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    Firstly that’s a great last paragraph John.


    secondly, Lawells dilemma has been simple.  How does he sell a Celtic home scudding for a Diddy en route to his chosen level (you can argue if that’s just above his nearest competitor in Scotland or on par with an equivalent side in Europe – my hat, and Celtics traditional model, was always the former).


    He has decided that the answer is to make the 3 points and the goal difference crucial in every game.  The scudding is taken as read (and I’ve a degree of sympathy if diddy chairmen don’t want to address it preferring to milk it instead).  His job is to somehow make and keep the scudding relevant.  To do that he needs a competitor, a pantomime villain (boo) if you will.


    To be fair to Peter it’s up to others, authority, scuddees, experts (remember the boxing promoter lad) dare to suggest there may be another way.

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    Bad Money?
    Can’t do link things but recommend the BBC article on EFL sides Bury and Bolton this morning.  Site veterans will notice “a tone” that used to be used in reporting on Club financial matters up here too.

    Bad Money?
    For no further purpose than deliberately fanning flames. How many times in the last say 20 years has the preseason photo shoot been outside Glasgow?

    Bad Money?
    I was just saying to the wife as we flew abroad…the wings have gone, the tails buckled, the pilots dead and the landing gears a distant memory.  I fear this may “hamper” our arrival.



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    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Interesting comment on yesterday’s story from my unconnected high level must know what he’s talking about pure dead clever lad down the pub.


    RTC mentioned that a buyer for Rangers even with the minimised BTC still needed to find £65m for the purchase so accurately yet blandly described by Douglas Fraser.


    his reply “aye, and that figure still wouldn’t have rid you of King hinging about like a bad smell muttering about his £20m.”


    as I said, observant lad.


    must go to my tea and crumpets and this mornings Times headline.  Apparently there’s a guy works down a chip ship swears he’s Elvis

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    Haven’t commented today until I was able to read the article involved.  Wasn’t disappointed.  The Times deserves everything that’s coming to it.


    Actually thought Douglas Frasers wasn’t the worst stab at it, albeit it had obviously been sterilised (from using controversial terms like “clubs”)

    In Whose Interests
    How are everyone interpreting that Laird announcement.  He’s putting up a £5m facility.  But it almost reads like he’s covering the entire shortfall whatever that may be.  Brave lad…

    In Whose Interests

    Whilst not one to single particular offenders out – every club has its bad apples etc etc – I can't help but notice that once again one named player in your article after scoring on Wednesday night makes a point of turning away in celebration and then apparently turning back towards the home support to do the knee slidey jersey tugging thing.  Quite sure, in fact I know, he takes dogs abuse in a game but hes the one who just cant resist the 'return fixture' given the opportunity.


    But then I assume his club is one of those top heavy ones referred to as "exerting a lot of pressure"    

    In Whose Interests

    easyJambo 31st October 2019 at 19:23


    The SFA (the clubs) and SPFL (the clubs) have repeatedly failed to act on these issues. It will be interesting to see if there is any appetite this time round. I suspect that lip service will again be paid with some watered down protocols implemented as an acknowlegement of FIFA's concerns rather than a determination to eradicate the problems from the Scottish game. 


    I believe they're still waiting for a response to their email "Why cant we just continue to turn the microphones down" EJ.