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    Cluster One 11th July 2019 at 19:03

         StevieBC 11th July 2019 at 17:05 ……………….

         Did they ever get that money i wonder.


        At a guess C1, I would say "Naw !"

    (a), Because such generosity would be splattered across the SMSM.

    (b). Because a few simple sums would reveal his true wages

    (c). Sevco…..Fines?………It's just a word to them……..It's not really a thing.

        Let's face it, Sevco fining anybody for improper behaviour is a bit rich. indecision

    Who can ever forget their "Stance", on the living wage…….While putting out the call for volunteer "stewards"?

        And (d)……

       They're fu' o' sh*t ! 

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    Bad Money?
    H & EJ. 

        The share percentage sounds really good, but what exactly do they have a share of?. 

        A club that is baw-deep in debt projecting future losses. A club that doesn't own the shirts on its back, and possibly not even the grounds it plays and trains on. A club that is a sweary word amongst kit suppliers and sponsors, and a laughing stock on the markets it was kicked out of. 

        A club so toxic that since its conception, has barely had a court-free week………..And then there is the impending actions ahead, concerning the club it is kidding on to be……………..

        I don't think there are many who would want a share of that. 

    Bad Money?
    Cluster One 2nd August 2019 at 23:05

          I believe if king was to go down he would take it with him, he has not hung around this long for nothing. 


        I would agree with every word of that and go further, in so much as he would do so without even the slightest nod, to the legality of his actions…….

        On the other side of the coin, I doubt Ashley would bat an eye-lid having him jailed. 

        I was alluding more to the hold he has over the other bears being fractured. A hold that must be wearing thin and the cause of many sleepless nights. 

        Of course I am only speculating, that Ashley would rather have if not more management/control, then at least, "easier", management/ control, over his revenue stream…………He appears to be in, or close to, a position to get it. 

        In no way, are Sevco in a position to receive a "favourable settlement", and even the rampaging hordes must have twigged to that by now. (?????). ……T3B's will most certainly have.

       And yeah……I think big Mick might enjoy the vindication in taking it  back.

        TBH though, Ashley has so many options available to him, it would be a lucky guess to predict……… King?… No so much.


    Bad Money?
    Cluster One 2nd August 2019 at 19:35 

          Following on from my post above, something i came across the other day. https://twitter.com/ClusterOne2/status/1155942708562653186/photo/1 ……………. King has always pushed to get his placemen into ibrox. 


        Good post C1 as it got me thinking. Do you think Uncle Mick would be more amiable to deal with, if his old pal Llambias (or A. N. Other), was given his job back?…. Could a thread-bare bear be tempted do the dirty?. 

         No matter how hopeful I may be, I don't see Ashley cutting off an income stream, and the best avenue to the truth will still be with Res12 and the courts, (when presented to them properly). 

        I do see him(Ashley) in the driving seat, knowing when to submit the bill if he wants the cash, and almost certain Sevco death.,Or, if he wants more clout, when to threaten a Winding Up Order. 

        "A new sherrif in town or deid?", might tempt some, or all, of the concert party to pursue a solo career.

         He would still own the debt of course…….Simply offering time to cough,  on his terms. …..The same as he did with his "Loans".

         The big question is, will having the debt be worth his while, or will he just take the cash?….

         Will this season, once again, be the season of the much loved, and mirthfully missed, "Blue-room musical chairs"?

        Whatever, it's not going to be straight-forward.  A major event, with major reactions. 

        There can really only be one explanation for King's punch-drunk stupidity in decision-making and desperate skelpings…… His desperate battle to maintain control.







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    In Whose Interests
    Homunculus 15th October 2019 at 20:46

    *September 19 2019

    Metro Bank has warned it could face a “significant” bill after regulators widened their investigations into a £900 million accounting scandal.


         I wonder if Sevco are in for a percentage of the £900 mill H. 

    In Whose Interests
    Homunculus 13th October 2019 at 12:40 

    Corrupt official 13th October 2019 at 11:4

     It really is a bizarre situation.


        It's beyond bizarre H. It is a carte blanche invitation to every spiv, racketeer, and conman that they can do "business". in our country…..So long as they, the rule-makers,  are kept sweet.

          The court verdicts have already proved that law-breaking is not a hindrance to entry, so what is?

          It is a rule demanding to be corrupted by loofah swapping officials and crooks alike, and it has been drafted in a way to make it possible……That is the polar opposite of what a "rule", is supposed to be for. 

        I'm not a fan of uncle Mick, (who is not exactly high on the F&P tables) but if his tank gunners are short of targets and high on ammo, I will happily supply them with coordinates. 

       I cant help but feel that if Ashley was not limited originally to a 10% share uptake, he would have had no need to protect his investment via the onerous retail contracts. and would have been stuck with the more traditional route to profit, via his share-price values……..

        But allowing him a higher share threshold would have made the RRM coup for the brothers, virtually impossible without coughing up loadsa……..Cant have that old boy. !

    . Campbell Ogilvie, and Park D'Bus amongst other individuals, have shown that having shares in multiple clubs can be "overlooked", when required…Just ask Mr Redbull if you don't believe me Companies can do it too. 

         If Ashley was "allowed" a higher percentage for supplying the seed money, he would still have control. He would have no need, or desire,  to screw his own club. Sevco would probably be half decent run and out of danger by now……….Seven years later, they are not !…….

        But they do have the RRM back…..So that's good. mail




    In Whose Interests
    Homunculus 12th October 2019 at 23:39 

    The SFA Handbook

    https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/3998/scottish-fa-handbook-18_19.pdf 10.9 In the event that the Board considers that a person is not fit and proper to hold a relevant position within Association Football, the Board shall determine (in its sole discretion) what, if any, actions/consequences will apply in such circumstances.


        (my bold Homunculus)  What kind of tin-pot association can "Find", someone to be not fit and proper, to be involved in our game……….and then reserve the tight to do bugger a' about it.

        So much so, that they've made it an effin' rule. 

        An honest association would not seek, or even think up such a clause. 

        Fit and proper?…..Yir in.!   Not fit and proper?….Yir oot. !. ……Black & white.

       There is no need to colour it grey…..At their discretion. 


    In Whose Interests
       Is the cold-shouldering a two-way street when it comes to take-overs?……I get that jumping into bed with The Big Liar in the event of a take-over is a huge No-No….Not a wise choice…..But !

        What if it is he himself, Or RIFC PLC, that is the target of a take-over? (either from within or without).

    After all….A take-over is a take-over. Who can align on the side of the leper?


    In Whose Interests
    StevieBC 11th October 2019 at 18:31 

              So you've just been informed by the TOP that – effectively – you are so dodgy that you are not allowed to do business with any FCA regulated business like banks, insurance companies etc. anywhere in the UK.


       It's also brings disrepute down upon the national game Stevie, (although it could be argued that our performance does that by itself). 

       In a real world the cold-shouldering is the business of the SFA. It is the business of every Scottish club…..Sevco are owned by one helluva dodgy geezer…And its official  !!!

       I'm not sure if the SFA will want to go near having their Fit & Proper fiasco coming under scrutiny……..So the disrepute route would be a get out of jail card for them……..But the big liar knows where the bodies are buried……………….Its a tricky wan eh.