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    Ballyargus 5th August 2019 at 22:05

    Here we go again with the two cheeks. You sound just like the media, if Rangers have to be condemned for something Celtic have to be brought in to even things up. If you have something to say about Celtic and it's supporters then say what you mean. Don't use the two cheeks as it has no relevance here. Celtic supporters, including the Green Brigade, did not break down gates to illegally enter a Football Stadium nor did they enter the field of play, and certainly did not jump on a roof covering and endanger lives.

    So if you have a point to make re the GB then state it plain and simple and I'm sure many (including Celtic supporters) will agree with at least some of your criticisms.


    Not hiding mate just been very busy today.

    The real point of my post was that the media are creaming their collective knickers at the possibility/reality of a return to the duopoly fighting it out for the honours this season! So Scottish football has returned to normal. The  2 cheeks was just being a bit cheeky (could have been the bigot brothers). IMO in that respect one is as bad as the other (with the obvious exception of the fair minded people who post here). 

    ANENT the GB I personally don't think their "political" stance (however sincerely or brainwashed held) has any place in football but that is my opinion. As is acknowledged here by many all clubs have their zoomer supporters and we are no exception. I am really sensitive to being called a SSB by other club's supporters angry.

    For the avoidance of doubt I am of the John C persuasion when it comes to the big lie and ALL our clubs involvement in keeping that narrative alive.

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    Bad Money?
    Anent the crowd behaviour at Rugby Park at the weekend whilst not condoning anything I'm not sure the GB covered themselves in glory? Or is that ok even it has feck all to do with football? One thing is sure this season even this early is that the two cheeks are back and the press/media and both cheeks are loving it. Plus sa change as they say!!

    Bad Money?

    As at the time stamp, the latest court loss to Ashley doesn't seem to have registered on The ET online.


    The DR has a feature on it though! Link available from BBC football "gossip".

    Bad Money?
    Sorry Hom I meant the current club!!laugh

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    In Whose Interests
    John Clark @ 19.26

    Greed has caused CFC plc to sell its soul without a blush , pretty much as the SFA/SPFL sold the soul of Scottish Football integrity to a miserable wretch.

    Brother Walfrid will be turning in his grave


    JC you have never put it better! I can only add that all clubs are complicit. As we know!! (not a fan of TD's but the reaction to your post on this site is wow just wow)





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    Ex Ludo @ 15.24

    I haven’t seen any comment from other teams that play in the same league as Saracens it’s almost like they trust their admins to do the right thing. 


    Exeter are certainly nae happy! And Leicester have called for an investigation in to all clubs finances.

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    easyjambo @ 12.58

    Just a reminder of where RIFC was at the half year point (31 December 2018).

    Indeed EJ. Even if the audited accounts ( I assume that the interims are unaudited) are half as bad as some on here are suggesting (hoping) there will need to be a masterclass in spin to explain the contrast/movement. Not  sure what the prophets of TRFC/RIFC doom on here base their forecasts on but we will see. For the avoidance of doubt I will be more than happy to see the brown stuff hit the fan (preferably Chris Jack angryangry) ! But I doubt it.


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    UTH @ 19.23 and gunnerb @ 19.02

    My only surprise is that you are surprised!! baffled UTH shirley no! Celtic could have sunk TRFC even more convincingly that they did us today but it was not in the corporate interest. How many £m a year did Lawwell say again?

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    upthehoops @ 07.27


    The clubs (including yours and mine) are the SFA! The blue pound talks unfortunately.