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    Auldheid 23rd August 2018 at 15:04

    …………………… I really should ignore you as the troll you are."

    I agree mate and he knows it, there is nothing left to prove, they realised their honest mistakes too late by telling the truth and then tried to attone for the money earner they realised they would lose out on, once they realised gullibility was alive and kicking in Scotland, grown men greeting, they began retracting, burying and telling porkies. Blue Quids in nice earners for all. Corrupt Scottish Football to appease one club that had died and pretend it never, one thing that is sure about history it cannot be re written it is what it is.



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    Bonkers OCNC Thread
    TheLawMan2 21st August 2018 at 20:06  

    5.38 Should the CVA fail, a binding agreement to purchase the business, history and assets of the Club for £5.5m using a newly incorporated company.


    Therefore any crimes committed whilst employed by the club would fall on the owner as it would be a continuation of the club and history would show were the crimes were perpetrated.
    Incorporated or unincorporated 1872 same club you would be agreeing and if we mean all history, incorporation dates will be included in the history, as would be required to be factual. For history cannot be altered.
    No circular argument here.

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    In Whose Interests
    Surely they cannot expect people not do the decent thing for the good of the game, if a fraud/lies has/have been committed/made to gain an advantage to riches, then it's surely a no brainer.


    In Whose Interests
    Celtic should introduce VAR to Celtic TV, which is shown abroad during matchday, however with everyone at the game having a mobile,Celtic could bring out their own VAR app which only shows the var moments, penalties and offsides,  to all subscribers of the app, this would as it is a VAR moment be behind real time in live broadcasting and would not infringe TV rights as the clips will be Celtic TV property rights and are not live clips.

    Let the refs know what the stadium are witnessing when the make the honest mistake and let them know why the booing and shouting is directed at them solely.,

    In Whose Interests
    Will be interesting the SFA statement if any, considering fans have reached a crossroads with the national team and apperantely it' s looking like he SFA are the main culpripts for all the failures.

    Scrutiny has arrived at the right time the corruption they allowed to happen in their watch is hopefully coming home to roost. 

    All the talk about King knowing were all the bodies lie, would be better been exposed by the SFA regards the bodies themselves and let the resignations take place and clean the game of placemen who have taken more than has ever been invested in the game. It has to fall in order to grow again free from the baggage that is hidden within the 5 way secret handshake, this in itself to have been done in secrecy was a disgrace and an affront to fans all up and down the country, for top have given priority, favouritism and preference to a club who simply suffered the same fate as other clubs is a national disgrace, Liquidation was the end of that club when they failed to achieve a CVA, Shamless Faceless Association.

    In Whose Interests
    Backbone to belly account must be needing topped up, see the begging bowl padlock is on again. Amazing how you can read an article which talks about, among many other nonsense pieces of self praise, the low response in comments to an article considered by the author to be of high quality informative rehashed literature, and as if by magic the comments sections springs into life.

    Only one other guy i know can match this dribble:

    Donald Trump perhaps broke a record for aggrandizement on Monday, when he referred to his “great and unmatched wisdom”



    In Whose Interests
    Rangers football club PLC was never unincorporated and as such been joined at the hip by club and company both as one were liquidated end off.

    Cannot provide evidence to show a seperate club and company in an unincorporated entities, creditors were stiffed in a liquidation and fans were given a new shiny switcheroo company to call their own and pretend that Santa really does exist as does the tooth fairy.

    Clue was in the title Rangers football club ltd, Club and Company and still on the gate as a reminder.