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    wottpi 8th August 2019 at 10:57

    My guess is you won't find a peep about Morelos if you look at WBA related web content.


    It appears you are correct judging by the links below. It is very frustrating we have a media so willing to indulge in propaganda on Rangers behalf. IIRC Rangers paid around £1m for Morelos. Now they and their media poodles expect us to believe he is worth £20M based solely on goals in Scotland, the majority of which were against bottom six teams. In my view the comparison with Moussa Dembele is completely spurious. Celtic could only afford Dembele as he was out of contract. By the time he left he was an established French under 21 International and had been in the full squad, and had Champions League goals in his bank as well as putting Rangers to the sword several times. He might actually just be a far superior player to Morelos! The only reason Rangers and the media can't see the difference is because they don't want to.




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    Bad Money?
    I am willing to bet if a court eventually has to award several millions in damages to Sports Direct, one of the arguments Rangers will put up will be that to pay it will impact on their ability to be competitive as a football club. Just like happened with the old club in 2012 when HMRC had the audacity to want paid. 

    There is something rotten to the core about an entity who believes it can break rules at will to it's own advantage, yet wail to the heavens whenever it catches up with them through the legal system. There is something even more rotten about a Football Association who does nothing to stop it. 

    Bad Money?
    Whoever released the squirrel about Morelos (and let's face it someone from within Rangers can't be ruled out) has had the desired effect due to the nature of the Scottish media. Morelos, who by Gerrard's own admission no club has bid for, is being discussed as a £15m player, despite no-one bidding for him!  

    Their PR works, but it wouldn't without a properly functioning media. 

    Bad Money?
    wottpi 30th July 2019 at 21:02

    The point is you automatically assumed it was the SPFLs fault when there is equally no evidence available that it wasn't Celtic who didn't play ball.


    I spoke to someone from the SPFL today who would know. He told me Celtic could not send their Captain as the team were playing away in Europe. He would not discuss whether any other dates were possible or had been considered. So now I AM assuming that it suited them fine to go ahead without Celtic, and it subsequently became a huge free PR event for Rangers, where a Captain who has won the square root of nothing was given an unchallenged platform to state how great Rangers will be this season. Job done for someone, that's for sure!

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    Timtim 11th November 2019 at 00:21

    I believe a certain James Spence did opt to tell the truth ,


    As I recall the words from Jim Spence were along the lines of 'some people would say it is a new club'. So just for offering the opinion that others would might actually have an opinion, he lost his job at the BBC, and I recall him also saying he was threatened with violence in the street. 

    While other hacks all play along with the same club line I do not for one minute believe that is what they all actually think. However they do have jobs and the safety of themselves and their families to consider.

    It's almost like a fascist state where any condemnation of anything in authority, or associated with authority, will be met with the severest of punishments. Make no mistake, 'Rangers' are associated with authority in Scotland. The very fact so many politicians and people in the media wanted the theft of tens of millions in unpaid tax to be overlooked is all the evidence you need. The fact the SFA and the League moved heaven and earth to say they are the same club is pretty damning too. 

    At least the rest of us know where we stand. 

    In Whose Interests
    I have to say though, despite my natural bias, that Rangers will, in my opinion eventually get a good fee for Morelos. He is pretty talented in my view.


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    Bogs Dollox 9th November at 01:32


    We all see things differently. For me as a Celtic fan what hacks me off is what Celtic achieved on Thursday night is being demeaned by a media insistent on creating equivalence with Rangers.

    On what planet does sitting second in a group separated only by three points, equal qualifying from a group with two games to go? After the next games every team in Rangers group could feasibly be on seven points going into the last fixture. Yet in some cases, for example on BBC news, the Rangers position is given more prominence. The difference would certainly be hugely highlighted were it reversed.

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    Allyjambo 5th November 2019 at 17:14


    Wouldn't a pre-pack mean a 15 point deduction in the league, expulsion from Europe, and quite probably a mutiny from the fans? 

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    Timtim 5th November 2019 at 11:08


    Graham Spiers was challenged by the Bella Caledonia Twitter account regarding the media silence over the Rangers accounts. His reply was pretty much along the lines he was fed up writing about problems at Ibrox and had received a ban from Rangers for doing so. Nonetheless it is quite incredible how Rangers themselves admit £10m is required to see out the season and nobody in the media thinks it is a major story. 

    I can only imagine the coverage were the situations in the two major Glasgow clubs reversed. Does anyone seriously believe Celtic would be spared in the way Rangers are? 

    I can only conclude the media, like Rangers themselves and their fans, and maybe even the SFA and SPFL are pinning everything on a title win and a shot at Champions League riches. 

    This movie is very familiar. None of them can say they weren't warned.