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    Steven Gerrard 'rejects' Newcastle according to the Daily Record. Their source is 'sources down south'. Whatever Rangers don't win they will always win the PR pish award. However it's shooty in for them with the Scottish media. Surely not all Rangers fans are taken in by this daily stream of positivity which is completely devoid of any attempt at serious analysis?

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    Bad Money?
    wottpi 8th August 2019 at 10:57

    My guess is you won't find a peep about Morelos if you look at WBA related web content.


    It appears you are correct judging by the links below. It is very frustrating we have a media so willing to indulge in propaganda on Rangers behalf. IIRC Rangers paid around £1m for Morelos. Now they and their media poodles expect us to believe he is worth £20M based solely on goals in Scotland, the majority of which were against bottom six teams. In my view the comparison with Moussa Dembele is completely spurious. Celtic could only afford Dembele as he was out of contract. By the time he left he was an established French under 21 International and had been in the full squad, and had Champions League goals in his bank as well as putting Rangers to the sword several times. He might actually just be a far superior player to Morelos! The only reason Rangers and the media can't see the difference is because they don't want to.




    Bad Money?
    I am willing to bet if a court eventually has to award several millions in damages to Sports Direct, one of the arguments Rangers will put up will be that to pay it will impact on their ability to be competitive as a football club. Just like happened with the old club in 2012 when HMRC had the audacity to want paid. 

    There is something rotten to the core about an entity who believes it can break rules at will to it's own advantage, yet wail to the heavens whenever it catches up with them through the legal system. There is something even more rotten about a Football Association who does nothing to stop it. 

    Bad Money?
    Whoever released the squirrel about Morelos (and let's face it someone from within Rangers can't be ruled out) has had the desired effect due to the nature of the Scottish media. Morelos, who by Gerrard's own admission no club has bid for, is being discussed as a £15m player, despite no-one bidding for him!  

    Their PR works, but it wouldn't without a properly functioning media. 

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    StevieBC 21st November 2019 at 19:11

    If I was one of the RIFC/TRFC suppliers STILL waiting to receive any long overdue payments from Ibrox…


    …but surely it is an honour to be stiffed for your money by the majestic Rangers? There were even some politicians, including the most senior Scottish one at the time, who thought HMRC should write off all the money Rangers stole from them. That's how much of an honour it is.  Also, it is clear you can be the biggest tax cheat, con-man or shyster around, but if you are head honcho at Ibrox you will be treated with more respect than any other head of any other club in Scotland. Look no further than David, Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green and Dave King for evidence. 

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    I read elsewhere online tonight that apparently some Rangers fans are planning a protest on the steps of Hampden at the League Cup Final. They want a £50m refund from HMRC or at least an apology.

    Remember, that would be a £50m refund on money that has not actually been paid. 

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    wottpi 17th November 2019 at 21:20

    Hearts had four winding up orders raised by HMRC between December 2011 and November 2012.


    Yet Rangers under Craig Whyte stopped paying tax in October 2011 and HMRC never once issued a WUO. In fact, HMRC only sprung into action when Whyte himself made a move towards Administration. 

    In terms of Rangers currently being behind on tax I would be very surprised, but who knows. Also, there is simply no way that nonsense in the Times last week was for nothing.

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    An awful lot of people on social media saying the current Rangers are behind on their taxes. Right now it might just be people putting two and two together and coming up with five. I guess that's what happens when a ridiculous story appears like the one in the Times last week. 

    On a general note, if any football club is behind on tax how long would HMRC wait before taking action? 

    Celtic’s Questions to Answer
    I have to laugh when I read and hear media people saying people will argue about the Rangers tax case for years to come. There is no argument. The highest court in the UK found in HMRC's favour. Rangers lost. There is no further appeal. What is there to argue about?

    The only problem we currently have is that people in the employ of the Times Newspaper have twisted the narrative of a story for their own ends. So much so that it forced HMRC to go public on the matter when as a rule they never comment. I imagine the senior management of the Times will not take kindly to such an inaccurate article attracting the attention of HMRC in this way. What utter fools those behind this nonsense look today.