, Two Rules to Rule Them All
    Thon fat sally wun … errr ah mean one, has got some neck, …..

    'mind, as part of the training he bared his fat backside for the players to take pot shots at his big bum. The best bit, the imposter took more than 3/4 £mil a week from them, haha……

    Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?
    Sorry Ernie, I thought you were taking the P.