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    Slump in newspapers


    SSB last night and now tonight the first 30 mins all about Ibrox club and all their positive signings includind new Sweden defender at a cost of 4 million.  All positive moves for Stephen Gerrard how he is sending out a message to Scottish football . No mention of how Ibrox club can afford him. No mention of loans owed to Close Brothers and accounts ignored.  Last night when Celtic were mentioned it was all on the negative side. I really really dread if the Ibrox club actually win a cup this season (not likely imo) concerning the reporting from our smsm. 

    Do not normally listen to ssb and above post confirms my absence.  

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    Bad Money?
    The is a very small word but has new and huge implications for recent Ibrox club, The Rangers Football Club. Old club were just known as RFC, same amount of letters as the. The truth of the matter is the.

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    In Whose Interests
    What if the SFA do nothing, which is very likely. All member clubs will have no faith in Scottish Football Governance (no  laughing at the back). The fans of this new club are beyond gullible thanks to SFA, smsm and pundits. Imaging Mr Lawwell got the cold shoulder, coverage from press may have been different.  No investor out with Ibrox will touch this toxic brand. How do their fans think this is going to end. I know they have a siege mentality but ffs to trust King any more. As mentioned their next accounts will be interesting.. When do SFA (insert Benny Hill tune) sit on this matter.

    In Whose Interests
    Court case adjourned to 15 Jan . No talk of damages. SDI has added charges against Elite.

    In Whose Interests
    I do not watch CL or the EPL, I will never give them my time or money.  FFP does not exist and these tournament's highlight what is wrong with football..

    In Whose Interests
    Supreme Court verdict goes against the Government and msm all over it and many discussions taking place on what should happen next, possibly PM resigning.  

    Same court verdict that RFC (IL) use of EBTs illegal..To this day silence, no discussions from our smsm on what punishments should occur. Nothing, sweet f*** all.  Only in Scotland.

    Tangled Up In Blue by Stephen O’Donnell (Book Review)
    L Wasaw v Ibrox club on 22 Aug in Poland, 29 Aug statement from Ibrox club saying second charge from EUFA fo racism (notified within 7 days of match).

    18 July Ibrox club v St Josephs, we get informed of EUFA charge on 23 Aug (gap of 36 days). On 11 Aug Ibrox club launch Anyone Everyone campaign. 

    IMO the Ibrox club were informed about the first charge v St Josephs kept it quiet with help from our media and then launched their pathetic anyone everyone campaign. This was pure sly deflection and the Tom Boyd was used as part of this deflection. Never believe this club and its chairman. They are what they are, cheats and racists and will always have the aid of our media.