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    Allyjambo 8th July 2019 at 09:33


    I think it's fair enough to assume no club is interested in paying big money for Morelos. That despite Rangers and their media sycophants claiming he is worth £20m. The basis of this claim is because Celtic received that fee for Dembele, who has gone on to be very successful in the top French League. Where do you start with this primary school playground type of comparison!

    It is pathetic, lazy journalism. I am willing to bet some hacks would privately admit they would rather not get involved, but they have a living to make and Editors who are trying to halt a rapid decline in sales.


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    Bad Money?
    wottpi 8th August 2019 at 10:57

    My guess is you won't find a peep about Morelos if you look at WBA related web content.


    It appears you are correct judging by the links below. It is very frustrating we have a media so willing to indulge in propaganda on Rangers behalf. IIRC Rangers paid around £1m for Morelos. Now they and their media poodles expect us to believe he is worth £20M based solely on goals in Scotland, the majority of which were against bottom six teams. In my view the comparison with Moussa Dembele is completely spurious. Celtic could only afford Dembele as he was out of contract. By the time he left he was an established French under 21 International and had been in the full squad, and had Champions League goals in his bank as well as putting Rangers to the sword several times. He might actually just be a far superior player to Morelos! The only reason Rangers and the media can't see the difference is because they don't want to.




    Bad Money?
    I am willing to bet if a court eventually has to award several millions in damages to Sports Direct, one of the arguments Rangers will put up will be that to pay it will impact on their ability to be competitive as a football club. Just like happened with the old club in 2012 when HMRC had the audacity to want paid. 

    There is something rotten to the core about an entity who believes it can break rules at will to it's own advantage, yet wail to the heavens whenever it catches up with them through the legal system. There is something even more rotten about a Football Association who does nothing to stop it. 

    Bad Money?
    Whoever released the squirrel about Morelos (and let's face it someone from within Rangers can't be ruled out) has had the desired effect due to the nature of the Scottish media. Morelos, who by Gerrard's own admission no club has bid for, is being discussed as a £15m player, despite no-one bidding for him!  

    Their PR works, but it wouldn't without a properly functioning media. 

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    In Whose Interests
    Timtim 14th October 2019 at 22:03

    I notice Ross Wilson ,the new Director of football at Ibrox who was contacted 2 years ago claimed it just wasn't the right time to return but now considers the circumstances correct to sign up.


    I am sure even Wilson himself will be surprised at how big a name in football he now is, and how brilliant his track record is being portrayed by people who probably haven't even looked at it. His real surprise over the next few months though will be to find out he is actually a superior person to others in Scotland now.  He is now socially and morally superior to anyone not fortunate enough to be part of Rangers. 

    In Whose Interests
    It's been mentioned on here a few times about the SMSM being in three wise monkey mode over King's sanction by the Takeover Panel. Is this really a shock? They have given their blessing to illegal tax evasion on a huge scale from Ibrox. They could not care less that King was a convicted tax evading criminal when he arrived in the first place. They could not care less that it was admitted in a court of law that Rangers acceptance of the wee tax bill was on a date before the date they told the SFA in order to gain a European Licence in 2011. That is only some of the things they don't care less about, and they also couldn't care less that the SFA are willing to go along with it all.

    That's why it makes me laugh when they hold themselves up as guardians of the truth. Imagine being willing to overlook such large scale wrongdoing just for one 'club'. What is the point in having a media at all?

    In Whose Interests
    Allyjambo 13th October 2019 at 11:30

    I think I can state, quite certain that I won't be proved wrong, that the SFA will treat Dave King in whatever way they, the SFA, consider to be in the best interest of TRFC, without a single serious thought as to how it leaves the rest of Scottish football.


    I think you are spot on. Let's not forget how accommodating the SFA were in letting convicted tax criminal King into Scottish football in the first place, and all to help get rid of Ashley who ironically is still very much on the scene. So if the rest of the Rangers board now want rid of King, the SFA will do all they can to help. Rules won't matter, and will be bent, broken, or made up to ensure the best possible outcome for Rangers. There is already evidence that they are willing to do that, and the media will ensure a very smooth passage for whatever happens. 


    In Whose Interests
    I assume if there is a going concern warning in the next Rangers accounts neither King or any of his companies can act as a guarantor? Also, is he allowed to put his signature on them, and can the Auditors even do business with him?

    In Whose Interests
    Finance is not my game. Can anyone advise exactly on how the cold shoulder might affect Rangers? I am simply not buying this lickspittle media PR that the club is is not going to be affected when the major shareholder has been sanctioned in this way. 

    I really am sick to death of the media and the football authorities turning a blind eye to any sort of wrongdoing within Ibrox.