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    A quick glance at today's media tells me Steven Gerrard gets a hugely positive press for a Manager who has won nothing, and whose team continually failed last season in games that really mattered. In contrast you would think everything at Celtic is of a glass half empty nature, and other clubs don't really count at all. 

    I guess the general theme of what I describe has been the way of it for decades. 

    – Rangers matter (although Rangers paying social taxes and other bills doesn't matter if the money is better spent on the team).

    – Celtic matter but much more so if a negative spin can be put on things (meanwhile Celtic are expected to pay all their social taxes and other bills).

    – Other clubs only matter if they can get one over on Celtic, then they will be heroes for a day (other clubs are also expected to pay their social taxes and other bills).

    Meanwhile newspaper sales continue to plummet.

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    Bad Money?
    wottpi 8th August 2019 at 10:57

    My guess is you won't find a peep about Morelos if you look at WBA related web content.


    It appears you are correct judging by the links below. It is very frustrating we have a media so willing to indulge in propaganda on Rangers behalf. IIRC Rangers paid around £1m for Morelos. Now they and their media poodles expect us to believe he is worth £20M based solely on goals in Scotland, the majority of which were against bottom six teams. In my view the comparison with Moussa Dembele is completely spurious. Celtic could only afford Dembele as he was out of contract. By the time he left he was an established French under 21 International and had been in the full squad, and had Champions League goals in his bank as well as putting Rangers to the sword several times. He might actually just be a far superior player to Morelos! The only reason Rangers and the media can't see the difference is because they don't want to.




    Bad Money?
    I am willing to bet if a court eventually has to award several millions in damages to Sports Direct, one of the arguments Rangers will put up will be that to pay it will impact on their ability to be competitive as a football club. Just like happened with the old club in 2012 when HMRC had the audacity to want paid. 

    There is something rotten to the core about an entity who believes it can break rules at will to it's own advantage, yet wail to the heavens whenever it catches up with them through the legal system. There is something even more rotten about a Football Association who does nothing to stop it. 

    Bad Money?
    Whoever released the squirrel about Morelos (and let's face it someone from within Rangers can't be ruled out) has had the desired effect due to the nature of the Scottish media. Morelos, who by Gerrard's own admission no club has bid for, is being discussed as a £15m player, despite no-one bidding for him!  

    Their PR works, but it wouldn't without a properly functioning media. 

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    The Rangers nil? Who missed the penalty @ 15/11/2019


    In my view HMRC should be pushing for a retraction and apology from the Times. STV and others should be checking their facts. The desperation to somehow clear Rangers name in all of this is disturbing, and it is little wonder that people scoff at Journalists who hold the media up as guardians of the truth. In this case the truth was there for them and still they chose to ignore it. Is it really so bad that they can't just admit Rangers cheated on tax, HMRC caught them, and beat them? The amount they owed meant liquidation with or without penalty charges. It really is as simple as that. 

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    It was good to see the verified Twitter account of HMRC tweet this yesterday.

    As widely reported today and to clarify: HMRC won against Rangers’ tax avoidance in the Supreme Court, and did not miscalculate anything

    What was not good was the reaction of a huge section of the Scottish media to a story which had already been debunked as baseless by the Rangers Taxcase Blogger, who has been right on every aspect of this matter since it was first made public. The Journalist who wrote the story was given free reign without challenge by the BBC. The Daily Record headlined it as 'shocking'. Radio Clyde, who were never previously able to discuss financial matters, only football, devoted an entire show to it, relying on the 'expert' view of  pundits. The Herald turned to the renowned financial expert Ally McCoist for guidance. STV did what STV always do on matters relating to their favourite club. Add to that that the original story in the Times had only one name quoted in it, which was a former Rangers Chairman who had himself benefited from the illegal tax evasion scheme. 

    Soon after the Times story broke there was information out there for the layperson to easily understand how the story was nonsense. Initially you would wonder how it would pass the Editor, until you realise who the Editor was. 

    Was it it a Rangers supporting Journalist and Editor somehow trying to clear Rangers name? Or does the time lapse between the last BDO report and the story being written suggest it was a Rangers supporting Journalist and Editor doing someone a favour? Remember that these guys, along with the rest of the Scottish media, have never shown any interest in the overwhelming evidence offered to them by the Resolution 12 guys. However that might mean questioning the integrity of 'Rangers' so I guess that's why they don't go near that.

    To summarise the media have made utter fools of themselves yet again, but in doing so have reminded us just how biased they are. Where would they stop?


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    Big Pink 14th November 2019 at 00:54

    Times thing is a non-story. My first reaction was a ‘President Kennedy has been shot’ one. HMRC simply stopped pursuing the penalty portion of the bill several months ago because BDO was dragging its feet and birling their billing meter wildly, thus sucking the creditor pot dry. No way they were getting their money anyway. BDO’s Jarndyce and Jarndyce act raised some eyebrows when that news broke back then.

    As RTC has suggested, the timing of today’s ‘story’ may be significant.


    Unfortunately the desired effect of the story is working. Just in in the same way the same media believed the denial from Ibrox there was a tax case in the first place, and were able to rally the moon-howlers to the cause. 

    The big question for me is though is which version of Rangers is pushing this story along with clear help from a so called quality newspaper which would do well to check full facts before releasing the bloodhounds? My guess is it is not the Rangers which is currently being liquidated by BDO. 

    I have said many times Rangers PR works, but only because in Scotland there is a media so desperate to believe it. 

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    The Rangers Tax Case Twitter account is absolutely tearing the Times story apart. It is fully explaining in layman's terms why there is no story at all. Shameful stuff by the Times by the look of it. However it has had the desired effect on the moon howlers…the same ones who said Rangers Tax Case was wrong years ago. 

    Will they ever learn?

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    A brief summary of Rangers' new sporting director Ross Wilson's press conference today

    Journalist asks question – Wilson replies "the world is actually flat". Journalist swoons in amazement. 

    Another Journalist asks question – Wilson replies "the moon is actually made of green cheese". Journalist swoons in amazement. 

    Another Journalist asks question – Wilson replies "babies are actually delivered by storks". Journalist swoons in amazement. 

    …and so on and so on.

    Pathetic stuff. Wilson must be pinching himself at how easy a ride he got. In fact, he has had more positive coverage in one day than many successful people in Scottish football get in a lifetime.