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    Ex Ludo 7th August 2019 at 17:33

    Ze list. Don’t tell him your name Pike!



    Another boycott – of the SMSM this time – as promoted by Rangers Radio ?


    Has nobody from the Blue Room explained what's actually going on to their very own media people?


    The one club in the whole of Scotland which desperately relies on the SMSM is TRFC.


    Without a supportive SMSM there simply would be no Continuation Lie.

    And no "Going For 55" bollox either.


    What if the ever dwindling SMSM tried a different strategy – and boycotted the Ibrox club in return?

    No more copy / paste of PR p!sh from Traynor.

    No more biased reporting on all things 'Rangers'.

    No more covering up / avoiding the financial shambles.


    If the SMSM tried honest, truthful – and complete – reporting on Scottish football, from the SFA to the SPFL and down to the clubs themselves, then they just might attract more consumers.


    Worth a punt from a dying industry: even at this late stage, IMO.



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    Bad Money?
    Allegedly…King visited the English FA offices today.


    When nobody was looking he nobbled the windows…


    so the transfer window simply couldn't close later today…


    and the SMSM would have even more time to copy/paste additional, BS, fictitious bids from assorted English clubs.


    Well, TRFC could be looking for a MASSIVE, furry squirrel to distract the bears tomorrow morning…


    Bad Money?
    As we are subjected to all sorts of misreporting on all things 'Rangers' in the SMSM – and the league has only just kicked off…


    I have placed a few wee bets on a Danish team doing me a favour tonight.

    For purely schadenfreude reasons I will watch TRFC play in their EL tie.


    …because I think there is a real possibility that the 'Rangers' season will be effectively over by 9pm tonight.


    [And I absolutely agree that – in a perfect world – I should be cheering on any and every Scottish team in Europe.  I normally do, but since 2012 I want these particular cheats to lose every single game.]


    Fingers & toes crossed!

    Bad Money?
    A bit more 'meat' on the Morelos' bid indecision  in The DR;


    "West Brom's Alfredo Morelos transfer bid booted out as Rangers hold firm after 11th hour approach

    The Ibrox side have turfed out a bid from the English Championship side who have until Thursday at 5.00pm to sign players.

    By Scott Burns 23:45, 7 AUG 2019

    Rangers have knocked back a £10million plus approach from West Bromwich Albion for Alfredo Morelos.

    Midlands sources close to West Bromwich Albion have confirmed

    but it wasn’t enough to coax Rangers to the table.




    And for such a high profile Ibrox story, why did Jingle Jackson not get an "EXCLUSIVE"?


    …and it was conveniently released just before midnight, so less than 1 full day of public ridicule for the DR to endure for this PR p!sh story – until the transfer window slams shut tonight.


    Shirley, the bears must be laughing at these 'reports' as well?

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    In Whose Interests
    I've heard from an impeccable source that VAR will indeed be used for the League Cup Final next month.


    A select team of SPL refs will man the VAR monitors to provide objective feedback into the match ref's earpiece.


    However, as it's too short notice, Hampden can't provide a dedicated room with the necessary kit.

    The SPFL has instead identified an alternative space, relatively near to Hampden.

    The Louden Tavern has thanked the SPFL for choosing their bar to host Scotland's first VAR room – and has confirmed that all SPL referees will receive their pints free of charge.


    In Whose Interests
    It doesn't help having a [men's] national team which is pitifully poor…

    but these international breaks are starting to 'do ma nut in!".


    These prolonged breaks just distract from the bread and butter of world footy, i.e. away from domestic league schedules, during interesting and exciting periods.


    I'd probably have a more sympathetic opinion if we had a glimmer of hope for the national team.

    But how many are going to bother attending the Kazakhstan game at the Hampden Athletics Stadium next week?

    How many are going to even bother watching on TV?

    In Whose Interests
    You can just guess the possible drama Morelos might create in January as well.


    If a club comes in with a low ball offer – and only after assuring Morelos' agent that the player would receive a very acceptable £XX K a week…

    …and if TRFC says "no thanks, raise your offer", [mibbees several times],

    …and if Morels stamps his feet and sticks out the petted lip – and then threatens to go on strike to force his move…

    It could be a major headache for Gerrard and upset the squad harmony and focus.


    Morelos' temperament on the park has always been suspect, and IMO, his eventual departure from Ibrox will most definitely NOT be a smooth, quick transaction.

    In Whose Interests
    I was vaguely aware of some pre match noises being made: Gerrard publicly asking the ref 'to protect his players’ – with Holt seemingly taking the bait and biting back.

    But Holt's apparently unedited response below is an excellent and eloquent retort.

    And good for him that he wasn't going to be intimidated by Gerrard: he knows he's going to pelters for daring to speak up against the Ibrox club.


    "Gary Holt's blast at Rangers boss Steven Gerrard in full."


    In Whose Interests
    IF, this US source is true…

    Just when you think that UEFA couldn't devalue the successor tournament to the European Cup any more;

    "UEFA Targeting New York Area for 2024 Champions League Final, Sources Say

    Club soccer’s most prestigious cup competition has never been held off European soil…"



    I suppose that's one way to kill off fans' complaints about the club finalists not receiving enough match tickets – and it could allow UEFA to sell even more corporate packages too!

    Then it will Beijing after that…

    So disrespectful to European clubs' fans that it does sound like an idea UEFA would consider.